Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pelosi Hails Democrats' Diverse War Stances

That headline above almost tells the truth and for the Washington Post that is a scary thing. The Dumbocrats have asked Nancy Pelosi to come up with an issue agenda for the 2006 Mid-Term Elections. Wow, doesn't anyone at the DNC see what a colossal mistake that is going to be. Besides joining her fellow Dummycrats in their daily, strike that, hourly displays of hypocrisy she is without a moral or ethic compass.

I think the main reason that she does not plan to include a stance on Iraq in the 2006 issue list is a very simple one. They can't make up their minds and are constantly trying to read tea leaves in order to try and do what is best politically for them and not what is best for this country or even the Iraqis. It will be interesting to see their reaction to the President's speech later today. When he speaks plainly on the topic the American people respond if any polls are to be believed.

Let me leave you with this following tidbit from Pelosi and ponder whether the Dummycrats really have a chance in Hell of returning to the status of a national party.

Nancy Pelosi is once again calling for withdrawal from Iraq. Didn't the House just vote on this recently? Perhaps Pelosi forgot she voted against the resolution calling for an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. Was not that resolution defeated 403 - 3? Is there some thing in the water that has given Pelosi some memory issues? Today, Nancy Pelosi endorsed withdrawal from Iraq. Courtsey of Sailor in the Desert

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