Thursday, December 22, 2005

Some Thoughts For The Season

I had originally thought I might write about the coming collapse of the Democratic Party and its departure from the national scene, but as it is three days before most Americans celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ I thought I would share some of my hopes for the New Year and my thoughts of this Christmas season.
I have had many things to be thankful for this year and while the MSM would have many believe that this year was a terrible one, it was one to look back on and revel in our success’s and comfort each in the sorrows’. The President that has kept good on his promise to defend this nation was re-elected and started the year with a noble agenda. While he has stumbled along the path this year, he has succeeded overwhelming in his primary duty, the safeguarding of this nation. We have not had a domestic terrorist attack since 9/11 and while we still have an incredible amount of work to do, we have made progress. Our economy has proven how strong it is even with rising fuel costs and the expense of the terrible 2005 hurricane season and home ownership is becoming more and more a reality for everyday Americans.
While we have faced difficulty in Iraq over the last year, the success has been simply amazing. The Iraqis in the short span of a year have elected a representative government and ratified a constitution. They have made these historical steps towards a free democracy quicker then even our own great county. The road will be a long one and it will not be without sacrifice but it is worth the blood, sweat and tears that our brave men and women and their families will endure. They are our greatest examples of the selfless ideals that this country was founded on. They deserve our daily thanks and a permanent place in our prayers.
Looking forward to next year we can only guess what might be in store for this country and each and every one of us. I offer a simple prayer of thanks and wish goodwill towards all including those who through direct or indirect action seek the destruction of our way of life.

Dear Lord,
I thank you for the health and happiness of my family and friends and ask for your continued blessings on all of your children who count you as our Savior. Please continue to watch over those who serve this nation and protect it from harm and their families as they cope with the absent of their loved ones. Help those who have strayed from your path to return to the flock so that might know your love. I thank you for the honor of counting all the Wide Awakes as dear friends and continue to bless them and their families as well. Bless the President as he faces the most difficult time of his life. Bless the members of Congress and please grant them wisdom to do what is right for this country. Thank you Lord, Amen.

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