Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Democrats Prove Themselves Liars Again

The Democrats tell us that they are the true moral compress of this nation. They cry about the injustices that the American people are subjected to on a daily basis by the Republican Party and its evil leader, President George W. Bush, but offer no ideas or vision only constant complaining and petty bitching. Well, I am going to lay out the case for why the Democrats have forgotten their roots and serve no one but themselves and as a result of selfish path they walk, they are actively working to destroy this country for all.

The Democrats were handed a golden opportunity last Friday by a Republican led House of Representatives that honestly was out to embarrass them. But as they have done time and time again they showed exactly how weak they are, how without any core values they are, and how desperate they are to stay elected, they simply took the bait like a good rat and died the proverbial quick death. I will explain this opinion in depth shortly but let’s detail the overwhelming position of Democrats on the war in Iraq.

The Democrats “believe” the following when discussing Iraq:

1) We should never have gone to Iraq in the first place, no threat existed.

2) The Iraqi WMD program was shut down through sanctions and did not exist at time prior to the war.

3) The President lied and manipulated pre-war intelligence to make the case for the war stronger.

4) No terrorist ties existed between Iraq and any terrorist organization.

5) With our presence in Iraq, we are creating the next generation of terrorists.

6) The war in Iraq is a complete failure and we are risking our men and women in uniform needlessly.

If I am leaving out any leftist talking points I am sure that I will be corrected in short order by those that practice drive-by commenting. Let me take these talking points one by one and show how the Democrats never mean what they say and most certainly do not believe anything they tell us.

I am going to address points one and two together, no threat from Iraq existed and Iraq’s WMD program was non-existent before the war. During the Clinton administration, Bill Clinton ordered attacks against Iraq multiple times during his administration for continued violations of the United Nations sanctions against the Iraqi WMD program. Here are just a few instances of those violations during that time period.

September 25, 1997

· UNSCOM inspects an Iraqi "food laboratory". One of the inspectors, Dr. Diane Seaman, enters the building through the back door and catches several men running out with suitcases. The suitcases contained log books for the creation of illegal bacteria and chemicals. The letterhead comes from the president's office and from the Special Security Office (SSO).

  • UNSCOM attempts to inspect the SSO headquarters but is blocked.

October 1997

· UNSCOM destroys large quantities of illegal chemical weapons and related equipment. Iraq admitted that some of this equipment had been used to produce VX gas in May, 1997.

February 1998

· US President Bill Clinton remarks "(Hussein's) regime threatens the safety of his people, the stability of his region, and the security of all the rest of us. Some day, some way, I guarantee you, he'll use the arsenal. Let there be no doubt, we are prepared to act." Senate Democrats also passed Resolution 71, which urged President Clinton to "take all necessary and appropriate actions to respond to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs."

Spring 1998

  • An UNSCOM inspection team discovers a dump full of destroyed Iraqi missiles. Analysis of the missile parts proves that Iraq had made a weapon containing VX.

July 1998

· UNSCOM discovers documents, at Iraqi Air Force headquarters, showing that Iraq overstated by at least 6,000 the number of chemical bombs it told the U.N. it had used during the Iran-Iraq War. These bombs remain unaccounted for.

August 26th, 1998

· Scott Ritter resigns from UNSCOM, sharply criticized the Clinton administration and the U.N. Security Council for not being vigorous enough about insisting that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction be destroyed. Ritter also accused U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan of assisting Iraqi efforts at impeding UNSCOM's work. "Iraq is not disarming," Ritter said, and in a second statement, "Iraq retains the capability to launch a chemical strike."

September 28th, 1998

· The United States Congress passes the "Iraq Liberation Act", which states that the US wants to remove Saddam Hussein from office and replace the government with a democratic institution.

November 30th, 1998

· Butler meets with US National Security Advisor Sandy Berger to coordinate timelines for a possible military strike against Iraq

December 13th, 1998

· US President Clinton secretly approves an attack on Iraq.

December 16th-19th, 1998

  • UNSCOM withdraws all weapons inspectors from Iraq.
  • Saddam Hussein's failure to provide unfettered access to UN arms inspectors led Washington and London to hit 100 Iraqi targets in four days of bombing as part of Operation Desert Fox. The US government urged UNSCOM executive chairman Richard Butler to withdraw, and "[a] few hours before the attack began, 125 UN personnel were hurriedly evacuated from Baghdad to Bahrain, including inspectors from the UN Special Commission on Iraq and the International Atomic Energy Agency."

Ok, I know that it’s a little bit of over kill but I wanted to show how the Democrats in most cases during the Clinton Administration and the run up to the current war in Iraq made a better case for war against Iraq then quite a few Republicans. Now the only thing that has changed from that time period of 1997-2000 is that a Democrat is no longer in the White House and they have lost control of the Senate along with the House. The information has not changed only the will of the Democrats to do what is right to protect this nation. Personally I don’t think they ever had the will to do the right thing. One little side note, with the exception of the attacks of 9/11 all the terrorist attacks that this country has suffered have happen on the watch of a Democrat President. How did we react? We bombed a tent city in Afghanistan and an aspirin factory in the Sudan. When 9/11 occurred this Republican President did not bite his lip and shed a tear, he stepped up and took the reins of leadership as he acted decisively.

Point three, the President lied about the pre-war intelligence and overstated the threat so as to “trick” the American people, Congress, and our allies into going to war when no valid reason existed. I have to say that this Democrat “talking point” is my favorite, not because it is the most repeated and some leftist have practically tattooed it to their foreheads but because it is the most obvious, outright, and complete falsehood in the entire Democrat arsenal of revising history. The same intelligence data that they claim the President lied about is the same intelligence data that Democrat after Democrat used to justify their votes to give the President the ability to wage the war. The constant revising of history to suit their needs is nothing more than a symptom of their collective inability to stick to a belief or an ideal. This behavior is simply the high of hypocrisy and should not be tolerated by the American people regardless of the politician’s political affiliation.

The fourth talking point by most Democrats is that no terrorist ties existed between Iraq and any terrorist organization. Again this is a complete falsehood and another attempt to change facts that do not fit their twisted version of the world. The world has known for more than 15 years that Saddam Hussein and his government had been paying Hamas and other Palestinian homicidal bombers families about $20,000 dollars to help ease their loss and thank them for their “noble” sacrifice for the cause. If Hussein and corrupt government were willing to support Hamas and others against Israel, can we subscribe to the naiveté notion that he would not support others groups that might be willing and able to hit his most hated enemy, the United States of America? It makes me wonder if anyone in the Democratic Party ever took a critical thinking course in college, or high school, or grade school because they sure don’t act like it. Now I know the old argument about Saddam was from this tribe and the terrorists are from another tribe. To those who pin their hopes for safety and security on that myth I say this: keep dreaming. When you have someone who is willing to kill his own countrymen and even members of his own family then anything is possible.

It just occurred to me that as I address these leftist “talking points”, they mostly likely are culling more from the wonderful people over at Democratic Underground. The work of the righteous is never done, on to point five. Our presence in Iraq is creating tomorrow’s terrorists. I am sorry but I don’t know any other way to say it but that is complete and utter bullsh*t. If we are creating more terrorists in Iraq it is only because al- Qaeda has found enough suckers to replace all of the Islamofacists that we have already introduced to Allah. If the terrorists are only in Iraq because they are joining up to fight us how on God’s green Earth does that explain the attacks in Spain, London, Thailand, and India? The terrorists who have hijacked the Muslim faith are all over this planet including right here in the United States.

Of the world’s current armed conflicts, over 80% of them involve radical Islam. Why is it that we must bend to the deranged view of these radicals when clearly they cannot even live in the same country as others of a different faith? Furthermore, why is it the platform of the current Democratic Party to try and understand and treat these murderers with respect? I for the life of me cannot figure it out. Let me lay this nugget on you. If a dog of any breed attacks anyone in that liberal stronghold of San Francisco, the dog is put to death. There is no attempt to understand the dog and why it attacked, it is simply executed and the issue is closed. That is the exact policy we need to take with the terrorists who seek to kill or convert every single person on the planet who does not share their perverted vision of the world.

The sixth “talking point” is that we are a complete failure in Iraq and we are needlessly wasting American lives. Obviously the left is reading too many of their own press clippings. The entire MSM is a complete failure as legitimate news gathering organizations. The fact is that there is good news out of Iraq; it is just not being reported at the MSM level in the United States. Everyday men and women of our armed forces are making a difference in the lives of Iraqis who previously had only known the brutal reign of Saddam Hussein. More people have access to electricity, clean water, education, and economic opportunities than ever before in the long and storied history of not only Iraq but the entire region.

Now that I had taken the Democrats to task over their much beloved Iraqi “talking points”, let’s address their latest example of how they hold no core beliefs and simply don’t even believe what they tell the American people. On Friday after many weeks and months of bitching and moaning about how there is no exit strategy, the Democrats were given a golden opportunity to show the world of exactly how they felt about the war and how soon we should leave Iraq. Contrary to the MSM reporting, the issue was not about Congressmen Murtha; it was about whether or not we would finish the job before us and give the Iraqi people the gift of freedom or cut and run as many in the Democratic Party think. Well when given the opportunity to express the opinion that many have been pushing on the MSM news programs and in Op-Ed pieces in leftist newspapers, they blinked. If they truly believed that we should leave Iraq as soon as possible then they certainly did not show it. There are two reasons for this I think. The first reason is a simple one, they know that their views are out of touch with the rest of America and many of their own constituents and they don’t want to be voted out of office the next time they are up for reelection. The reason is equally as simple; they would rather toe the line while staying in the shadows, spouting their treasonous speech. They will continue speaking out of both sides of their mouth and not believing a word from either side so why should we?

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