Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some 9/11 Thoughts from an Airport

As I sit in Chicago's O'Hare airport waiting on a flight to Atlanta this morning, I am struck by an enormous sense of sadness for many reasons. Bear with me and I will explain my thoughts on this sixth anniversary of the largest mass murder of American citizens.

  • Sadness at the loss of life in this country and around the world since the attacks
  • Sadness at the seemingly everydayness at which 9/11 has become for some
  • Sadness at the revisionist history being fed to our children by leftist politicians and public schools
  • Sadness that the New York Times has the balls to ask how much tribute is enough, did they ask that question 6 years after Pearl Harbor and just 2 years after the end of World War II?
  • Sadness that people still do not understand what it is that we are fighting for. There is no reasoning with a people that are completely committed to a doctrine that calls for the death of all non-believers
  • Sadness that sooner then later, there will be another attack on this country because we as a nation have not held our leader responsible for the security of this country
Let me know what you think about the state of this nation and how damn short a national memory and attention span we have.

Never forget what happen on this day........

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Enough Already, The Criminal Immigrants Need To Go

This was inspired by a recent business trip to Southern California, enjoy.

When did we become a nation of law-breakers? If it is ok for those who seek a better life to break the law without consequences where does it stop? I am all for people seeking a better life for themselves and their families but what does it say to that family about their future in the greatest nation on God’s Earth when they start a new life by becoming criminals? I refuse to call anyone who breaks the law to come to America an illegal immigrant any longer; they are simply criminals regardless of where they come from, who they are and why they are here. In this country we for the most part put criminals in jail but unfortunately it is just not that simple. There are many reasons why criminal immigration is tearing this country apart and I will discuss a few as well as my thoughts on how we can right this ship. I am sure along the way I will be called a racist and a xenophobe but I only know what is right and what is wrong, and breaking the law is wrong.

Immigration reform is not only necessary but long overdue. There are many reasons but let us start with the first one that should come to mind for any American taxpayer, the staggering cost of the unrelenting wave of criminal immigrants that flow in to this country every single day. I have documented the 16.5 billion dollars that Arizona, California and Texas spent each year paying for the detention of these criminals, the education of these criminals, as well as the feeding and sheltering of these criminals. Those states along the southern US border represent the flood gate that supporters of criminal immigration would keep open and unsecure. The taxpayers in Arizona, California, and Texas each pay an additional $700, $1,183, and $725 in taxes respectively to support the criminals who come to our country. You can read more about the costs that this country incurs from these criminals here, for we are just a fat sow that is being sucked dry.

Let us now turn to the most troubling aspect of criminal immigration, the insecurity of the southern United States border. It is bad enough that every day we have drug dealers, gun runners and other assorted “regular” criminals crossing our border everyday but now we have groups such as MEChA and La Raza calling for open invasion from Mexico so that their dream of “Reconquista” or the reconquest of the American Southwest can become reality. It is now so bad that the Mayor of Los Angles who is an open member of MEChA has issued an order to LA police that they may not make immigration related arrests even if they can prove the suspect is in the United States illegally. Read more about their open racism here. In case you’re local news has not made mention of this next tidbit, pay attention because you sure as Hell would not have seen this story on any national news. The Mexican army regularly invades the United States and has even traded weapons fire with the United States border patrol, read for yourself here as there are many examples of the blatant disregard by Mexico for the sovereignty of the America’s southern border. In case anyone is not familiar with that term, look it up here. The truth is that the borders are unsecure and we have no idea who is coming to this country each and every day. It could be your common drug mule or gun runner or coyote smuggling another group of criminal immigrants or in the worst case, a group of terrorists looking to murder innocent Americans.

The problem of criminal immigration is spreading across this country faster than a Brittney Spears hit song among the 12-16 years that populate your local shopping mall. The problem that was once limited to the southwest and a few other locations such as Chicago, New York, Boston, Detroit and Miami to name a few, has now spread to every corner of this country. One might be surprised to know that cities such as Cleveland, Charlotte, St. Louis, Northern Virginia and Danbury, CT now deal with the effects of criminal immigration just as any city in the southwest has for decades. In fact the folks in Danbury now “enjoy” a criminal immigrant population of 10,000 to 15,000 in a town of 77,000. That means that 12% to 19% of their population are criminal immigrants, who if allowed to vote illegally could influence the local political scene. Imagine that for a moment, a group of non-citizens who are breaking the law by their very presence in this country continuing their criminal ways and dictating the future of America citizens. You can read more about the plight of Danbury here.

The last component to this overwhelming criminal activity is the traitorous companies that continue to break the law and provide jobs for criminal immigrants while suppressing American wages and denying jobs to those who want to work. You can find just one of many lists of companies that hire criminal immigrants here. This is the only part of Congress’s ongoing debate on criminal immigration that I can agree with. Until we make it so unprofitable to hire criminal immigrants; employers will continue to provide an overwhelming reason for these people to break the law and come to this country. If it was not easy to enter this country illegally and it was easier to come here legally then maybe we would have the needed balance of workers for those companies who feel the need to hire non-citizens but currently that balance is a pipe dream. The fact is that for anyone seeking a better life coming to America is the “easy” way out. Take the country of Mexico, who incidentally supplies the United States with far more criminal immigrants than any other country, Mexico has a history of government corruption that makes Eastern Europe and Russia pale in comparison. If it was harder to come to the United States illegally then maybe these people would stay in Mexico and reform their own country instead of taking the easier path and come to the United States. Now I am not unsympathetic in regards to the many that die in the southwest’s deserts nor the terrible treatment they endure from the human smugglers. I simply point out that many who died trying to enter the United States illegally would still be alive if they had just stayed home. The UN likes to pat itself on the back for helping out around the world in regard to terrible human tragedies but they are strangely silent on the conditions in Mexico. Perhaps if they looked to our neighbor to the south then some real good could come of their actions.

Now that I have laid out what I see as the major components to the criminal immigration problem let me offer a few suggestions towards a better future for both America and the millions of criminal immigrants who are already here.

1) Close the border using the National Guard and Border Patrol as well as specially trained civilian patrols for a period of no less than 18 months. All traffic, civilian and commercial must be searched and cleared of drugs, contraband, and of course criminal immigrants. Put in place a comprehension system of technology and human assets so that after the mandatory 18 months the National Guard can stand down. The only way that any reforms will work is to secure the border and if it means sealing the border to non-essential traffic for a year and a half then so be it. Every public opinion poll in the last two years has the public putting border security at the top, far above other reforms proposed.

2) Require all illegals to immediately register with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and those who do not within 3 months are summarily deported to their country of origin and not eligible for entry to the United States for a period of not less than 15 years. That may sound cruel to many but unless the policy has consequences it will not be followed. Once the registration period has closed, conduct comprehensive background checks of all criminal immigrants who registered and if contact is lost with them during the review process then they forfeit any chance at citizenship for a period of 10 years. If the criminal immigrant passes the background check and can provide proof of an employable skill then they will be considered for citizenship but their application will be placed at the bottom of the list. We must give preference to those who want to come to this the country the right way, the legal way.

3) Reduce the amount of foreign aid to countries in a direct relation to their cooperation on the issue of criminal immigration. We currently give Mexico over 10 billion dollars in foreign aid. The sad but true part of that tale is that Mexico’s economy survives on the money that they receive from criminal immigrants which last year topped 15 billion dollars and was not only greater than our foreign aid contribution but also Mexico income earned through the sale of crude oil and its associated products. If Mexico is truly an ally then now it the time for them to step up and control their side of the border and if they cannot, they our foreign aid must be curtailed. The Mexican drug cartels have long grown fat off of American dollars from the drug trade and now they are earning a living exploiting the weakness of the United States southern border. If we cannot count on the Mexican government to stop these gangs of murders, human smugglers and hard core criminals then we must send at the very least some Special Forces operators to hone their wet work skills south of the border.

4) We must reform the process of coming to America with an eye towards allowing those who truly wish to be citizens and contribute an easier but secure path to the American dream. There are an overwhelming number of criminal immigrants who wish to simply make a better life for their families and contribute to the United States as citizens. These are the ones who we must help come here legally and safely. We are one of the most technologically advanced nations on this planet and yet the process to obtain a green card and ultimately citizenship is horribly outdated. For those who already have legal family and a waiting job we must clear a path for them to contribute and achieve, those are ones who came from all over the world to build this country and they are our greatest strength.

If this great country is to survive to see its 300th birthday then we must meet this challenge of criminal immigration head on and not be dissuaded by those who would wrongly accuse us of racism or bigotry or worst yet, those would seek to place personal agendas and politics above the safety of all Americans, future and current. We simply must succeed to ensure that America continues to be a country that the whole world envies, that is worth coming to and raising a family. We must push ahead with common sense and a commitment to do what is right for the country no matter how painful or hard it might seem. I for one hope that we do succeed and we reach that balance of legal immigrants contributing while keeping out those who wish us harm. Until that day, I will pray that we do not head down the path of Europe as highlighted by the riots in France by illegal and legal immigrants just a few months ago. We must hope for the best and prepare for the worst while remembering what every Boy Scout knows: Be Prepared. Have a great Monday everyone and God Bless America.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Some Things To Consider........

As I engaged in working for a living this past May Day/Illegal Rally Day, unlike many who come to this country or are even born here who live off the hard earned dollars of folks like me, I pondered a few things that seem like common sense to me.

  • People who break the law, any law are criminals. People who break immigration law to come to this country for whatever reason are criminals and should be labeled as such so as to discourage ours from thinking that it is the "right" thing to do.
  • I find it interesting that the last two years these criminals have held rallies on a traditional holiday for communists and socialists.
  • And speaking of these rallies, who do these criminals think they are by illegally exercising the God-given rights of America citizens? Specifically I am referring to the Right to Assemble.
  • When did we become a nation of politically correct wusses? We have many laws in this nation and they are meant to be enforced. Cities are now deciding when and where they are going to enforce federal law and that is simply unacceptable. The last time a government underneath our federal government refused to enforce or follow the laws of this nation we had a civil war. Now if cities such as San Francisco, the heart of the socialist republic of California, and Minneapolis don't feel that they can enforce federal immigration law then I guess they should not reap the benefits of all the federal money they receive.
  • Along the same theme, it is accepted knowledge that a vast majority of the particapants in any of the immigration rallies are here illegally. If ICE wanted to place the fear of God into these criminals then they should have setup checkpoints along the routes of these matches, screened the attendees, and arrested all illegals.
  • The claim that recent ICE raids are tearing families apart is a complete sham. The only people that are tearing families apart are the ones coming to this country illegally. They are separating families by leaving loved ones behind in their home countries or by having children once they reach America. By having children here and thus granting them a chance at the American dream they are forever driving a unrepairable rift between parent and child. Think of the shame and embarrassment that these children must have to deal with once they are old enough to realize what their parents have done for them and to them. Imagine if you can for a moment the irony of being taught everyday in school to obey the laws of this nation and going home every night to parent(s) who are criminals?

So there you are, a couple of thoughts to ponder and maybe discuss among yourselves. Until I return, try to remember to use some common sense out there and be nice to one another.

The Mad Tech

I Am Back Baby!!!

I am back to blogging on a semi-regular basis. The last 18 months have seen dramatic changes in this country and in my own life. I don't really know what the future will hold as I return to writing but I will share my thoughts and opinions willing with all who grace these pages. Strap in and hold on because I am even more jaded and cynical then even if that is possible. Thanks to everyone who phoned, emailed, and otherwise encouraged me to get off my ass and share my non-politically correct views with the world at large. I will try not to disappoint you.

Stay tuned there is more to come.......

The Mad Tech