Monday, December 19, 2005

Is there a War on Christmas or Has the Right Learned to Use the Left’s Tricks?

From Dispatches from the Culture Wars comes an interesting observation regarding the "War on Christmas", questioning if such a war exists or if another event is taking place. The other event being that "social conservatives have learned the power of victimhood."

There is an old saying that goes "just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you". The claim that "there is no 'War on Christmas', you are simply playing at being a victim" falls into the same category.

Whether you believe there is a "War on Christmas" or not is immaterial to this one fact;

If the Right has taken a wellworn page from the Left's playbook and started a "Christian Victims of Secularist Plots" group that will, if the typical victimized subgroup plan is followed, start demanding "protection" and special advantages under the law then the left get what they deserve.

Never use a weapon you aren't willing to have used against you.

So if there is no "War on Christmas", conferring a false victimhood on Christians will eventually get them, and Christmas, "protected" status under the law, (sorta' like a religious affirmative action), and if there is a "War on Christmas" the same outcome is very likely.

How pissy is the left going to be when they realize that they already lost this one?

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