Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Beware Bloggers, The ACLU Is Coming To Your Rescue

My goodness could it be that the "evil" ACLU is actually fulfilling its mission and protecting free speech. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. The ACLU has filed a friend of the court brief that defends mine and every other blogger out there from being sued over objectionable quotes.

The article can be found here and it goes like this, if I say something that is libelous or outrageous and one of my buddies in the sidebar quotes me on their blog, they can not be sued. Well the California Court of Appeals has ruled that any internet publisher, i.e. blogger, can be sued for objectionable material even if it's in the form of a quote of another's speech.

The ACLU filed this brief in defense of all internet publishers. It basically states that you or I can quote the most hateful and evil speech and as long as it's not our original writings or opinions, we are protected under the first amendment. See, I told you that the ACLU does some good every once and awhile. I do still think that they are a misguided organization that does a small portion of the good they could be accomplishing.

Enough of that love fest, here's a link detailing yet another battle over Christmas in schools. Gotta love it when lawyers fight among one another. I can see it now, coming on Fox this Saturday night, "When Lawyers Attack......"

Monday, November 29, 2004

ACLU Vs. Parents

This is a very touchy subject and before I express my opinion, let me clearly state my position on gay rights, because in case you’re riding the short bus, this post is really about the ACLU.

My personal opinion is that anyone who homosexual has the same rights or privileges as anyone who is straight. Sounds simple enough, well here's the catch. I do not believe that anyone should have special rights because of some group they belong to; I do believe that everyone should be judged by the quality of their character and nothing else. I know that is a little naiveté.

Here's my example against "special rights". I am like most Americans and am over weight, now do I because of my physical attributes deserve "special rights", I think most would say no way in hell. In fact most would say get your ass to the gym and lose some weight. Let's apply this to a non-physical attribute such as sexual orientation. I am a proud Republican, should I because of my political affiliation be granted "special rights" to help combat the liberal bias that I deal with on a daily basis, including my place of employment or at a liberal dominated university? Again most would say hell no, tough it out or don't tell people your political leanings.

My opinion on the rights of homosexuals is simply that there are enough laws on the books to make sure they enjoy the same rights that all Americans enjoy. I have several friends that are gay and bi-sexual so I have a tiny bit of insight on this subject. Read that last sentence carefully, “a tiny bit of insight”. I don’t claim to be an expert on what it means to be gay. In fact one of my friends had to tell me that she was, I just don’t really care what people do in the privacy of their homes or think in those terms when dealing with people.

In my ideal world most people would share that opinion, live and let live. That is a simple concept, yet hard to execute. Now on to the target of my rant, the ACLU, they now seem to think that they should determine school curriculum without the input or consent of parents.

As I have said in the past, the ACLU does some good but they are beginning to really stray from their core mission. I ran across the story of the Boyd County School District. About 10 months ago, they settled a lawsuit with the ACLU over the ability of a Gay student group to meet on school grounds. As part of the settlement, the school would require all staff and students to view a video on being tolerant of gays. Ok, I have no problem with the school being sued for denying the student group access to school facilities. That was and is wrong regardless of whom the student group is.

What I do have a problem with is that the ACLU thinks that it knows better then these students parents on how to teach tolerance. I think that most would agree that a forced viewing of a 60 minute video is not going to cut it. Tolerance for good or bad is taught by friends and family. The school district has had the following response to the required viewing of the video: “According to the district, 105 of 730 middle school students didn't take the training after opting out while 145 of 971 high school students opted out and 324 didn't show up for school on the day of the training.”

The ACLU is now threatening to take the school back to court to force the students to sit through the video. I know that many may not view this as a big deal, and maybe it’s not. I have two young children and I would like to think that my school district values the opinions of its parents and encourages input from them. Here’s a comment from the ACLU lawyer on this turn of events. "The schools have great latitude in what they want to teach, including what's in training programs, and the training is now part of the school curriculum," Esseks said. "Parents don't get to say I don't want you to teach evolution or this, that or whatever else. If parents don't like it they can home school, they can go to a private school, they can go to a religious school."

Actually, the training video is not part of the curriculum, because if it was then the ACLU would not have to waste more of the taxpayer’s money in yet another court appearance. What I take from that quote is that the ACLU feels that no parent should have anything to do with the education of their children. If I was in the situation I would lay blame at the feet of the school district first then the ACLU.

I blame the school district for their short-sightedness in not involving the parents in the original settlement and ACLU for thinking they can dictate school curriculum without participation of the most important piece of this equation, the parents.

I included the links below for more information on this topic. Later…….





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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Haloscan Update

Thanks to all who commented and took part in the poll. I took the poll down due to the fact I only signed up for the free trial and they limit you to 100 page views of the poll. I did manage to get 12 votes and several comments and I think I am going to switch to Haloscan.

I am not sure when I will make the switch-over but it will not be until I figure out a way to save all existing comments. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am stuck with the thought that since I have all comments in my email, I may enter them manually after the Haloscan installation. Guess I will save that for a slow work day.

Well, I am off to our neighborhood X-mas season kick-off festival. Take the kids to see Santa and let them ride the ponies and kiddie rides, while Mrs. Mad Tech and I stuff our faces with chow. Gotta love the holiday season. I was reading over at FFS that Kelly and her family volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. That is one of the greatest ideas I have ever heard, kudos you and your family for really helping out the less fortunate.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Working The Day After

You know most of the time I would take the day off rather then the money. But the company I work for is paying me double time and a half, so I will gladly sit here and surf through BE. Hell, I would sit here for 12 hours if they wanted, but they won't pay that much OT to one person.

Besides, I figure that by not joining the masses by shopping today, I come out even farther ahead. D'oh, unless the wife goes shopping, then I will have to work 24 hours straight at this rate.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

To Haloscan Or Not

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Now, I have been thinking of switching to Haloscan for my commenting but I seem to read mixed reviews on other blogs as I travel through the BS, mainly via BE. Help me out and vote if you have an opinion. The poll is in my sidebar to the right, no your other right. Thanks and later....................

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
The things I am thankful for are:
1) My Faith
2) My Wife and Children
3) My Family
4) My Country
5) The Men and Women of our Military
6) That Seinfeld is finally on DVD.

I will be enjoying the holiday like everyone else and watching the "greatest sitcom of all time" so my postings may be lite. I will still have to feed my BE addiction. Have a great holiday everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Marine's Sacrifice

Found this over at MaxedOutMomma. As she so eloquently put it, the story speaks for itself.

My personal thanks and condolences go out to this Marine's family and his fellow Marines, for they have truly lost a Hero. Later..............

ACLU Vs. The Boy Scouts Round One

I am quite frankly so filled with anger I can barely see the keyboard to type. I know this issue has been in the news for a few days but I wanted to take some time and read up on the topic before I sounded off on the insanity of the ACLU. I and my 3 younger brothers were proud members of the Boy Scouts and my son will participate as well so this topic hits close to home.

Let's start with the First Amendment since it seems to be the weapon of choice for the ACLU.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Ok, now obviously this is the first Amendment of the United States Constitution and not whatever copy the ACLU uses in its legal battles to destroy facets of American Life. Granted, I am not a Constitutional law expert but the founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights so that common men could understand the rights afforded to them. I don't see anywhere in the amendment where it states the government of these United States shall be prohibited from providing assistance or funding to any groups that have a religious charter. As most people know, there are references to God all over the federal government. Our motto, our currency, the Congress prays before starting a session, the fact is that this country was founded on Christian principals and no amount of revisionist history will change that. Now I am sure that folks will correct me with the argument that the Founding Fathers could not have foreseen this issue and we must try to find their intent. One word for that, BULLSHIT.

We have only have to realize that in the 228 year history of this country we have only amended the Constitution 17 times including such winners as the 16th, income tax, the 18th, ban on alcohol, and the 27th which says Congress gets no raise until after a full election of it's members. The important ones in my humble opinion have been amendments such as the 13th, abolishment of slavery, 14th, due process, 15th, right to vote of every citizen, 19th, Women's right to vote, and the 24th, which again grants the right to vote for every American. The last important amendment was passing over 40 years ago. I would think that if the 1st amendment was such an issue, we may have found the time to correct it.

While you thinking upon that chew on this, the ACLU prides itself on the fact that it is a champion for all Americans rights. Boy that is a bold statement; let’s look at their mission statement below. You can find it here.

The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty. We work daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Our job is to conserve America's original civic values - the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The American system of government is founded on two counterbalancing principles: that the majority of the people governs, through democratically elected representatives; and that the power even of a democratic majority must be limited, to ensure individual rights.

You know what, that sounds great, I mean who could be opposed to an organization with such a lofty goal. Damn, I will send them some of my hard-earned money right now. Honey, where's the checkbook? Loud slap from my better half. Ok, I am fine now. See how they suck you in with there words, because after all words mean things.

According to them, America was founded on two principles: that the majority of the people governs, through democratically elected representatives; and that the power even of a democratic majority must be limited, to ensure individual rights. Take their logic and apply it to this battle against the Boy Scouts, if the majority rules through their elected representatives and the majority has no problem with the United States government in whatever form providing funding and assistance to the Boy Scouts, where’s the problem? Here comes the second principle: that the power even of a democratic majority must be limited, to ensure individual rights. Ok, working with libs and even calling a few (very few) friends, let me explain this. Their argument incorrectly assumes that the Boy Scouts in mentioning God in their oath somehow forces its members into some sort of bible-thumping organization till their deaths.

I can personally testify to the fact that the Boy Scouts, at least every troop I have ever been in contact with, is not the religious cult that the ACLU makes them out to be. Let’s take a closer look at the Boy Scout Oath.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

You know, thinking back to my scout days, I really never thought about the mention of God. We never discussed it in troop meetings; it was never discussed among the scouts that I led or their parents. Perhaps it’s because it’s not a big deal to those who are raised in God-fearing Christian homes. Is the root of this issue really about the fact that the government funds some scout troops and provides a place to meet or is it really about the ACLU showing it’s true colors as a God-Hating, Christian demonizing group with little or no real regard for the concerns of Americans?

Can it really be that simple? Could the ACLU just have gone too far? I polled some folks I know that support the ACLU and even they are ready to walk away from this group because of this latest campaign of hate. Some will suggest that when the Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts were a private organization and could deny gays membership the die was cast and this is really just the ACLU’s form of revenge. Could be, I mean after all the Boy Scouts have been around since 1910 and were in fact chartered by Congress in 1916 with the following mission, to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness.” The ACLU has been around since 1920 and to this day claims to be a non-partisan group. So in the past 80 plus years, the ACLU had no problems with the Boy Scouts until the case of the NJ scoutmaster who was gay.

I tend to give the benefit of doubt to groups like the ACLU, because after all, they do some good here and there. But their constant attack on mine and others religious freedom simply must stop. The Boy Scouts do enormous good for this country and millions of young people and should be protected against the hate mongering of groups such as the ACLU. I would encourage everyone to read some of this links below and speak up one way or another. This is just another battle in the culture war that we face. This agreement between the ACLU and the Department of Defense will not stand. Sorry for going long but this is an issue that is close to my heart. Hunting season is open for all of the leftists that will flame me for this, don’t really care, cause when your right, your right.

Enjoy the links and keep the faith, later………..

For Scouts










Against Scouts


The Players



Sunday, November 21, 2004

Review of American Soldier - General Tommy Franks

I just finished reading American Soldier by General Tommy Franks this afternoon. Here's my review of the book.

Let me just say before I get too far into it, General Franks is a military genius. The man took lessons from every point in his life and helped shape our military doctrine for years to come. At the start of the Second Iraq War, General Franks wisely sent a memo to the Department of Defense that could have cost him his command and his career but he felt so strongly that his first responsibility lay to the men and women under his command. The point of this memo was to put the new generation of "whiz kids" on notice not to mess with the war plan and try to micro-manage the war like Vietnam.

Here's a quote from the book that gives us some insight to the character of General Franks. "In the closing of my memo, I had reminded Wolfowitz of the moral compass that would guide me in the days ahead: I carry an American Flag and a Bible in my pocket, and I wear a wedding band on my left hand. I understand the mission and the strategic context within which it will be accomplished. I will become tentative only when directed to do so."

This is remarkably frank (no pun) in it's telling of the events leading up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's amazing some of the events that happen behind the scenes and heartening to find out that our leaders in Washington D.C. left the military to do there job. Here's an example, on the first morning of the war during a briefing with DefSec Rumsfeld and Chairman of the JCS Myers this exchange took place.

"What are your plans for the 4th Infantry, Tom?" Rumsfeld asked. "I want to keep the ships in the Med a while longer, Sir," I said. "The docks in Kuwait are still crowded. It will take only six days for the 4th ID's sea convoy to get to Kuwait once they receive the movement order, and it makes no sense for them to sit at anchor in the harbor. The division is serving a better purpose as a feint force." That's your call, Tom," Don Rumsfeld said. "Everyone in Washington is behind you, Tom," Rumsfeld said at the end of the VTC (video teleconference).

I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone looking for an insider’s account of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. General Franks came from humble beginnings to do great things in his life. As one of our greatest generals, we owe him a debt that we will never repay for his service. His legacy to the military will be the realization of armed forces learning to truly fight jointly. One last quote, "A 3rd ID sergeant in a Bradley controlled more firepower then a Desert Storm armored battalion." That is a powerful testament to the power of our military.

If you get the book enjoy, later....................

Saturday, November 20, 2004

This Ain't Your Father's PETA

So according to Peta now, I should not eat meat, chicken, or fish. Well, all the tree huggers from Peta can feast on dirt and twigs till the end of time. In honor of their new plan to save us from ourselves, I am going down to Outback and have my own feast.

Here's what I am ordering: Shrimp to start with, and for the main course, Surf and Turf. And as I sit there in my carnivore grandeur, I won't give a thought to the fruit and nuts crowd over at Peta.

For the record, I actually admire vegans for their discipline and health, but it isn’t for me. I am a meat-eater through and through so don't try to shove your nutritional beliefs down my throat, no pun intended. Enjoy the links below in all of their Peta glory, later..................



Friday, November 19, 2004

No Honor Among Thieves

Well, I guess the thieves over at the corrupt UN finally had enough and are preparing to discipline one of their own. Kofi Annan is about to face the first no-confidence vote in the history of the UN. All I can say is it's about time and I hope we were involved in getting this vote scheduled.

The problem with Annan's removal is that we are likely to face an increasing anti-American and hostile UN after he is thrown out on his ass. The UN's future as an effective organization for peace is in serious doubt and will need a strong Secretary-General above reproach to restore the trust and respect that Annan has pissed away in pursuit of his own greed.

The UN has done much good in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe to help undeveloped countries and people in need, it really is a shame that this organization has fallen so far. I hope for the best in the aftermath of Annan's ouster. I have linked an article below for your review.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

The New California Map

Just found this via Blog Explosion. Very funny, even if you sit on the left. Enjoy............

Subscribe To The Madness

I have added a subscription box to the sidebar. The purpose of this is to allow those of you who read my ravings on a regular, semi-regular, or once in a great while basis to be notified with an email one a new entry is posted. I also can but am not sure I will, send mass messages to those who are subscribed. I really don't think I will do that, at least at this point. I mean who needs another piece of email. I will never sell or redistribute anyone's email, frankly I hate spammers more then most and would like to see them all killed ASAP.

I would like thank everyone who reads my crazy ramblings; it's been a wild ride the last few months. I have a BE update, check out the graph below. This is my traffic from Oct. 21st to today. I had been a BE member for a few weeks prior to the 21st but had to switch to a different stat counter for better reporting. Anyway, thanks again to all and tomorrow is Poker Night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The French, Our Ally?

I think it's time to seriously reconsider our friendship with France.

Why would we want a friend that is openly over-critical of us, who secretly sells weapons to an enemy of the world, who defies the world's will and makes money off a program to provide food to the oppressed people of that said enemy? By the way, Jacques, the rise in incidents of terrorism has been going on for the last 25 years, so I have two questions for you.

What has France done to help prevent terrorism over the last 25 years? And are you sorry that you sold weapons to the Iraqis in violation of UN sanctions, weapons that are now being used to kill coalition soldiers?

Don't forget folks, if not for the US and our true allies, France would be a state of Germany. Enough said, later..................


What The F*ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is wrong with this statement, Putin Says Russia Working on New Nuclear Systems?

Why on Earth would Russia think they needed new nuclear weapons? Maybe because a certain jackass Senator puked up during a debate that we were working on a low-yield nuke for killing terrorists holed up in mountains or insane dictators in underground bunkers. I thought during the debate that Kerry made a serious faux pas in disclosing this and it would have some sort of consequences. Perhaps Mr. Kerry's security clearance needs to be reviewed, well that's wishful thinking. I have linked two stories below about the Russian push for some new nuclear toys.



Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I Came From........... (Part Three)

And finally my current home state of Arizona. You can get these quirky little lists over @ BlogThings. Enjoy.............

You Know You're From Arizona When...

You've signed so many petitions to recall governors you can't remember the name of the incumbent.

You notice your car overheating before you drive it.

You no longer associate bridges or rivers with water.

You know a swamp cooler is not a happy hour drink.

You can hear the weather forecast of 115 degrees without flinching.

YSou can be in the snow, then drive for an hour...and it will be over 100 degrees.

You discover, in July it only takes two fingers to drive your car, because your steering wheel is so hot.

You can make sun tea instantly.

You run your a/c in the middle of winter so you can use your fireplace.

The best parking is determined by shade.....not distance.

You realize that "Valley Fever" isn't a disco dance.

Hotter water comes from the cold water tap than the hot one.

It's noon in July, kids are on summer vacation and yet all the streets are totally empty of both cars and people.

You actually burn your hand opening the car door.

Sunscreen is sold year round, kept right at the checkout counter.

You put on fresh sunscreen just to go check the mail box.

Some fools will market mini-misters for joggers and some other fools will actually buy them. Worse.....some fools actually try to jog.

You know hot air balloons can't rise because the air temperature is hotter than the air
inside the balloon.

No one would dream of putting vinyl inside a car.

You see two trees fighting over a dog.

You can say "Hohokam" and people don't think you're laughing funny

You see more irrigation water on the street than there is in the Salt River

You have to go to a fake beach for some fake waves

You can pronounce"Saguaro", "Tempe", "San Xavier", "Canyon de Chelly", "Mogollon Rim", and "Cholla"

You can understand the reason for a town named "Why"

You can fry an egg on the hood of a car IN THE MORNING!

You hear people say "but it's a DRY heat!"

You buy salsa by the gallon.

Your Christmas decorations include sand and l00 paper bags.

You think a red light is merely a suggestion.

All of your out-of-state friends start to visit after October but clear out come the end of April.

You think someone driving wearing oven mitts is clever.

Most of the restaurants in town have the first name "El" or "Los."

You think 60 tons of crushed red rock makes a beautiful yard.

Your house is made of stucco and has a red clay tile roof.

Vehicles with open windows have the right-of-way in the summer.

Most homes have more firearms than people.

Kids will ask, "What's a mosquito?"

People who have black cars or black upholstery in their car are automatically assumed to be from out of-state or nuts.

You know better than to get into a car with leather seats if you're wearing shorts.

If you haven't worked for Motorola at some time, you must be a newcomer.

You can finish a Big Gulp in 10 minutes and go back for seconds.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Arizona.

Get Your Own "You Know You're From" Meme Here

More cool things for your blog at

I Came From........... (Part Two)

Part Deux, I give you Chicago. Enjoy..............

You Know You're From Chicago When...

You say "Wanna go with?" when you mean "Do you want to come with me?"

You know what Kennedy, Dan Ryan, Eisenhower, Edens, and Bishop Ford, have in common and curse one of them daily.

You know what "the Hillside strangler is."

You can name three or four extra taxes nobody else pays.

You know the difference between Richard J Daley and Richard M Daley.

You can use two or three Daleyisms in context.

You can imitate the Mayor's whine.

You say Chicawgo and not Chicaago.

You think going to a Bears game in single digit temperatures with a wind off the lake (and freezing rain) is fun.

Da is a proper definite article.

You expect corruption in local politics.

You go to the Dells in the summer to get away from the other 20 thousand that followed you.

You've been caught speeding in Wisconsin because you had Illinois plates.

You guard your shoveled parking space with an old chair and unusable broom.

You know why they call it "the Windy City."

You know dead people who voted.

You understand the Democratic machine and don't fight against it.

You've never ever considered the idea of hiring non-union laborers.

You've never been to Springfield.

You know a good gyros joint.

You know what Giordanos, Lou Malnati's, and Gino's have in common.

You know when the last time the Cubs won a pennant.

You know exactly how many cars are "legally" allowed to turn left after the light turns red.

You don't know which ethnic "fest" to choose on any given Summer weekend.

Your idea of relaxing and getting away from it all is Ravinia (with 10,000 others who have the same idea).

You can recite many of "The Blues Brothers" lines and know where they filmed certain scenes.

You consider paying someone to watch your car at a sporting event as just another "city tax."

The "Living Room" is called the "front room"

You don't pronounce the "s" at the end of Illinois. You become irate at people who do

You measure distance in minutes (especially "from the city"). And you swear everything is pretty much 15 minutes away

You refer to anything South of I-80 as "Southern Illinois"

You refer to Lake Michigan as "The Lake"

You refer to Chicago as "The City"

"The Super Bowl" refers to one specific game in a series of 35 played in January of 1986

You have two favorite football teams: The Bears, and anyone who beats the Packers!

You buy "The Trib"

You think 35 degrees is great weather to wash your car!

You know what goes on a Chicago Style Hot Dog

You know what Chicago Style Pizza REALLY is

You understand what "lake-effect" means

You know the difference between Amtrak and Metra, and know which station they end up at. You have ridden the "L"

You can distinguish between the following area codes: 847,630,773,708, 312, & 815

You respond to the question "Where are you from" with a side" example:"WEST SIDE", "SOUTH SIDE" or "NORTHSIDE."

You know what the phone number is to Empire Carpet!

You wear gym shoes, not sneakers.

Your favorite melody to hum is "Bang,Bang,Bang-Skeet,Skeet,Skeet!!!!"

You faithfully attended Lil Louis parties at The Bismarck.

You GOT to have spaghetti at your barbecue.

You are STILL a Bulls fan........

You think kicking it outside of White Castles parking lot, (79th and Stony Island) is the "Freak Nik"

You go to Harold`s and order 4 pc wing, mild sauce, salt and pepper.

You have a picture of Harold Washington in your kitchen, living room, family room or basement.

You have ever waited in line at Home of the Hoagy on 111th for 30-45 minutes for a steak samich wit cheese

You have ever been to the Tiki Room lounge in Hyde Park

You have Y made a special trip downtown because you had a craving for Garrett's caramel and cheese popcorn.

What!!! We don`t get a Fifty? Oh yeah....

You drink at bars called "Bud on Tap" or "Milwaukee's Best" -- no names, just beer signs out front.

It's January and you see someone's kitchen chair in the street, and you know that if you're a responsible citizen and bring it back to the sidewalk you will be shot on sight

You live two miles from work and it takes you two hours to drive there

You don't flinch when you pay the fifth toll of your 45-minute car ride on the highway

When you read a big story in the paper about mob ties in the city government, your first reaction is "So, tell me something I don't know."

You know Lincoln Towing is Satan incarnate.

You've paid $105 for towing, $30 for more than one "street cleaning" ticket, $58 for a city vehicle sticker, and $70 for a license plate sticker -- and chalk it all up to "neighborhood taxes."

You pluralize grocery stores and retail chains: "I'm going to Jewels"; "I bought it at Targets"; "I couldn't find parking at Wal-Marts"

You've taken the Red Line past the point where all white people get off and all black people get on -- or vice versa.

You've cursed at a cyclist, pedestrian, or in-line skater on the lakefront path.

You know the significance of State and Madison.

You wonder if the fries will taste the same at Sammy Sosa's Restaurant.

You don't miss Planet Hollywood.

You're not ashamed of wearing a big fur Russian hat, or a headsock with one hole in it, in public from November through March.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Chicago.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I Came From........... (Part One)

I am actually from somewhere, actually a few places. Contrary to popular brief I did not just appear to torment my wife and liberals alike. In order of my trek westward, I give you Detroit, Chicago, and Phoenix. Enjoy................

You Know You're From Detroit When...

You call McNichols 6 Mile

You pronounce Lahser as "Lasher"

You add an "s" on Livernois

You own a pair of gators in a variety of colors

Your gators match your suit (pink, purple, green, etc.)

You`ve had to wait forever for the DOT bus

Your car payment is higher than your rent

You outfit cost more than your car payment

You get your nails and hair done every week just to go to the mall

You can do any of the 3,000 hustles

You take ballroom hustle lessons

You airbrush your toenails

You put nail tips and acrylic on your toenails

You`re familiar with the term "Dress to Impress"

You can find a cabaret on any given Saturday of the year

You listen to Mason in the morning on 102.7 FM

You know the words to "Hello Detroit" by Sammy Davis Jr.

You are mad about the Joe Louis Statue (the fist) in the middle of Jefferson

Your neighborhood church is across the street or next door to a liquor store AND a Chinese food restaurant

You don`t know the difference between winter white and summer white

You've been to a club at 1 am and paid $20 to party for one hour

You can buy an outfit, activate your cell phone, and buy lunch at the corner liquor store

You get your hair "did"

You have Mardi Gras beads from Fishbone`s hanging from your rear view mirror

Youo've stopped at a shrimp shack after 2 am (because it tastes the best at this time)

You think that Lou's Deli (the Mc Nichols location) has the best corned beef sandwiches!

You shop at Cest La Vie

You've had to drive a half a mile to make a left turn (The Michigan Left)

You drink Faygo pop

You've knocked all the hub caps off your car - and your alignment's totally out of whack

You go to the Auto Show to find men / women

You own a red leather outfit

You shop at Mr. Alan`s to get the 2 for $50 deal

You shop at City Slicker shoes and the Broadway

You know the words to the City Slicker Shoes and the Broadway radio commercials

You've been to the Festival in Hart Plaza

You own a Navigator or an Expedition and you live with your mother

The Cass Corridor is your jogging route.

Wednesday is Metro Times day.

You have a taste for coney dogs.

You can dodge potholes without dropping your cell phone.

You can name the CEOs of all the Big 3.

You can't get to sleep without the sound of sirens.

You hate the city, but you'll kick the ass of anyone who disses it.

You love Vernor's and Better Made Chips

You refer to the city as "the D."

You swim at Belle Isle beach.

You bitch about the need for mass transit but know deep down you'd never use it.

You know the given names of all the expressways.

People get scared when you say you're from here.

You have two cars: One for daily use, and one hooptie for extreme occasions.

A six-street intersection with a Michigan turn seems logical.

You think Devil's Night is celebrated everywhere.

If it's less than 10 blocks away, you drive anyway.

You are connected to Eminem by 3 or fewer people.

You know Eminem and Kid Rock are not actually from Detroit, but Warren (a suburb) and a small farm town.

You have ridden the People Mover.

When you pull up to a red light, you roll up your windows.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Detroit.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Lost Sunday Post

Discovered.........The Missing Sunday Post

Nothing really to say today, recovering from my family visit, enjoying my 1800 mile buffer zone.
Glad Michigan won yesterday, even happier that Wisconsin lost.
Looking forward to the first 3 seasons of Seinfeld out on DVD November 23th.

Bet you wish it had stayed missing eh? Later..................

Attack of the Moorons

Since I got such a response to my last post, I thought I would post my replies to the comments for all to see. Enjoy and remember that it is the soldier who has fought and died for our freedom of speech not some journalist in a comfy corner office. I apolgize for the lengh, but I do rant and rave. Later..............

Boy, I don't know where to start. First, thanks to all of those who posted anonymously. I can tell your political leaning just by your display of personal responsibility by not brothering to leave your name or URL.

Question, why are you so afraid of an open exchange of ideas or opinions that you have to hide behind "anonymous". Here's my answer, perhaps you know what a destructive force Moore has been on your party and your really not sure you still believe his bullshit, but you want to be the "good soldier",(no disrespect to the real soldiers that read this blog, thanks for your service) so you post anonymously.

Enough of that. Thanks to Ellie and Aurorealis for your comments. Now my response, comment by comment.

Anonymous #1 said...

You know. If we pull out or lose this war like we did in Vietnam, those soldiers will have died for nothing. That is the shame Moore is talking about..... I am willing to die for this country, but only if it means something. Are you ready to fight a war that might not mean anything?

Yes, I would be would be willing to die for my country regardless because I have faith in the American People that this war does mean something. You and I today can only speculate whether this war will "mean something". I believe that regardless of the outcome, we have helped enough people in Iraq better their lives that history will look favorably upon the United States. I do not question your faith in America or your willingness to die for our country, I just point out that one can not determine the worthiness of a war before it's completed.

Anonymous #2 said...


I am blown away by the depth of your intellect and am left speechless.

Anonymous #3 said...

So Michael Moore is wrong to list the names of the people who died in Irag, but it's okay for G.W. to use the war to help him get re-elected? Sounds like a double standard to me.

Perhaps as evidenced by your spewing of a democratic talking point, you and I are not talking about the same post. Nowhere in this post of on this blog for that matter have I ever said that it was ok for the President to use the deaths of our military for political means. The war was a valid point of discussion during the election as shown by the many positions your candidate took on it, not to mention the numerous public opinion polls that listed Iraq at or near the top of important issues as judged by Americans. Ask yourself this, do you think that Moore actually got the permission of the families of our fallen soldiers to use their images for his personal protest to the election results. That was blatant dishonoring of their sacrifice for our country, in my humble opinion.

Ellie said...

Moved from Arizona (which has nothing to do with AZ of course, except maybe my ex boyfriend in AZ is a rabid Moore fan, which might explain the ex part) last summer. I love your blog and I miss AZ dreadfully. Ellie

Thank you for you kinds words Ellie. I am sure Arizona misses you.

Aurorealis said...

I only wish it was the death knell of the Dems... but somehow I don't think we'll get that lucky. Then again, that could be because I live in Calipornia.

Thank you for your comment Aurorealis. Take heart, California was once conservative country and I think may be again in the near future.

Anonymous #4 said...

Pissed off the wrong people? Give me a break. I understand this woman is upset and needs to find meaning in her son's death but he did not die for Americans' freedom of speech or any other right. He died fighting in a poorly planned and executed unnecessary war to dethrone a thug that was absolutely no threat the US. At best, he was fighting for the rights of Iraqis. I'm *sure* that is what he signed up for. Right? The sad part is he offered his life to a system he believed in and that system betrayed him. I guess being pissed off at Michael Moore rather than the Bush administration let's his mom and people like her sleep at night. It doesn't make them right and it doesn't make him a hero; just a tragedy.

My first response to this comment was one of anger due to this person’s cowardice and lack of understanding of why people join the military and fight for this country. Then my feelings turned to pity, pity for this person, sitting behind their Mac, somewhere in Phoenix, most likely a transplanted blue stater who has delusions of elitist grandeur. I simply can’t understand why it is so hard for people to understand why people choose to serve this country in its defense. I don’t know this families story, I don’t know why he choose to join the military, and I do know this. I would bet my life on the fact that this young man served out of a sense of duty and responsibility to his country.

Webster defines Hero as

1 a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability b : an illustrious warrior c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities d : one that shows great courage
2 a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
3 plural usually heroes : SUBMARINE 2
4 : an object of extreme admiration and devotion : IDOL

I like 1d, but here’s my definition: One who puts aside all personal concerns to perform a service or duty for the greater good of a larger group or society with no expectation of reward. Every single man and women who serves this country in the armed forces deserves our respect and admiration for their daily sacrifice and service to us, the American citizen.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Moore Gets An Earful

Michael Moore has finally pissed off the wrong people. He has riled the ire of the Mother of a slain US Marine. Here's the link to the article. I must give a hat tip to Let's Try Freedom for the original link.

I think it's great that someone finally spoke out against Moore's blatant use of our military dead for his own gain. Moore has no compassion for these families that have bled for America; he only uses them to advance his deranged view of America. This man openly calls Americans stupid and debases our morals while feeding us a steady stream of lies in his "documentaries"; I applaud the left in their embracing of Moore. You have signaled the Death Knell of the Democratic Party. Rock on you Moorons. Later.............

Anyone Notice..............

Has anyone noticed the lack of coverage of events in Iraq by the MSM lately? I am talking about Falluja specifically. I would think that our media, cable news included, would spend more then a few minutes on the story in each hour. The best coverage I have found is coming from the foreign press on their websites and through embedded reporters. I know that I rant about the MSM on a fairly regular basis, but damn it they are failing at their jobs.

Here are some links to follow and get a good sense of the Battle for Falluja:



The Belmont Club

So the grand old terrorist finally died, good riddance. I hope he is enjoying his new surroundings in Hell. There are all kinds of theories about what actually killed him and since he died in French we may never know. You ask why, because France has no law required the cause of death be disclosed. In the end it really does not matter, an evil man is dead and we should not over-analyze this event.

I will say this, I expect the Arab media to treat him as a saint that is given, but when the American media does it, well what can I say. How about they are a bunch of delusional America hating nut jobs? The man was a murderer and a terrorist; it's as simple as that. On that note, below are some links to some interesting thoughts on this man's death. Pay attention to the dateline on the World Net Daily article, very interesting. Later..................



Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thank You

For all who have served, for all who currently serve, for all those who will serve,

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Today is Veterans Day. Thank one for your freedom.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Family Visit

I am going to be scarce for the next few days as I have family (Mother, Aunt, Cousin) coming in town today to visit. They are not really coming to see me or for that matter my wife, but rather my kids.

This visit is due to the arrival of my daughter 2 months ago and will be the first time that they have seen her other then the ten gazillion photos we have taken. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have two kids, including a girl.

A buddy of mine, with three girls, says they are easier to raise then boys, but I don't know about that. It seems to me that the real difficult time in raising a girl is when they become a teenager. Just my opinion, feel free to correct me, my wife does all the time.

While I am otherwise disposed, please check out some of the blogs listed on the right, these are folks that I read on a daily basis. I may try to get a few postings up tomorrow since I will be working, my corporate masters only allow one person off at a time on this particular account.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Musical Tastes

I like music of all genres, but lately I have been listening to "modern" country. What exactly does this mean? Am I getting old and mellowing? Hard to say if it's means anything.

My mp3 collection is a hair under 6000 songs and ranges from Alan Jackson to White Zombie with everything in between. My current iTunes play list is about 265 songs (1.24 GB) and includes Dr. Dre, Eminem, Sara Evans, Wagner (Ride of the Valkyrie), Richard Marx (hat tip to the 80's), Lonestar, Elvis, Depeche Mode, U2, Barenaked Ladies, Pearl Jam and even Ricky Martin (duet with Christina Aguilera).

Sometimes I will be listening to the whole collection (which includes selections of my wife's) and I have to laugh and ask myself what the hell was that song (like my wife's fascination with Nsync)? Anybody else finding their musical tastes changing or mellowing with age?
Later Troops....................

Monday, November 08, 2004

Straight Out Of Iraq

I was surfing through the blogsphere today and it occurred to me that not only have I not run across any soldiers blogs but I have seen very little of the Iraqi blogs as well. So I went a searching and found this Iraqi blog that offers a very good inside view of what's actually happening over there. The kind of information that the MSM chooses to ignore. Enjoy and let the author know that we are out there reading his reports, leave a comment.

On another note, our troops need our support more then ever. Check this previous posting out for links to a couple of great organizations that are working hard to support our troops.

God Bless our military.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Straight From The Horses Mouth

Maybe now that the election is over the Mainstream Media can start doing their jobs like reporting on how we are doing some good in places like Afghanistan. Check out this story.

Here's a letter from a Marine in Fallujah talking about the truth of that terrorist hotbed.

Guess stories like these just don't cut it for the "real" news organizations. God Bless the men and women in our military. Enjoy.........

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Letter to the President

I have been encouraged by some of my regular readers to actually send the President my open letter with the signatures of those who agree with the jist of it. Well, I am going to do it. Please read the letter here, and if you agree enough to want to have your real name associated with it then send me an email at t.d.miller@gmail.com with your info.

I am not sure how long I will collect signatures but I am thinking a month would be good. So the cutoff is going to be December 7th, I will send the letter the next day. Thanks to all for your kind words and encouragement. When or if I get a response from the President it will be posted here and I will send a copy to all who signed. Later..........

F*ck The United Nations

Someone explain to me just who the hell the UN thinks they are? I was so freaking angry about this latest attempt by the UN to interject them selves into the business of this country, that I actually went here and read their damn charter. The short version of that story is that the UN Human Rights folks would like us to explain the Patriot Act to them.

Now I am not going to say that are not times the UN should be concerned about what a country may be doing to its citizens, but think on this. The UN has now tried to cover up its Oil for Food scandal, tried to interject itself into US politics with a 4 month old reports about supposed missing weapons, and failed once more to do anything about genocide or nuclear proliferation in the world at large.

The UN is a failed, ineffectual, corrupt, greedy organization that frankly should take care of their own house before peeking in ours. I mean what's the freaking point of them looking at the Patriot Act? So they can send their lawyers to Washington D.C. and register the UN's disapproval and offer suggestions on how we should defend ourselves?

Can you figure out why no country seems to listen or pay attention to the UN when they levy sanctions or pass resolutions? Because they don't mean what they say, sound familiar? The good that certain arms of the UN do is by far out-weighed by the lack of action when needed, outright corruption, and bitter politics of the "new world order" crowd.

A few more points if I may, the United States had not being paying its membership dues until Bill Clinton became President, and I suggest we stop paying once more. What are getting for our money? How about these benefits for starters: an organization that stabs our country in the back every chance it gets because it does not like who our President is at the moment, an organization that is too corrupt to trust, and organization that is too inept to count on for any serious dialogue on the acts of horror around the world. If I may be so bold, it's time the UN moved its HQ elsewhere, maybe France.

FDR would be not even recognize the organization he envisioned and Truman helped to create. The sad part about this whole rant is that it does not matter, the UN will not change. They had some much potential and it was just pissed away.

Ok, I am done. I fully expect to get flamed as an isolatist, which could not be further from the truth. The UN is a great and noble idea whose idea has yet to come. I am not sure what the solution is, too many people have too much to lose if any reform at the UN were to take place. Enough for tonight/today. Later.............

Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday Funk

I don't know if it's the let down from the election or what, but I am in a funk today. Part of my daily tasks is to review the pervious day’s cases that were created by my co-workers and submit corrections to them, it's a damn thankless job and generally I hate doing it. Basically a supervisor task without the supervisor pay, the MO of corporate America. Usually on Friday I can knock it out before lunch, which for me is 2:30pm since I work the closing shift, but today I really don't feel like doing shit.

Our company announced a new CEO on Thursday, expected since we have a new parent company, so the mood around here is pretty reserved, kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. We are having corporate visitors on Tuesday for some executive briefing, code for your going to be interviewing with the "Bobs". I am feeling pretty good about my status, but we will see.

I may not post tomorrow, got a few errands to run, stuff I had been putting off since I was spending part of my weekends working for the Prez. We will see, I can usually squeeze off a post or two while feeding my 2 month old daughter. She does not seem to care if I spend time on the computer as long as I have a bottle stuck in her mouth. Ah, to be a child with no care for what the future might hold, there's the life. Later..........

A Great Post to Read

Ok, the Drunken Samurai is a friend but this posting rocks and needs to be read by all, left and right. Give him a read. Later......

Ok, I Give Up

I too really want an iPod and have joined everyone else and whored myself out to get one. Please follow the link so I can get some referrals. If you sign up shoot me an email at t.d.miller@gmail.com with your referral link and I will post on my blog. Thanks in advance to all.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

An Open Letter to President Bush

Dear President Bush,

Congratulations on you victory. I watched both Senator Kerry and you speak on Wednesday and found both of your statements to be truly hopeful. For the record, I did put aside my differences with some of your policies and voted for you and Vice-President Cheney. The next 2 years hold an enormous opportunity for you. You have an increased majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, but I caution you not to waste this majority in the pursuit of fringe issues.

Your core supporters of which I am, want, no need you to return to the fiscally responsible, smaller government roots that embody the conservative movement in our party. To that end I have a number of issues that I hope you will address in the coming four years. These are listed in order of importance

1) Iraq. Please do not let Europe or others diminish your resolve. Our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are counting on you. The Iraqi and Afghan people are staking their futures on our resolve. Nothing will do more to improve our status in the world then helping to create free societies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2) National Security/Immigration. I believe that national security and the lack of immigration enforcement are tied together. Please consider moving some of the forces that are returning from Europe and South Korea to postings along our northern and southern borders to assist the border patrol with enforcement of the existing immigration laws. I understand our policy of having a non-militarized border with Canada and Mexico, but the time for that has passed and I think our allies would agree. We should also endeavor to help our northern and southern neighbors in any way to strengthen their own borders. Our national security is paramount and accordingly please allocate the funding to keep all Americans safe. Inspect the shipping containers, hunt down the terrorists cells in this country, but never forget who you’re protecting. The American people will only tolerate so much government interference in their lives in the pursuit of security.

3) Taxes. Please take a good look at the tax code, bring in tax experts, and think outside the box. Make it easier for small businesses to start up and stay in business. Eliminate or reduce penalty taxes to encourage investment by all Americans, not just the wealthy. I personally would like to see something like a flat tax rate or a national sales tax. Either is a fair way to levy income taxes.

OBL. Please proceed with caution in regards to OBL. Hear me out on this one. If reports from various news sources and your own Defense department are to be believed, then OBL is sitting in a cozy cave in southwest Pakistan. If we go in and get him, we will spark a civil war in a country that has nuclear weapons and has given us great support in the war on terror. I applaud your long term vision on this subject and ask you not to bend to political pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I want that son of a bitch killed or rotting in prison as much as the next American but be smart about it.

5) Federal Spending. Forgive the bluntness, but Mr. President you have been spending our money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I understand we have just come out of a recession, been attacked and are fighting 2 wars, but come on man. Now that your tax cuts have taken hold and the economy is improving, the government’s tax revenues should be increasing. Don’t spend that increase on wasteful pork that Congress forces upon you. Please take a hard look at what is actually needed to defend this country and spend only that amount, and don’t forget about the needed social programs and education. I am all for helping people out but let’s not go crazy, remember the less government is involved in our lives the better off we are.

6) Social Security. Something needs to be done to Social Security just to keep our commitment to seniors for the next 20 years. Most people in my generation have already written Social Security off and are planning for retirement on our own. This is perhaps among the toughest decision you will have to make, but please do not pass the buck, make the tough choice and save Social Security. I am not sure what exactly can be done, maybe raising the retirement age or reducing benefits for the first few years of retirement. You as the most powerful man in the world can certainly find some people with ideas about fixing this.

Of course these are a wish list of what I would like to see happen, but I am realistic and know that we first and foremost have to attend to our national security; everything else you can accomplish is gravy. I wish you the best for the next four years and pray for you and our country every day. Thank you.

The Mad Tech

True Stories From Afghanistan

A story by a real soldier in real combat, God Bless our Troops.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some Post-Election Observations

Some things I have taken note of during the election and its aftermath.

* The Media is even more polarized to the left of mainstream America.
* Given a reason to vote, Americans will step up and do the right thing, vote.
* The "young" vote will leave you at the altar every time.
* Pundits and Pollsters don't really understand Americans and what we care about deeply.
* The last 4 years have created such divisions, politically, that it will take another 4 years to repair. Let me expand a little on this one. I have spent most of the day surfing blogs and I am appalled at the level of down right hated being spewed by left leaning bloggers. People, we are all Americans. If we "righties" can live with 8 years of Bubba, then you can get by for the next 4 years.
* I am encouraged by European leaders reaching out to President Bush to repair and improve our relations.
* 2008 is going to be exciting; there are numerous dynamic leaders in each party that may consider running for president.
* Dan Rather and CBS are done as a news organization.
* The power of the internet and the blog will not be under estimated again.
* Our country is moving toward the center and possibility right.
* Morals and Character matter and in the end, may have won this election.
* Iraq will not become another Vietnam. Middle America is providing the bulk of the sons and daughters that serve in our military and will never let their service be degraded or forgotten.

Well, there are a few thoughts. I have thought about what I want to see from the President in the next 4 years and will be posting that as an open letter to the President later tonight or tomorrow. If you are among the few that actually read the entire open letter I posted to Senator Kerry, I ask that you come back and read the letter to President Bush.

On a personal note, I have never really thought of myself as a great writer but I am very encouraged by those of you who come by everyday to read my ravings and sometimes leave comments. Thank you to all, even if you only stop by for 30 seconds.

It's Over

AP is reporting that Kerry has conceded to the President and will be speaking at 1pm EST with the President speaking at 3pm EST.

All I can say is thank God it's over. Some of my liberal friends are very angry that Kerry has thrown in the towel, go figure. I will be posting later my observations and thoughts on the election and the coverage. Later...........

A Lesson In Math

UPDATE: At 1:52am MST, the President's lead in Ohio has grown to 171,533. The grave is getting deeper for the Johns. Later.............

Ok, so Kerry is not throwing in the towel just yet and that's his right but allow me to point out the flaws in his logic.

All the networks and most other news sources including the Secretary of State in Ohio agreed that there are about 150,000 provisional ballots in Ohio that need to be investigated and counted starting Nov. 11th. For those that ride on the short bus, here's a short explanation of a provisional ballot.

Provisional Ballot: This is a ballot that allows a voter who is not on the voter rolls to cast a ballot in the chance that they are an actual registered voter. The most likely reason for a voter to use a provisional ballot is that they have moved and the State did not correct their address, hence them not being listed on the voter roll.

According to the State of Ohio, The President has a lead of 2,710,296 to 2,542,710 for Senator Kerry at 1:24am MST with 96.79% of precincts reporting. That is a margin of 167,586. Now before all you Ohio Democrats start crying about Cuyahoga County and how it's going to pull this out for your guy, 87.26% of that vote has already been counted and we still have these Republican counties (Knox, Hamilton, and Clermont) are not finished reporting either.

Ok, so we have a figure of around 150,000 provisional ballots and knowing that the traditional rate of valid provisional ballot is 7% to 20%, again according to most news sources and the Secretary of State. I will even give you Dems the high side number of 20% and say that there are 30,000 valid provisional ballots. Now follow closely, if all 30,000 ballots are for Kerry, which by the way is statically an impossibility, which would still leave Kerry short by 120,000 votes. Do you see where the math gets fuzzy?

So let’s say that after X amount of days and legal challenges, Kerry is still 120,000 down in Ohio, we still need to consider the absentee ballots. Ohio has a good number of military members overseas, and we all know that the military supports the President by a conservative 3 to 1 margin.

Now that we have covered all that, Senator Kerry needs to go back to being an ineffectual senator and Mr. Edwards, having given up his senate seat, can go back to making money off the sick and injured of North Carolina.

I declare President Bush the winner (of Ohio at least). I believe that one of the following states, New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa or hell even Wisconsin will put him over the top. It's fucking late and I am going to bed, see ya all later today.

Put Down The Crack Pipe

I just watched the Boy Wonder aka John Edwards tell us that every vote will count, duh, every vote is counting and you’re losing.
Message to Kerry/Edwards: The math does not work, you will not win Ohio, and thus you will not win the election. Please in the best interest of America, take the high road and give it up and follow your supporter’s advice and move on. More on this as it develops, later.............

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Results

Election Results here, updated every 4 minutes. Pass it on.

It's Done

I voted today. I had to wait 2 hours and 45 minutes to do so. All in all, not a bad process with the exception of all the judges on the ballot must have been at least 30 or 40 listed. I may post some election stuff later tonight, I have not decided yet. I do think that we know who won by 1am eastern, just my guess. Later.........

Monday, November 01, 2004

One Simple Request

People, regardless of who your voting for, get out and vote. I think we can agree that none of us want a repeat of 2000, except maybe the lawyers. The larger a turn-out, the less chance of a 2000 style mess, so again GET OUT AND VOTE. This American thanks you.

Death To America Says Iranian Lawmakers

While everyone is worried about the election and rightly so, the "lawmakers" in Iran are screaming Death to America while passing a law requiring the Iranian government to all but make nuclear weapons. I am afraid that we will dealing with the "Iran" problem sooner then later, all more reason to return President Bush to office.

The Iranians have to this point refused to deal with the European Union on this issue of nuclear weapons. The United States has largely stayed out of the fray due to past history with Iran. It is apparent that we need to join the world voice and address this issue as soon as possible. Regardless of what they say, the Iranians would rather deal with a wishy-washy Kerry then a strong leader such as the President. Later..............

One More Funny Ad To Go

I found this ad by David Zucker, the guy that directed Airplane and Naked Gun. This is great humor and drives home the kind of person Senator Kerry is. Enjoy and pass it on. Remember get out and vote tomorrow. Later...........