Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Party of Skeletons and How much does America really Hate Whitey?

The Mad Tech Returns.......

I thought I would weigh in with just a few thoughts as the Dems once again step in it and share a few predictions for the coming months of Presidential Politics. As for those that do not know me or have not read anything I have written I welcome you and encourage to continue on but certainly be warned that this blog is anything but politically correct and is certainly not safe for those that are of the weak knee-ed liberal persuasion. Now before I get started, any comments that accuse me or being a racist or adding fire to the race discussion with be forwarded to my good buddy and the ultimate reverse racist, Jesse Jackson. In fact I am hoping that he will call for a boycott of Google, the parent company of Blogger, and drive the stock price down to where I can buy a few shares. It is also worth noting that I cannot be a racist given the simple fact that my best friend is black, my wife is Hispanic and as a result so are my kids. But what I can be is the guy who has the balls to speak a little common sense, say what you are thinking and point out the obvious to those that need a smack in the mouth every now and then but enough said, on with the show.

As we eagerly await the release of some eleven thousand documents from the Clinton White House detailing what the heck Hillary was doing for eight years in her husband's administration, I will drop a few nuggets on what my least favorite senator from Illinois has been talking about this afternoon. Don't worry I will return to Hill/Bill in a future post since she is by far much more fun to ridicule Obama.

Senator Obama tried very hard today to define the topic of his racist preacher and race in general as off limits in this presidential race. I have read the entire transcript of his speech and in my humble opinion all he accomplished was muddying the water further and certainly not clearing up anyone's concerns. By not outright disowning the comments of Reverend Wright, Senator Obama has acknowledged that he is some small part is accepting of the reverse racism mentality and his feeble justification about that is just how Rev. Wright is and how we need to move past the old guard opinions and work together. The comments of Rev. Wright are no better than the universally accepted racist Louis Farrakhan and yet there is no outcry from the congregation. It is worthy of note that Rev. Wright gave an award named for himself and presented by his church's news magazine to Louis Farrakhan for being a man that "truly epitomized greatness." You can read the beginning of an article from the Nov/Dec double issue here that just falls all over itself in praising Louie.

Putting this association aside for a moment let me pose a question to all of you that do attend church on a regular basis. If you were sitting in church on Sunday and instead of hearing about the teachings of Jesus, you heard about how evil the US Government and how terrible it is to live in a country that is becoming overrun by illegal immigrates and how hard it is to be white in a country that is increasingly being dominated by whiny minorities. Some would write it off as a rant that is not in step with society and some would leave that church never to return. I would be in the latter group and the fact that my children attend a school run by my church would not dissuade me in the least. So given the two scenarios, one based in reality and the other a hypothetical, I would pray that the results would be the same, the church would be punished for it's out of step views by decreased attendance and financial support from the community. It is no more acceptable for a black man/woman to preach racism then it is for a white man/woman or a brown man/woman or any color.

People may write this off as just an older person whose views are tainted by his struggle in a racist America during the 50's and 60's and that would be terribly wrong to do. I've heard today from various news outlets that this type of speech is common in black churches and frankly I hope that is not true for the sake of our country. This is the same mentality that older Islamic imams teach to this current generation of terrorists and we have all seen the results of ignoring that hate speech. Now I am not saying that Rev. Wright and by extension Senator Obama are churning out a new generation of American terrorist but they are certainly extending the same old cycle of some black Americans looking upon themselves as victims of a hateful white America. It is this very mentality that continues to cause race issues in all facets of this country. We certainly do need to move past the same old argument that this country will be forever divided by race and work together to prevent the exact occurrences that Senator Obama outlined in the second half of his speech. But and this is a huge but, I do not agree with one single thing politically that Senator Obama has ever espoused. But that is between he and I and maybe we will have it out next time he is in town and we meet for breakfast.

The item that I do agree on, and pray that most of the country does as well, is that race cannot divide us if we are to move forward as a society. Most Americans under the age of say 35 are much more open in their relationships and views on their fellow Americans then the previous generation. I like many have or have had older family members that are or were flat out racists and they should be condemned by all, regardless of color or ethnicity. I am encouraged by this stance of Senator Obama but I say it is too little too late. He cannot unite anyone if there remains a doubt about his view of white America, who he will need in the general election, and this government. Right or wrong, our form of government is the best in the world and while we depend on it to certain degrees, some more than others, there is enormous opportunity in this country and if one wants to succeed then they will. I will make a prediction in regards to Senator Obama and the recent discovery of his quiet acceptance of the racist and vile comments by his long time preacher, he will not win in Pennsylvania or Indiana or North Carolina and Hillary will once again believe that she can win the nomination. This will only further split the Democratic Party and as a conservative and registered Republican, I quietly will enjoy the side show. We have a long way to go in keeping the White House and I am preparing a heart-felt thank you to the Democrats for once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Sound off if you like but in the meantime I wish you goodnight and good luck.