Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Slow Death of the American Spirit and Why the Left is to Blame….

The rise of political correctness is the reason that we have to put with the bullshit whining of every Tom, Dick, and Harry on whatever the topic of the day is. This rant was inspired and is dedicated to everyone who bitches about the war or the government or how they are supposedly being oppressed in the United States, including Cindy Sheehan.

Because of political correctness run amok in our great country we have every two-bit wacko greatly overstaying their fifteen minutes of fame and of course the MSM is to blame as well. As Sheehan returns to Crawford amid a poll showing how unpopular she and her views are with the country, the MSM and its leftist allies keep pushing the story. In times past, Mrs. Sheehan would rightly be thanked and honored for her sacrifice in the name of freedom and expected to move on. As a parent of two, I can't even begin to imagine the pain of having to bury a child before their time. Unfortunately that is an all too frequent occasion in our day and age due to many reasons.

The sad fact that most people suppress on a daily basis is that life is not fair; it never has been and never will be. The moral fiber of this country has eroded since the greatest generation and judging by the performance of most young parents today, it is sliding quickly even farther. Our grandfathers and grandmothers fought against the greatest evil the world has ever known and sacrificed much to give us the freedom we enjoy today. They fought, bled, and died for the greater good of this country and when the fight was over they returned home to build a better America without complaint or expectation of reward. During the war there was no bullshit protesting or attempts to appease the Germans or the Japanese, unless you count the failed attempt by Neville Chamberlain. The American people saw the task at hand and united to accomplish it. Many, many families suffered during the war and immediately after but there was no whining or complaining. They sucked it up and got on with their lives. Their children enjoyed the great benefits of their work ethic and the firm belief that hard work would led to the American dream.

The American spirit used to mean that there was nothing that we could not accomplish or any obstacle that would stand in our way. That most basic belief was passed on to our children and yet even as the children of the fifties and sixties grew up, that faith began to fade. As the Cultural Revolution began in the sixties, the first steps of the "blame America first" crowd began to appear. The children of the Greatest Generation took advantage of the hard work and sacrifice of their parents and pissed it away. Some say it was because that generation never had to face the same adversity as their parents. I might agree with that slightly but since my generation (child of the seventies) has not faced anything near a World War it remains only a theory.

I was always taught to do my best at whatever I decided to earn a living doing. Work hard, obey the law, follow Christ and you will be successful and enjoy a good life. There was no mention of blaming others, including the government, for whatever hand life dealt you. Many people face tremendous tragedy and adversity in their lives and yet succeed beyond anyone's wildest expectations. These people are the greatest example of the American spirit that we have left in this country.

Now a day, there is a not so quiet change in attitude of many people in this country. The me-first generation has grown up and they seem to think the world owes them something. Well, I am sorry but the world, and especially this government does not owe anyone a damn thing. One of the greatest attributes of an American citizen is self-reliance. During the Great Depression, people moved across country to find work and provide for their families. Now we have people not working for whatever reason and living off their fellow taxpayers. People used to be ashamed to be on public assistance or welfare, now they revel in it. And because of political correctness these people are never challenged about the worthlessness of their lives. The same goes for the far left fringe groups that parade around as if they are the majority in this country.

I am 100% in favor of free-speech, after all I do write a blog or two, and certainly in favor of civilized political debate. When I draw the line is when the speech being using by anyone to encourage our enemies either directly or indirectly through their actions. The ACLU insistence about releasing more Abu Ghraib photos comes to mind as a prime example of crossing the line and in my mind is direct aid to al-Qaeda. There is no logical reason to believe that releasing more photos will make the government more mindful of our civil rights. Now let’s apply that logic to the left’s anti-war efforts now led by Mrs. Sheehan. They are certainly entitled to their opinion and if they truly believe that calling the President of the United States a liar, a murderer, the biggest terrorist in the world or characterizing our enemies as “freedom fighters” is going to accomplish their stated goal of a complete troop withdrawal then they can hoot and holler all they want. The reality is that while support for the war may have waned in the last few months most American recognize that we can not leave the job unfinished and support the troops 100% in their efforts. The only way we are leaving Iraq is when the Iraqis can defend themselves against the foreign fighters that have invaded their land and are currently targeting innocent civilians because they lack the courage to fight the Coalition forces, including the new Iraqi army.

If the leftists truly believe in their cause and it is not an unholy crusade against a President that they hate then they deserve our compassion and nothing more. Actually they do deserve one more thing, truthful debate about their actions. Throw political correctness out the window and let us tell these people what we really think of their actions and their words without fear of being called insensitive or being labeled as politically incorrect. I do mourn for even death or every member of the military and every ally of American that is cut down by the violence of the Islamofacists. The British are a great example with their “stiff upper lip” and complete commitment to the global war of terror. I am afraid that the “wussafication” of the American spirit led by the left’s embrace of political correctness and move to blame America for the woes of the world is just as a great a threat to the United States as the terrorists that we face in this battle of good vs. evil. I have one last thing to say to the whining crybaby leftists that dot the American landscape like a biblical plague, state your argument, make your point and then shut the hell up. If anyone was interested in your message then you would be winning elections again. In other words, suck it up and move on with your life the best you can just like the rest of us, no whining, no complaining.

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