Monday, August 15, 2005

Couple Of Afternoon Thoughts

I just have a couple of things that I think are worth your time. I was driving home from work today and listening to talk radio as I normally do, and the topic on everyone's lips is Cindy Sheehan or our progress in Iraq. Well, I will write on both later and at length but I did find a couple of sites that are worth a read on each topic.

Thanks to Mustang from Stacking Swivel for this link about the progress in Iraq. It is nice to read a non-political view of the progress to counter what we are force-fed by the lefties of the MSM. I had not come across ROFASix but it will be a daily read starting now.

Thanks to 2Slick from 2Slick's Forum for this link to Iraq the Model and Mohammed's message to Cindy Sheehan. Iraq the Model is a great source for unfiltered news straight from Iraq and I recommend it as a daily read.

Have a wonderful evening everyone and remember that freedom is not free.

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