Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's all over and now the fun begins....

Fox has just called the election for Obama and while it may take me four years or longer to call him President if ever, I have to pray that we survive this next four years as a country and for that matter as an America that we can recognize.

I can tell this, this event and the sure missteps that are sure to come from this future administration will mobilize the Republican party like no event in the last 30 years and two years from now in the mid-term elections, the Democrats currently planning the demise of this country will be thrown out on their ass.

One other prediction before I get some sleep since I have to work tomorrow unlike many of the Obama kool-aid drinkers in Grant Park tonight. Joe Lieberman will switch party affiliation to the Republican Party shortly after the new Congress is swore in. Sarah Palin will run for US Senate taking Ted Stevens seat and while she kicks ass and takes names for a couple of years, she will be building a base so she can run for President in 2012.

To all the leftist, socialist wackos out there who voted for Obama, enjoy tonight because you will be held accountable for your actions.

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Len said...

You sound strangely like a bunch of people on the left sounded back in December of 2000 when the Supreme Court appointed Bush Jr. and again in 2004 when Ken Blackwell of Ohio handed the doofus a second term.

Know what? We survived Bush. (Barely, as it's turning out.) We're a pretty resilient bunch. I'm sure we'll "survive" President Obama.