Monday, August 29, 2005

Illegal Immmigration Blogburst

Lou Dobbs had it right on the money when he said, "We are a nation of immigrants, and there is no more diverse and welcoming society than ours. But we are first a nation of laws, and upholding those laws and our national values makes this great country of ours possible."

What happens if we do not uphold those laws? Dobbs goes on.

Failure to secure our borders means that we will continue to lose the war on drugs and lose a generation of Americans to those drugs. It also means the crushing burden of our failed immigration and homeland security policies will continue to fall exclusively on the shoulders of working men and women. Not only do illegal aliens and those who employ them cost the nation tens of billions of dollars in social services, principally in health care and education, they also depress wages for American citizens by an estimated $200 billion a year.

[Note: The following was written by Mustang, a retired Marine officer who blogs at Social Sense. This is reprinted in full with his gracious permission, and we'll be featuring more of his work next week.]

The number of Americans who believe that our borders should be secure from illegal entry is overwhelming. Not everyone agrees, obviously, but those who argue for open borders mostly represent organizations that have a peculiar agenda. Of those who demand (although not too loudly) a secure border, there are essentially two camps: One group worries about our security in light of terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, and the other group voices concern over the economic implications of illegal immigration.

I have had a number of conversations with close friends on the subject of immigration gener­ally, and on the issue of securing our nation from those who would do our people harm. Even those who support President Bush seem to disagree with his view that people coming here illegally, no matter the point of their origin, are simply looking for work. As evidenced by the amount of attention this issue is getting nationally, however, the problem is not restricted to border-states. People throughout the entire country seem genuinely angry that our government lacks the will, or the resources, to halt the influx of people who come here illegally.

The issue of illegal immigration generates emotional rather than thoughtful debates among the so-called talking heads of our national media. Screeching at one another on national television does not bring to the table thoughtful discussion or reasonable solutions to the problem. In the first place, most people do not understand the implications of illegal immigration, including the politicians whose job it is to frame laws, and provide funding for the enforcement of those laws.

The task of problem-resolution appears to fall into three stages: (1) Determine the true affect of illegal immigration, (2) Discover reasonable solutions, and (3) Implement programs that do not demean people of other ethnic groups or nationalities.

In spite of the fact tht current statutes prohibit the employment of military forces in the pursuit of civil law enforcement duties, it may be time to reconsider such prohibitions. America's open border presents a real and present danger to the people of the United States in any number of ways, not the least of which might involve the illegal entry of Middle Eastern terrorists. In fact, at least one terrorist has been arrested, a female; it is not unreasonable to wonder how many others evaded arrest or detention. Discounting terrorists, however, Americans are harmed by “illegals” who perpetrate crimes against persons and property in the United States, and do so with some impunity.

Criminal activity along the border, according to this article, is getting out of hand. The federal government's unwillingness to address this problem is causing harm to American citizens, and of course it is the local taxpayer who has to defray the costs of increased local policing. It is little wonder that citizens have formed local groups to augment police departments, but that may not be enough. Contrary to Mr. Bush's position, these people are not vigilantes, but they could be if something isn't done — and soon.

There are also good arguments that illegal immigrants pose a significant economic danger to the United States. A source of information and discussion on this topic can be found at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Among a wide range of issues, FAIR provides specific economic information relative to illegal immigration, breaking those costs down state-by-state. One might conclude, based on the data provided by FAIR, that the costs of doing a poor job in protecting America’s borders far outweigh the costs of hiring more law enforcement or border patrol officers.

For more on this topic, check out Kleptocracy to the South — a good read. The bottom line, folks, is that until citizens are fully informed about the ramifications of doing nothing, Americans cannot approach the three-step mentioned above to resolve this problem. It’s your country, dear reader, and the choice is yours — but Social Sense demands your involvement.


Welcome to the first issue of the Save Our Borders Blogburst. We have started this blogburst in an effort to keep the border issues and illegal immigration at the forefront now and up through the next election. We will be featuring pieces every Monday from other bloggers, news articles, and things we've written ourselves as we blog about this each week. Members of the blogburst can either crosspost what we have, or write something of their own.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Slow Death of the American Spirit and Why the Left is to Blame….

The rise of political correctness is the reason that we have to put with the bullshit whining of every Tom, Dick, and Harry on whatever the topic of the day is. This rant was inspired and is dedicated to everyone who bitches about the war or the government or how they are supposedly being oppressed in the United States, including Cindy Sheehan.

Because of political correctness run amok in our great country we have every two-bit wacko greatly overstaying their fifteen minutes of fame and of course the MSM is to blame as well. As Sheehan returns to Crawford amid a poll showing how unpopular she and her views are with the country, the MSM and its leftist allies keep pushing the story. In times past, Mrs. Sheehan would rightly be thanked and honored for her sacrifice in the name of freedom and expected to move on. As a parent of two, I can't even begin to imagine the pain of having to bury a child before their time. Unfortunately that is an all too frequent occasion in our day and age due to many reasons.

The sad fact that most people suppress on a daily basis is that life is not fair; it never has been and never will be. The moral fiber of this country has eroded since the greatest generation and judging by the performance of most young parents today, it is sliding quickly even farther. Our grandfathers and grandmothers fought against the greatest evil the world has ever known and sacrificed much to give us the freedom we enjoy today. They fought, bled, and died for the greater good of this country and when the fight was over they returned home to build a better America without complaint or expectation of reward. During the war there was no bullshit protesting or attempts to appease the Germans or the Japanese, unless you count the failed attempt by Neville Chamberlain. The American people saw the task at hand and united to accomplish it. Many, many families suffered during the war and immediately after but there was no whining or complaining. They sucked it up and got on with their lives. Their children enjoyed the great benefits of their work ethic and the firm belief that hard work would led to the American dream.

The American spirit used to mean that there was nothing that we could not accomplish or any obstacle that would stand in our way. That most basic belief was passed on to our children and yet even as the children of the fifties and sixties grew up, that faith began to fade. As the Cultural Revolution began in the sixties, the first steps of the "blame America first" crowd began to appear. The children of the Greatest Generation took advantage of the hard work and sacrifice of their parents and pissed it away. Some say it was because that generation never had to face the same adversity as their parents. I might agree with that slightly but since my generation (child of the seventies) has not faced anything near a World War it remains only a theory.

I was always taught to do my best at whatever I decided to earn a living doing. Work hard, obey the law, follow Christ and you will be successful and enjoy a good life. There was no mention of blaming others, including the government, for whatever hand life dealt you. Many people face tremendous tragedy and adversity in their lives and yet succeed beyond anyone's wildest expectations. These people are the greatest example of the American spirit that we have left in this country.

Now a day, there is a not so quiet change in attitude of many people in this country. The me-first generation has grown up and they seem to think the world owes them something. Well, I am sorry but the world, and especially this government does not owe anyone a damn thing. One of the greatest attributes of an American citizen is self-reliance. During the Great Depression, people moved across country to find work and provide for their families. Now we have people not working for whatever reason and living off their fellow taxpayers. People used to be ashamed to be on public assistance or welfare, now they revel in it. And because of political correctness these people are never challenged about the worthlessness of their lives. The same goes for the far left fringe groups that parade around as if they are the majority in this country.

I am 100% in favor of free-speech, after all I do write a blog or two, and certainly in favor of civilized political debate. When I draw the line is when the speech being using by anyone to encourage our enemies either directly or indirectly through their actions. The ACLU insistence about releasing more Abu Ghraib photos comes to mind as a prime example of crossing the line and in my mind is direct aid to al-Qaeda. There is no logical reason to believe that releasing more photos will make the government more mindful of our civil rights. Now let’s apply that logic to the left’s anti-war efforts now led by Mrs. Sheehan. They are certainly entitled to their opinion and if they truly believe that calling the President of the United States a liar, a murderer, the biggest terrorist in the world or characterizing our enemies as “freedom fighters” is going to accomplish their stated goal of a complete troop withdrawal then they can hoot and holler all they want. The reality is that while support for the war may have waned in the last few months most American recognize that we can not leave the job unfinished and support the troops 100% in their efforts. The only way we are leaving Iraq is when the Iraqis can defend themselves against the foreign fighters that have invaded their land and are currently targeting innocent civilians because they lack the courage to fight the Coalition forces, including the new Iraqi army.

If the leftists truly believe in their cause and it is not an unholy crusade against a President that they hate then they deserve our compassion and nothing more. Actually they do deserve one more thing, truthful debate about their actions. Throw political correctness out the window and let us tell these people what we really think of their actions and their words without fear of being called insensitive or being labeled as politically incorrect. I do mourn for even death or every member of the military and every ally of American that is cut down by the violence of the Islamofacists. The British are a great example with their “stiff upper lip” and complete commitment to the global war of terror. I am afraid that the “wussafication” of the American spirit led by the left’s embrace of political correctness and move to blame America for the woes of the world is just as a great a threat to the United States as the terrorists that we face in this battle of good vs. evil. I have one last thing to say to the whining crybaby leftists that dot the American landscape like a biblical plague, state your argument, make your point and then shut the hell up. If anyone was interested in your message then you would be winning elections again. In other words, suck it up and move on with your life the best you can just like the rest of us, no whining, no complaining.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday Twofer, Kerry's 180 Plus a Few Thoughts

Wow what a day of work! Sorry, for the late posting but duty calls and some of us less then rich people have to work for a living. That being said, I have a few topics that feel I need to share my opinion on. Without any further delay, let us get to the meat of today’s post.

John Kerry, the new poster child for the Freedom of Information Act.

Seems that I am not the only one who thinks that John Kerry is being hypocritical by calling for the release of all documents relating to the President’s recent choice for the Supreme Court, Judge John Roberts, while still not releasing his own records in their entirely. Johnny boy is still trying to hedge his bets about the 2008 Presidential election and get by with releasing a portion of his Form 180 records. Well in my humble opinion, trying to be truthful by releasing part of your records to a couple of your friends just does not fly with the most of the American people and certainly not in my book. Rest assured Johnny, those of us who participant in the Kerry: Form 180 blogburst are not going away so you might as well release the rest of the records and let us see what you have been hiding all these years.

Pentagon cannot find Able Danger Documentation, second Officer comes forward to verify claim.

Seems that the Pentagon is now claiming that they are unable to locate the Able Danger documentation that names Atta and his crew as the New York terror cell all the while a second Naval Officer is confirming the claims of the intelligence group. Now the thought has occurred to me that some of the missing documents could have found their way into Sandy Berger’s pants and socks but that just might be the paranoia talking. I really cannot think of a reason for President Bush’s administration to cover for former President Clinton and his inept lackeys. Certainly the more that comes of this story the better for every American that hopes Hillary does not run in 2008 or just fails terribly. The pressure to find out what was known and when it was known must be kept up or the short-attention span of the MSM will sweep it from the national scene.

The Terrorist Group CAIR flexes its muscles on American soil.

The weak-kneed management of WMAL in Washington, D.C., has given into the terrorist group CAIR and fired Michael Graham over his statements about terrorism and Islam. CAIR has been described by former FBI counterterrorism heads as a “front group” for Hamas. In fact, in April of this year the founder and head of the Texas chapter of CAIR, Ghassan Elashi was found guilty of supporting terrorism. Other members of CAIR that have been convicted include Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer who received 20 years in prison for training in Virginia in preparation for holy war against the United States. Royer even recruited other members of CAIR for his jihad and sent them to Pakistan to train with Lashkar-e-Taiba, an affiliate of al-Qaeda. Now you might ask what Michael Graham could possibly say about a group with such clear ties to terrorism, well I am going to list his direct quotes below for everyone to analyze.

Graham explained that when a significant minority of a group conducts terrorism and the general population of that group does not denounce it, it is safe to conclude that the group promotes it. He then drew an analogy between Islam and the Boy Scouts. "If the Boy Scouts of America had 1,000 scout troops, and 10 of them practiced suicide bombings, then the BSA would be considered a terrorist organization," he said. "If the BSA refused to kick out those 10 troops, that would make the case even stronger. If people defending terror repeatedly turned to the Boy Scout handbook and found language that justified and defended murder – and the scoutmasters in charge simply said 'Could be' – the Boy Scouts would have driven out of America long ago."

Compare that statement with the one that comes from Omar M. Ahmad, CAIR’s chairman of the board. He made the following statement below during a speech to a group of Muslims in 1998, which was then reported in The Argus of Fremont, California.
Muslim institutions, schools and economic power should be strengthened in America, he said. Those who stay in America should be "open to society without melting (into it)," keeping mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam, he said. "If you choose to live here (in America) ... you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam," he said. Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant, he said. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth, said Ahmad.
If this terrorist group can force a member of the MSM to perform self-censorship just because an on-air personality speaks the truth, just imagine what other evil deeds they can do upon the American people? I will be bringing my tiny light of truth to this groups many misdeeds in the future and may be organizing a blogburst to draw further attention to this group of Islamofascists. In my humble opinion, CAIR is running a close second to the ACLU in the running for the most dangerous group in America. Have a great evening everyone.

Monday, August 22, 2005

UN Join The Anti-Semite Parade

The United Nations Charter provides that the group will work for world peace and cooperation between nations. This current version of the United Nations under the direction of Kofi Anon is failing completely. They are now taking sides in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and showing exactly how Anti-Semitic it is. The United Nations bankrolled the production of thousands of banners, bumper stickers, mugs, and T-shirts bearing the slogan "Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem," which have been widely distributed to Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza Strip, according to a U.N. official.

Naturally the Israeli government and many other Jewish groups are upset over what they see as blatant Anti-Semitism and I can’t say I would disagree. The funds the UN provided were first confirmed by a UN official but now when contacted for more information regarding their latest “misstep”; they now deny that the funds directly paid for the propaganda. Ok since they want to argue semantics let’s do that. Let us assume that the UN never intended the Palestinian Authority to use the money to promote the “success” of their suicide bombings of Israel that led to the withdrawal from Gaza. With that assumption they at the very least we should expect a sharply worded condemnation from the UN to the PA over this use of funds intended to help the Palestinian people get their nation up and running. But the UN is silent on this topic other then denying that they favor the Palestinians over Israelis and making sure that we know that they are not Anti-Semites.

The UN is only acting out the wishes of its member nations and that is the truly frightening part of this latest atrocity by the United Nations. FDR and his peers that helped give birth to the UN must be rolling over in their collective graves. The United Nations must remove itself from any process that it has clearly and constantly has shown to favor one group, party, or nation over another. The UN failure in Darfur was nothing more then the “good old boys” from the African continent covering for their own. In fact the UN under the “leadership” of Kofi Anon has done nothing but enrich its own coffers and spread the seeds of corruption far beyond their New York headquarters.

The United Nations is a failed organization and the United States participation only serves to diminish the good that we wish to do in the world and tarnishes the efforts that the UN actually made at doing good.

Friday, August 19, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 31

Well folks after a much too long hiatus, the WTF Friday Rant returns in full effect. I apologize for its absence and will endeavor to do a better job in my posting of at least this regular feature of my site. Thanks to all for the kinds comments in regards to my brother and new sister-in-law. I will hopefully be putting up a guest podcast of my buddy Kender’s radio show, from Monday of this week, most likely later this evening. I will post the link and a little background information later. But now revel in the craziness that follows and have a great weekend everyone.

Islamic Prisoners plot to carry out terrorist acts. Folks you can thank the ACLU for this one. They oppose any crack down on religion in a prison even if it is encouraging illegal activity. Hmmm, the ACLU fights for freedom of religion in prisons but would deny freedom of religion for the rest of the law-abiding populace. Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me, NOT!

While we are on the topic of the most dangerous group in American, the ACLU let me drop this one on you faithful readers. The ACLU is once again trying to apply the rights of an American citizen to the terrorist scum down in Gitmo. Seems, the ACLU is telling the prisoners that they have a “right” not to answer any questions, ala the Fifth Amendment. I am neither a lawyer nor do I play one on the internet but the right to not self incrimination is the right of every American, not the Islamofacists who would either convert or kill every single one of us, including the socialist ACLU lawyers defending them.

We now have further proof that John McCain is out of his mind or another way to look at it is that Hillary Clinton is the she-devil and has worked her wiley charms on these senators. I mean who can argue with the logic of this statement from Hillary Clinton, “…fish have strange bumps on them” Oh my God, let me bow before the wisdom of Hillary and make my first sacrifice upon her alter of socialism. There is plenty of doubt about whether we are actually contributing to global warming or if this is just another natural cycle that the earth under goes from time to time. I certainly don’t think a bunch of United States Senators on a short trip to Alaska have any clue what’s going on if scientists can’t even agree.

Disney threatens to “destroy” movie theaters as we know them. Apparently Disney wants to start releasing movies in the theaters and on DVD the same day. They wish to give consumers the best choices for their “personal entertainment” choices. I used to love going to the movies but nowadays I might make it to one or two movies a month and even then those are movies I am taking my kids to. I watch most of my movies on DVD and as the time frame between a movie’s theatrical release and DVD release shrinks, this issue becomes a matter of when and not if. Besides who really wants to share a movie with rude strangers and pay eight bucks for a large popcorn?

International Space Station to die a slow death like Skylab. Unless NASA gets the shuttle program squared away and resumes flights to the ISS, it will be abandoned at enormous cost to the United States and the international partners. That will be a tremendous shame if it happens. I guess the international partners with include the EU and Japan could step up to help out but I would not count on it.

The Clinton legacy is slowly going down the drain with more information about the Able Danger program comes to light. Seems that while the Able Danger team tried in vain to share their information with the FBI during the summer of 2000, they had no trouble getting in to brief President Bush, albeit two weeks after Sept. 11th. Frankly the lawyers who held up the sharing of this information, once identified, should be charged with treason. Seems that their main reason for disallowing the passing of information on Atta and his crew of murderers was the desire to protect the privacy of the individuals. They wrongly subscribed to the ACLU’s definition of privacy and bestowed the privileges of United States citizenship on foreign nationals. The only thing to discover now is how far up this policy of stonewalling went in the Clinton Administration. The lawyers who stopped the transfer of information and everyone above them who had a hand in their misguided policy of separation are directly responsible for the worst terrorist attack upon this country and should be held as responsible as the Islamofacists that carried out the attacks. If this issue does not make you fighting angry then we have already lost the war against these subhumans.

Half of Mexico wants to move to the United States. That fact and the survey that now backs it up should come as a surprise to no one. The flood of illegal immigrants is showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. Perhaps we should tender an offer to Mexico for the country. Certainly we could not do as bad a job running the country as the corrupt government of Vicente Fox is doing. Just make the 51st state or break it up into protected territories as we once did with islands in the South Pacific. Then we could address the criminal element that is targeting our country as they cross illegally from Mexico. After all we are already spending 40 million dollars of taxpayer money to help Mexico secure their side of the border. I think, as happens with many government programs with good intentions, we are getting ripped off. The results speak for themselves, as the funding to help Mexico has increased from 12 million in 2002 to 40 million for 2004 the number of immigrants crossing from Mexico illegally has risen. As of late the lack of cooperation from the Mexican government has to make one wonder if that money is even being used for the purpose it was intended. Folks, it will get much worse before it gets any better and if you live near the border, be prepared.

And lastly today, I would like to bring forward a wonderful tale of a city working to make itself a better place for its residents and tourists. Tijuana is cleaning up its whorehouses in an effort to replace its seedy reputation with a kinder, gentler image. Excited hookers of both sexes proudly show off their new health cards, complete with microchip, to prove they have passed their monthly health checks. I can guess that city officials are trying to follow the path of Las Vegas when it went “family friendly”.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blogburst: Death To The ACLU

First, let me ask you a question. Is voting a right or a privilege? If you look at the numerous rights listed in the Declaration of Independence, and the constitution itself, there is no mention of voting rights. I prefer to look at it as a duty, but…For those who believe they have a “right to vote,” here’s a little history lesson.

The founders were well versed in the miseries of majority rule and of the historical failures of democracies.

We often forget in our time that those who created the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. government itself had been a distinct political minority for many years. They knew first hand how dangerous majority rule and democracies can be. They knew instinctively that when the mob gets rolling, the rights of individuals are of no consequence.

So, they went about forming a government which would protect the rights of everyone, especially the minority, from the tyranny of mob rule (democracy).

“Trial, we don’t need no stinkin’ trial! He’s guilty, string him up!” They knew that in a democracy, no one’s rights are secure and that sooner or later the majority would find a way to sack the treasury and bleed it dry. That’s why they formed a representative republic. In a republic form of government, which we are guaranteed by the national and state constitutions, there must be a limited franchise to vote.

Voting in a republic is not a right, it is a privilege. The American founders then went one step further, and insisted that voting privileges be determined by each state legislature, not the national or federal government. It worked quite well for more than 100 years … then came “reconstruction” after the U.S. vs. CSA conflict in the 1860s. That’s when the socialist move for a “full democracy” began. It has flourished ever since, slowly but surely eroding the original guarantees of a republic form of government by planting ideas that every person has a “right to vote,” simply ignoring constitutional restraints against such a notion.”excerpt

The 14th Amendment permits states to deny the vote “for participation in rebellion, or other crime.” In 32 states convicted felons have the “privilege” to vote. Only 13 states now forbid convicted felons from voting, with just nine of these imposing lifetime bans. Two states, Vermont and Maine, even allow felons currently doing time to vote like any other citizen. The fact is that it isn’t about the felon’s “rights". What it comes down to is states rights. Now don’t get me wrong, I know women, and blacks were denied their “duty” to vote, and this was wrong. However, this is a far cry from race or sex.

Ignoring the fact that the ACLU is trampling on states rights for the moment, I will defend the decision of these states as deserving applause. Felons include murderers, rapists, and child molesters. Why should those who break the law have any right to vote for those who make and enforce the law? Why should convicted criminal have any say in who becomes sheriff or judge? And why stop at the “right” to vote? Why not restore a convicted murderer the right to own a gun? Oh yeah…the ACLU doesn’t belive that is a right.

Now, the subject of criminals serving time having some “right” to vote is just ludicrous to me. But when it comes to the subject of ex-prisoner felons being able to vote, it has to be approached with much more care.

Many believe that once a felon has served their time they have paid their price to society, and with their reinstated citizenship they should be given back it’s full privileges including that of voting. In many cases the person has learned their lesson, and goes back into society to contribute positively, a truly changed individual for the better. And personally, I think people like this should regain their citizenship in full with all of it’s benefits, including voting. But on the other hand, many come out of prison conditioned, and hardened, only to return to a life of crime…in many cases worse than before. In my opinion every citizen has a social contract with society, that once broken has also broken the trust of society. It really comes down to rehabilitation, and being given parole is not a true gauge to measure this by. I would have no problem giving ex-prisoner felons back their full citizen privileges after a specified period of time in which they commit no other felonies, and prove their good citizenship.

I know another argument from the left which states that laws denying formerly incarcerated criminals their “right” to vote is a remnant of the “old Jim Crow laws". These people believe the laws are racially motivated. They base their argument off of the statistics showing that almost one third of convicted felons are black.

Instead of confronting the fact that a grossly disproportionate percentage of crime is committed by black men, however, they twist it around and claim it is another example of institutionalized white racism. Of course, they conveniently leave out the fact that any convicted felon, despite their race, loses the right to vote in the states that forbid it.

If you think the disproportionate amount of blacks convicted of felonies is due to a flawed judicial system, I will not argue with you. I also have qualms with our judicial system.

Despite all of the arguments, it all comes down to states’ rights. If a state has decides to make part of the punishment of a felony the loss of their voting privileges permanently, or to bear arms, this can not be infringed upon by the federal government, or the ACLU. Those who violate the rights of others have proven that they want the benefits of society without the burden of obeying its laws. They can hardly complain when a majority of their fellow citizens deny them the right to choose who make the laws. When one is convicted of a felony, they lose many rights and privileges. I definitely don’t think incarcerated felons should be able to vote, as the ACLU does. And as far as regaining those privileges once they finish their prison term….it shouldn’t be unconditional or automatic the way the ACLU thinks.

This was a Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to participate please Register At Our Portal. Pretty simple. We will add you to the blogroll, and send you the rest of the info you will need. Almost 100 sites already onboard and listed in the right hand sidebar. Join us!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Clinton Legacy Sinks Even Farther

I had planned to write this morning about the lack of original thinking on the part of the “wonderful” governor of Arizona. Janet Napolitano and Bill Richardson of New Mexico have very spotty records on illegal immigration and one can only guess as to their motivations. Both of their actions in the past do not lend themselves to give anyone confidence that any real steps to stem the tide of illegal immigration will be taken. In other words, the recent steps to declare the border counties of Arizona and New Mexico a state of emergency is nothing more then a “dog and pony show” as well as an attempt to embarrass the President in to action. In that regard, I am in support of the action. The issue of our lack of border security is such a critical issue to the continued existence of this nation that I just want the issue fixed and have little care as to which party accomplishes it. Now on to the main issue that I wish to express my opinion on today, the failure of national intelligence during the Clinton administration in regards to the attacks of 9/11 and the continued existence of Osama Bin Laden.

I hate to use the New York Times for anything other then wiping my ass but they actually have two good articles on the worthlessness of the Clinton Presidency. The first article talks about a now declassified memo from State Department analysts to members of the Clinton Administration about the even-increasing threat of Osama Bin Laden after he moved his operations to Afghanistan. I will not join the call to blame Bill Clinton for the attacks of 9/11, rather I will just express the opinion that Clinton sat on his ass while the OBL bombed our soldiers at the Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The lack of any substantial retaliation only served to embolden Al-Qaeda and laid the groundwork for further attacks including the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and the bombing of the USS Cole in October of 2000. One other question, where is the self-proclaimed terrorism expert Richard Clarke? I guess now that his “15 minutes” are over he crawled back under his rock to hide in shame from his complicacy over the course of his career in Washington DC. Clearly this news is not good for Clinton’s legacy or his wife’s plans to run for president in 2008. Sorry, you married him Hillary those are the breaks.

The second article describes the circumstances under which the members of Able Danger were not able to share information with the FBI during the summer of 2000. Seems that Able Danger repeatedly tried to share the information about the New York terror cell that they had discovered early in 2000. Now the members of the 9/11 commission that allegedly had this knowledge are denying they were told about Mohamed Atta and his crew prior to the completion and release of the 9/11 report. Somebody is lying and covering up for people and I am pretty sure it is not the actual members of Able Danger. Hell, anything is possible in this day and age but given the Clinton history of placating, outright indifference, and attacking aspirin factories when facing terrorism, well we all know the conclusion I was about to draw. How many more 9/11 skeletons will the American people be forced to endure as the complete failure of our government comes to light? This pattern of systematic failure does not bode well for the current crisis on our borders and the outright invasion of this country by illegal immigrants.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kerry's Form 180: The Blogburst Edition

The smart guy got 4 d’s his first year in geology, two history courses and political science. This is the guy who has the superior intellect. Mheh. And considering his and his wife’s use of the english language and swearing–you’d think that people at that level in society wouldn’t be so crass. I look at the Osbournes or the Kerrys and think to myself, they’re getting invitations to the White House and high profile elegant events, and they can’t keep civil tongues in their mouths. I don’t care if they have homes in other countries, there’s something WRONG about that.

Ah well.

Let’s get on with it, shall we? It’s Tuesday again and we’re still waiting for your records to be released, John Kerry. We didn’t fall for it when you re-released the same crap to your biographer, we’d like to see the 100 or so pages from your military record that are still missing.

Maybe you need help filling out the form correctly, who knows? We need someone else (with half a brain) to do a Form 180 request and we need to know if Kerry signed Part III of that form. Considering that he’s so intellectually superior to the idiot, I keep wondering how he missed Part III on the form that would have actually given the American public what he promised on Russert’s show. Although…there were a few strange sentences in that interview that should have given us a sense of foreboding as to what was to come…

“I’m going to sit down with them and make sure that they are clear and I am clear as to what is in the record and what isn’t in the record and we’ll put it out.”

Just made sure the stuff you didn’t want released didn’t come out, I guess. Which still leaves some questions as far as many of us are concerned. You’re still a public official, and contrary to your elitist beliefs that you’re above the law (reference illegal chinese assault rifle), perhaps you could just live up to your word.

Yeah, I know that’s outdated because politicians who are traitors, adulterers, sodomites and murderers are acceptable and in vogue nowadays, but certainly you understand having been an officer in the Navy, the concept of “your word”.

Some of us still expect our elected officials and representatives to behave like civilized people with a moral compass. Too many democrats don’t have one at all, but that’s not my beef today.



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The more people we have, the merrier!

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Couple Of Afternoon Thoughts

I just have a couple of things that I think are worth your time. I was driving home from work today and listening to talk radio as I normally do, and the topic on everyone's lips is Cindy Sheehan or our progress in Iraq. Well, I will write on both later and at length but I did find a couple of sites that are worth a read on each topic.

Thanks to Mustang from Stacking Swivel for this link about the progress in Iraq. It is nice to read a non-political view of the progress to counter what we are force-fed by the lefties of the MSM. I had not come across ROFASix but it will be a daily read starting now.

Thanks to 2Slick from 2Slick's Forum for this link to Iraq the Model and Mohammed's message to Cindy Sheehan. Iraq the Model is a great source for unfiltered news straight from Iraq and I recommend it as a daily read.

Have a wonderful evening everyone and remember that freedom is not free.

Voting Fraud: It's The Democrat Way

Picture courtsey of The American Patriots.

During the 2004 Presidential Election, there were many calls of voter fraud on both sides of the aisle. Now almost two years after the election the truth is starting to emerge from the background noise of national events. The group, American Center for Voting Rights has now released the results of a non-partisan report on the numerous voting irregularities during the 2004 elections. The results might surprise some but not many who actually followed events closely up to the day of the election. Read on brave souls and pass the Kleenex to the weeping lefties.

According to a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports, about 59 percent of Americans believed that there was "a lot" or "some" fraud in American elections. Professor Richard L. Hasen reported this in his testimony before The Commission on Federal Election Reform (Carter-Baker Commission), on April 18, 2005 in Washington, DC. The fact that voting fraud is unfortunately a way of life for certain groups within the American electorate. The ACVR was founded in response to the widespread disillusionment of the American voter and is charged with protecting the voting rights of every citizen. It is interesting to point out that the head of this non-partisan group is none other then Brian A. Lunde who used to the head the Democratic National Party. Therefore, those who think this groups report is just a Republican sponsored witch-hunt for Democrats who broke election laws, think again and take a long look in the mirror.

The report opens with the following indictment against the Democrat Party and its operatives.

While Democrats routinely accuse Republicans of voter intimidation and suppression, neither party has a clean record on the issue. Instead, the evidence shows that Democrats waged aggressive intimidation and suppression campaigns against Republican voters and volunteers in 2004. Republicans have not been exempt from similar criticism in this area, as alleged voter intimidation and suppression activity by GOP operatives led the Republican National Committee to sign a consent decree repudiating such tactics in 1982. However, a careful review of the facts shows that in 2004, paid Democrat operatives were far more involved in voter intimidation and suppression efforts than their Republican counterparts were. Examples include:

  • Paid Democrat operatives charged with slashing tires of 25 Republican get-out-the-vote vans in Milwaukee on the morning of Election Day.
  • Misleading telephone calls made by Democrat operatives targeting Republican voters in Ohio with the wrong date for the election and faulty polling place information.
  • Intimidating and deceiving mailings and telephone calls paid for by the DNC threatening Republican volunteers in Florida with legal action.
  • Union-coordinated intimidation and violence campaign targeting Republican campaign offices and volunteers resulting in a broken arm for a GOP volunteer in Florida.

The report then takes an even harder tack against the supposed “nonpartisan” groups that attempted to “help” people to vote and exercise their rights. Take a look at some of the examples below.

Vote fraud and voter registration fraud were significant problems in at least a dozen states around the county. Vote fraud is a reality in America that occurred not only in large battleground states like Wisconsin but also in places like Alabama and Kentucky. The record indicates that in 2004, voter registration fraud was mainly the work of so-called “nonpartisan” groups such as Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and NAACP National Voter Fund. Examples include:

  • Joint task force in Wisconsin found “clear evidence of fraud in the Nov. 2 election in Milwaukee,” including more than 200 felon voters, more than 100 double voters and thousands more ballots cast than voters recorded as having voted in the city.
  • NAACP National Voter Fund worker in Ohio paid crack cocaine in exchange for a large number of fraudulent voter registration cards in names of Dick Tracy, Mary Poppins and other fictional characters.
  • Former ACORN worker said there was “a lot of fraud committed” by group in Florida, as ACORN workers submitted thousands of fraudulent registrations in a dozen states across the country, resulting in a statewide investigation of the group in Florida and multiple indictments and convictions of ACORN/Project Vote workers for voter registration fraud in several states.

The most interesting thing to me in the report was the acknowledgement of the Democratic “play book” of making accusations of fraud when none existed. If fact every single accusation detailed in the report against the Republican Party was proven false. As an American who values the right to vote, I wish I could say the same for the incidents in the report that involved either members of the Democratic Party or their paid operatives. In fact, due to the loophole of campaign finance laws and loose enforcement of voter registration, “nonpartisan” groups account for much of the voter fraud that is documented in the report. Here are some examples of Democratic misbehavior as well as some by the “nonpartisan” groups.

(A) Five Democrat Operatives In Milwaukee Charged With Slashing Tires Of Republican Vans On Morning Of Election Day. Footnotes: (60), (Exhibit E), (61), (62), (63), (64), (65), (66), (67), (68), (69).

(B) Court Issues Injunction Against Democrat Operatives Targeting Ohio Voters With Phone Calls Providing Deceptive Information to Voters. Footnotes: (70), (71), (Exhibit F), (72), (73), (74), (75), (76).

(C) Court Issues Injunction Against Democratic National Committee Ordering It To Stop Distributing Intimidating Materials To Republican Volunteers In Florida. Footnotes: (77), (Exhibit G), (78), (79), (Exhibit H), (80), (81), (82), (Exhibit I).

(D) Intimidating And Misleading Phone Calls To GOP Volunteers Made By President Bill Clinton And DNC General Counsel Joe Sandler In Florida. Footnotes: (83), (Exhibit J).

(E) Court Orders To Cease Voter Intimidation And Harassment In Ohio. Footnotes: (84), (Exhibit K), (85), (86).

(F) Ohio Court Ordered Democrat Polling Place Challengers To Remove Deceptive Arm Bands and Badges. Footnotes: (87), (Exhibit L).

(G) Violence Against Republican Volunteers In Philadelphia On Election Day. Footnotes: (88), (89), (Exhibit M), (90), (Exhibit N), (91).

(H) Union-Coordinated Violence And Intimidation Against Republican Campaign Offices And Volunteers. Footnotes: (92), (93), (94).

(I) Violence And Other Incidents of Intimidation

September 2, 2004: Gun Shot Fired Into Huntington, WV, Republican Headquarters. (95)

September 3, 2004: Windows Broken, Anti-Bush Messages Scrawled At Gallatin County, MT, Republican Headquarters. (96)

September 6, 2004: Huntington, WV, Republican Headquarters Egged. (97)

September 13, 2004: Swastika Drawn On Duluth, MN, Resident’s Lawn, Signs Also Defaced With Words “Nazi” And “Liar.” (98)

September 16, 2004: Community College Professor In Florida Punched Republican County Chairman In Face. (99)

September 22, 2004: West Elmira, NY, Resident Found Swastika Drawn On Bush Campaign Sign In His Yard. (100)

September 23, 2004: Office Ransacked During Break-In At Vilas County, WI, Republican Headquarters, Obscene Words And Graphic Pictures Sprayed On Campaign Signs. (101)

September 26, 2004: Windows Smashed And Signs Stolen At Oxford, MS, Bush-Cheney ‘04 Headquarters. (102)

October 1, 2004: Laptops Of Executive And Field Director Stolen From Bush-Cheney ‘04 Headquarters In Seattle, WA. (103)

October 1, 2004: Swastika Burned Into Front Yard Of Bush-Cheney ‘04 Supporter In Madison, WI. (104)

October 2, 2004: Collinsville, OH, Resident Chains Down Bush-Cheney ‘04 Signs After Several Signs Stolen And One Was Replaced With Kerry Sign. (105)

October 3, 2004: Burglary At Thousand Oaks, CA, Victory 2004 Headquarters Where Bush-Cheney ‘04 Banner Was Stolen From Outside Premises. (106)

October 5, 2004: Gun Shots Fired Into Knoxville, TN, Bush-Cheney ‘04 Office, Shattering Office’s Glass Front Doors. (107)

October 8, 2004: Two Men Were Caught On A Hidden Camera Tearing Down And Urinating On Bush-Cheney ‘04 Sign In Akron, OH. (108)

October 9, 2004: Oxnard, CA, Supporter Placing Bush-Cheney ‘04 In Yards Verbally Abused, Knocked Down And Had Signs Stolen. (109)

October 9, 2004: Bush-Cheney Signs Near Vail, CO, Cut In Half And Burned In “Ransacking.” (110)

October 10, 2004: Office Windows Broken And Field Director’s Laptop Bag and Purse Stolen In Burglary At Canton, OH, Victory Office. (111)

October 11, 2004: Windows Broken, Petty Cash Stolen And Computers Tampered With In Burglary At Spokane, WA, Victory 2004 Headquarters. (112)

October 13, 2004: Walls And Windows Of York, PA, Victory 2004 Headquarters Vandalized With Pro-Kerry Spray-Paint And Signs Outside Destroyed. (113)

October 13, 2004: Window Smashed At Laconia, NH, Victory 2004 Headquarters. (114)

October 13, 2004: Kerry Supporter Caught Stealing Bush Sign In Cape Girardeau, MO, Pulled Knife On Sign’s Owner And Was Arrested. (115)

October 15, 2004: Someone Destroyed Large Plywood Bush-Cheney ‘04 Sign, Then Tried To Smash Debris Though Glass Door Of Santa Fe, NM, Republican Party Headquarters. (116)

October 15, 2004: Someone Lined Window Sill With Bullet Casings At Littleton, NH, Republican Headquarters. (117)

October 16, 2004: Unknown Suspects Vandalized Large Bush-Cheney Campaign Sign In Hollister, CA, With Obscenities. (118)

October 17, 2004: Stickers Placed Over Windows Of Gettysburg, PA, Victory 2004 Headquarters. (119)

October 18, 2004: Eggs Thrown At Keene, NH, Victory 2004 Headquarters. (120)

October 18, 2004: 21 Protesters Arrested At Bush-Cheney ‘04 Campaign Headquarters In Arlington, VA. (121)

October 20, 2004: Rocks Thrown Through Windows At Multnomah County, OR, Republican Party Headquarters. (122)

October 21, 2004: Bomb Threat Made Against Lake Havasu, AZ, Republican Party Headquarters. (123)

October 21, 2004: Windows Smashed At Multnomah County Republican Party Headquarters In Portland, OR. (124)

October 22, 2004: Break-In Discovered At Cincinnati, OH, Victory 2004 Headquarters. (125)

October 22, 2004: Break-In Discovered At Flagstaff, AZ, Victory 2004 Headquarters. Perpetrators gained entry by throwing a cinder block through a plate glass window. (126)

October 22, 2004: Chunk Of Concrete Tossed Through Glass Door Of Republican Headquarters In Santa Cruz, CA. (127)

October 23, 2004: Two Kerry Supporters Arrested After Stealing Pro-Bush Signs From Activist And Pushing Police Officer At Edwards Rally In St. Petersburg, FL. (128)

So what does this tell us about the desperation of the Democratic Party and their operatives? If they are willing to go to these extremes in a Presidential election then the gloves will surely be off for the coming mid-term elections. If anyone thinks that the Democrats will not lie, cheat, and steal to “embarrass” the President with a mid-term slide in the House and the Senate is simply not living in reality. The point is really that our right as Americans to vote for our representation is very much in danger, from both sides of the Democrat Party, the centrist pretenders like Hillary Clinton and the far lefties such as

So what should be done before the right to vote is cheaply exchanged like a pack of cigarettes in the county jailhouse? The election fraud loopholes must be closed so that groups like the NAACP and ACORN cannot pay for votes and be allowed to submit fraudulent voter registrations to pack the voter rolls with illegal votes. The Democratic Party should make a similar pledge to what the Republican National Committee did in 1982. The people that would follow the Democrats lead and take up the cause of voter fraud have been removed from any connection to the Republican Party many years ago. It is time for the Democrats to clean house and do the same. We cannot count on any meaningful election law reform from Congress as no one on either side of the aisle has the political capital to spend on such a task. Even as I write this post, our voting rights in the 2006 mid-term elections are at risk. Here are some recent events that foretell another round of voter fraud.

Colorado: Gubernatorial Campaign In 2006

Hundreds Of People Under Investigation For Vote Fraud. (Susan Greene and Karen E. Crummy, “Voter Fraud Probed In State,” The Denver Post, 3/24/05)

Man Gets Girlfriend To Sign Up Friends To Vote 40 Times, And 25 Times Herself. (“Investigation Reveals Potentially Fraudulent Voter Forms,” The Associated Press, 10/12/04)

Twenty Counties “Appear To Have More Registered Voters Than Residents Eligible To Vote.” (Erin Cox and Jeffrey A. Roberts, “Repeats Fill Voter Rolls,” The Denver Post, 10/19/04)

Florida: US Senate And Gubernatorial Campaigns In 2006

Authorities Launched Statewide Vote Fraud Investigation. (Lucy Morgan, “Group Faces Accusations Of Broken Voting Laws,” St. Petersburg Times, 10/22/04)

Former Voter Registration Campaign Employee Admits “A Lot Of Fraud Committed” In Florida. (Paige St. John, “Rumors Of Vote Fraud Rampant,” Florida Today, 10/2/04)

Pennsylvania: US Senate And Gubernatorial Campaigns In 2006

Philadelphia’s Voter Rolls Nearly Matched Census Estimates Of The Voting-Age Population. (Mary Claire Dale, “Election-Eve Song: Republicans Charge Fraud, Democrats Intimidation,” The Associated Press, 10/26/04)

Minnesota: US Senate And Gubernatorial Campaigns In 2006

Hundreds Of Voter Registration Cards Found In Trunk Of Man’s Car. (Patrick Sweeney, “Stash Of Voter Cards Probed,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, 10/8/04)

Folks we must be vigilant in defense of all our rights as American citizens lest the men and women who have fought and died for these rights come to have died in vain. Hopefully with the efforts of people such as the authors of this report, voter fraud will be a little harder to accomplish. Have a great day everyone.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I Am Back!!!!

Well folks I am back from my vacation/Family visit. It was nice to get away from everything for a few days and those who know where Alpena, Michigan is know exactly how far I was from everywhere. The lovely couple to the left are my brother and new sister-in-law and together they make Mr. and Mrs. Brett Miller. The wedding was a blast. It was good to see family again and spend sometime in rural Michigan.

Stay tuned for a truthful look at the election fraud of 2004, you may be surprised by the independent reports coming out. I will also have a new podcast for everyone on Monday, a little politics, a little music, basically the usual. Have a great weekend everyone and I will see ya on Monday.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hitting The Road

No regular post today, just a quick podcast before we hit the road for a week's vacation. I will be posting and podcasting from the road so check back tomorrow for the first installment of the "Road Posts". Check out today's podcast here and have a great day everyone.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Damn it is Monday!

Well folks after a week of self-imposed exile from the blogging or podcasting, I am back. Last week one of the many talented writers who grace the BlogSphere and happens to be a member of the Wide Awakes posted a nine part article about a group Vietnam Veterans and their fight for the truth after 30 plus years. These writers are Kit and Heidi from Euphoric Reality and you can find part one of this compelling story here. The rest of the story is as follows: part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, and part nine. Congratulations to Kit and Heidi for their wonderfully written article, it is truly a story that must be told and I encourage everyone to read it completely.

Since I last left you faithful readers, quite a few things have happen in the world and I think for today’s post I will wax poetic on a few that have chapped my ass. I do apologize for the lack of announcement about my absence but real life is a real motherf*cker sometimes. I actually will be on vacation until next Thursday but I plan to do some road-posting and maybe throw in the occasional podcast from wherever I might be. So without further ado, on with the stringing of words together to make sentences and paragraphs.

The UN trembles in fear.

The President appointed John Bolton to the post of Ambassador to the United Nations this morning. The Leftist/Socialists could not contain themselves in their outpouring of condemnation of the President’s actions. The simple true is that the Constitution provides for the President to take this action when the Senate is deadlocked by partisan bickering. I especially liked the comments from that drunk piece of lard masquerading a the Senator from Massachusetts, also known as Ted Kennedy. He said and I quote, “It's a devious maneuver that evades the constitutional requirement of Senate consent and only further darkens the cloud over Mr. Bolton's credibility at the UN.'' Hmmm a “devious maneuver” says everyone’s favorite alcoholic. Perhaps he is speaking more truth then even he knows. Is it possible that good old Ted Kennedy thinks that a measure provided in the Constitution to serve as a check on the power of the Senate is really a “devious maneuver”? If he thinks that then it speaks volumes on how little he and his ilk really think of our founding document. Leave to the lefties to once again prove how little respect they have for this country and the manner in which it was founded.

Wood Man Comes to TV.

Al Gore’s new television channel launches today in the United States. “The first national network created by, for and with an 18-34 year-old audience” cries the network’s website. Funny how Al Gore claimed that his new toy would be politics free yet on their home page they highlighted a documentary about the WTO protests earlier today, they have since taken it down. The Current blogger listed on the site is Robin Sloan who comes to Current from the very “respected” St. Petersburg Times. Yes the same St. Petersburg Times newspaper that has been very critical of the new sex offender’s laws in Florida and even defends the lack of charges files against Couey’s accomplices.

Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7

I am currently beta testing new versions of Windows and Internet Explorer and will be posting reviews and photos on occasion, or at least as much as the dreaded NDA will allow. I do have a few thoughts to share with everyone at first glance of the new OS and browser.

IE7 ships with all plug-ins disabled and while this is a great idea to protect less knowledge users, the way in which one could enable the most common plug-ins needed on the internet is not the most intuitive. The tabbed browsing is nice; almost as good as it is in FireFox. I have not played around with the built-in RSS feed reader yet but from the documentation it looks promising. For the time being I am going to stick with FireFox as my primary web browser.

The operating system is absolutely beautiful as far as interfaces go. I am running Vista on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with a P4 1.6Ghz processor, 512Mb of DDR RAM so parts of the interface are a little slow since the requirements of Vista are higher then XP but it is still a very pretty interface. The changes that they have made to the explorer shell are quite intuitive and I had no trouble finding all the little things that need to be tweaked. I do like the new default folder view; it is very functional and looks more then a little bit like OS X on an Apple. So far I have been able to install the following programs without error, Office 2003 Standard, Audacity, FireFox 1.0.6, and AVG anti-virus. Ironically enough I have been able to crash Vista every time I try to install MSN Messenger 7.5 (Beta). I can only guess that is making the engineers reading the bug report stop and scratch their heads.

Thus is the way of Microsoft. Overall Vista Beta 1 is very stable for such a “young” operating system, I have only been able to crash it completely about a half dozen times and lock up components of the operating systems a few times. I will be playing with it much more over my vacation and let everyone know what I find. Have a great day everyone.