Thursday, September 30, 2004

The one reason why I can not vote for John Kerry

With the debates coming up, I spent last evening doing research on both candidates so I would know their platforms and when and if they strayed from their positions during the debate.

I came to one compelling reason as to why I could never vote for Kerry. Now, mind you I am a registered independent and do support the President on most things. I do not support his fiscal policy or his immigration policy, in fact I believe they are complete failures.

As for why I can't support Kerry or any of his policies one iota, it comes down to his voting against the 87 Billion dollars of funding for our troops in Iraq. My brother was serving with the 101 airborne outside of Baghdad during the period that this funding was needed. Now he returned safely from Iraq but many in his unit did not.

For that reason I could never support John Kerry as president much less a piss poor senator from a out-of touch liberal state. I would strongly suggest that anyone looking at voting for John Kerry disregard his flip-flops on the campaign trail and simply look at his 20 year record in the Senate. This record or lack there of, is a great indication of what we could expect from a Kerry presidency.

Enough said, enjoy the debates tonight everyone.

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