Monday, August 01, 2005

Damn it is Monday!

Well folks after a week of self-imposed exile from the blogging or podcasting, I am back. Last week one of the many talented writers who grace the BlogSphere and happens to be a member of the Wide Awakes posted a nine part article about a group Vietnam Veterans and their fight for the truth after 30 plus years. These writers are Kit and Heidi from Euphoric Reality and you can find part one of this compelling story here. The rest of the story is as follows: part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, and part nine. Congratulations to Kit and Heidi for their wonderfully written article, it is truly a story that must be told and I encourage everyone to read it completely.

Since I last left you faithful readers, quite a few things have happen in the world and I think for today’s post I will wax poetic on a few that have chapped my ass. I do apologize for the lack of announcement about my absence but real life is a real motherf*cker sometimes. I actually will be on vacation until next Thursday but I plan to do some road-posting and maybe throw in the occasional podcast from wherever I might be. So without further ado, on with the stringing of words together to make sentences and paragraphs.

The UN trembles in fear.

The President appointed John Bolton to the post of Ambassador to the United Nations this morning. The Leftist/Socialists could not contain themselves in their outpouring of condemnation of the President’s actions. The simple true is that the Constitution provides for the President to take this action when the Senate is deadlocked by partisan bickering. I especially liked the comments from that drunk piece of lard masquerading a the Senator from Massachusetts, also known as Ted Kennedy. He said and I quote, “It's a devious maneuver that evades the constitutional requirement of Senate consent and only further darkens the cloud over Mr. Bolton's credibility at the UN.'' Hmmm a “devious maneuver” says everyone’s favorite alcoholic. Perhaps he is speaking more truth then even he knows. Is it possible that good old Ted Kennedy thinks that a measure provided in the Constitution to serve as a check on the power of the Senate is really a “devious maneuver”? If he thinks that then it speaks volumes on how little he and his ilk really think of our founding document. Leave to the lefties to once again prove how little respect they have for this country and the manner in which it was founded.

Wood Man Comes to TV.

Al Gore’s new television channel launches today in the United States. “The first national network created by, for and with an 18-34 year-old audience” cries the network’s website. Funny how Al Gore claimed that his new toy would be politics free yet on their home page they highlighted a documentary about the WTO protests earlier today, they have since taken it down. The Current blogger listed on the site is Robin Sloan who comes to Current from the very “respected” St. Petersburg Times. Yes the same St. Petersburg Times newspaper that has been very critical of the new sex offender’s laws in Florida and even defends the lack of charges files against Couey’s accomplices.

Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7

I am currently beta testing new versions of Windows and Internet Explorer and will be posting reviews and photos on occasion, or at least as much as the dreaded NDA will allow. I do have a few thoughts to share with everyone at first glance of the new OS and browser.

IE7 ships with all plug-ins disabled and while this is a great idea to protect less knowledge users, the way in which one could enable the most common plug-ins needed on the internet is not the most intuitive. The tabbed browsing is nice; almost as good as it is in FireFox. I have not played around with the built-in RSS feed reader yet but from the documentation it looks promising. For the time being I am going to stick with FireFox as my primary web browser.

The operating system is absolutely beautiful as far as interfaces go. I am running Vista on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with a P4 1.6Ghz processor, 512Mb of DDR RAM so parts of the interface are a little slow since the requirements of Vista are higher then XP but it is still a very pretty interface. The changes that they have made to the explorer shell are quite intuitive and I had no trouble finding all the little things that need to be tweaked. I do like the new default folder view; it is very functional and looks more then a little bit like OS X on an Apple. So far I have been able to install the following programs without error, Office 2003 Standard, Audacity, FireFox 1.0.6, and AVG anti-virus. Ironically enough I have been able to crash Vista every time I try to install MSN Messenger 7.5 (Beta). I can only guess that is making the engineers reading the bug report stop and scratch their heads.

Thus is the way of Microsoft. Overall Vista Beta 1 is very stable for such a “young” operating system, I have only been able to crash it completely about a half dozen times and lock up components of the operating systems a few times. I will be playing with it much more over my vacation and let everyone know what I find. Have a great day everyone.

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