Friday, August 19, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 31

Well folks after a much too long hiatus, the WTF Friday Rant returns in full effect. I apologize for its absence and will endeavor to do a better job in my posting of at least this regular feature of my site. Thanks to all for the kinds comments in regards to my brother and new sister-in-law. I will hopefully be putting up a guest podcast of my buddy Kender’s radio show, from Monday of this week, most likely later this evening. I will post the link and a little background information later. But now revel in the craziness that follows and have a great weekend everyone.

Islamic Prisoners plot to carry out terrorist acts. Folks you can thank the ACLU for this one. They oppose any crack down on religion in a prison even if it is encouraging illegal activity. Hmmm, the ACLU fights for freedom of religion in prisons but would deny freedom of religion for the rest of the law-abiding populace. Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me, NOT!

While we are on the topic of the most dangerous group in American, the ACLU let me drop this one on you faithful readers. The ACLU is once again trying to apply the rights of an American citizen to the terrorist scum down in Gitmo. Seems, the ACLU is telling the prisoners that they have a “right” not to answer any questions, ala the Fifth Amendment. I am neither a lawyer nor do I play one on the internet but the right to not self incrimination is the right of every American, not the Islamofacists who would either convert or kill every single one of us, including the socialist ACLU lawyers defending them.

We now have further proof that John McCain is out of his mind or another way to look at it is that Hillary Clinton is the she-devil and has worked her wiley charms on these senators. I mean who can argue with the logic of this statement from Hillary Clinton, “…fish have strange bumps on them” Oh my God, let me bow before the wisdom of Hillary and make my first sacrifice upon her alter of socialism. There is plenty of doubt about whether we are actually contributing to global warming or if this is just another natural cycle that the earth under goes from time to time. I certainly don’t think a bunch of United States Senators on a short trip to Alaska have any clue what’s going on if scientists can’t even agree.

Disney threatens to “destroy” movie theaters as we know them. Apparently Disney wants to start releasing movies in the theaters and on DVD the same day. They wish to give consumers the best choices for their “personal entertainment” choices. I used to love going to the movies but nowadays I might make it to one or two movies a month and even then those are movies I am taking my kids to. I watch most of my movies on DVD and as the time frame between a movie’s theatrical release and DVD release shrinks, this issue becomes a matter of when and not if. Besides who really wants to share a movie with rude strangers and pay eight bucks for a large popcorn?

International Space Station to die a slow death like Skylab. Unless NASA gets the shuttle program squared away and resumes flights to the ISS, it will be abandoned at enormous cost to the United States and the international partners. That will be a tremendous shame if it happens. I guess the international partners with include the EU and Japan could step up to help out but I would not count on it.

The Clinton legacy is slowly going down the drain with more information about the Able Danger program comes to light. Seems that while the Able Danger team tried in vain to share their information with the FBI during the summer of 2000, they had no trouble getting in to brief President Bush, albeit two weeks after Sept. 11th. Frankly the lawyers who held up the sharing of this information, once identified, should be charged with treason. Seems that their main reason for disallowing the passing of information on Atta and his crew of murderers was the desire to protect the privacy of the individuals. They wrongly subscribed to the ACLU’s definition of privacy and bestowed the privileges of United States citizenship on foreign nationals. The only thing to discover now is how far up this policy of stonewalling went in the Clinton Administration. The lawyers who stopped the transfer of information and everyone above them who had a hand in their misguided policy of separation are directly responsible for the worst terrorist attack upon this country and should be held as responsible as the Islamofacists that carried out the attacks. If this issue does not make you fighting angry then we have already lost the war against these subhumans.

Half of Mexico wants to move to the United States. That fact and the survey that now backs it up should come as a surprise to no one. The flood of illegal immigrants is showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. Perhaps we should tender an offer to Mexico for the country. Certainly we could not do as bad a job running the country as the corrupt government of Vicente Fox is doing. Just make the 51st state or break it up into protected territories as we once did with islands in the South Pacific. Then we could address the criminal element that is targeting our country as they cross illegally from Mexico. After all we are already spending 40 million dollars of taxpayer money to help Mexico secure their side of the border. I think, as happens with many government programs with good intentions, we are getting ripped off. The results speak for themselves, as the funding to help Mexico has increased from 12 million in 2002 to 40 million for 2004 the number of immigrants crossing from Mexico illegally has risen. As of late the lack of cooperation from the Mexican government has to make one wonder if that money is even being used for the purpose it was intended. Folks, it will get much worse before it gets any better and if you live near the border, be prepared.

And lastly today, I would like to bring forward a wonderful tale of a city working to make itself a better place for its residents and tourists. Tijuana is cleaning up its whorehouses in an effort to replace its seedy reputation with a kinder, gentler image. Excited hookers of both sexes proudly show off their new health cards, complete with microchip, to prove they have passed their monthly health checks. I can guess that city officials are trying to follow the path of Las Vegas when it went “family friendly”.

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