Friday, July 22, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 30

First off, I want to express my support to the people of London and the entire United Kingdom while they deal with the latest attack by the chickenshit Islamofascists. Thank God, they could not mix the explosives correctly and only the detonators went off. Folks get ready because like it or not these type of cowardly attacks will come to the United States soon then later. I have a short message for these sub-human hijackers of Islam, run and hide assholes because if you carry out another attack against the United States there will be no place on this planet for you to flee. Now to the moderate Muslims in the world, get off your freaking asses and pick a side! Either you condone the attacks and support their purpose or you step up and take back your religion from these terrorists. Make a choice and make it known to the world!

Now since I have gotten that off my chest on to the craziness that is the WTF Friday Rant, now in its thirtieth edition. Catch the audio edition here and as always, have a great weekend everyone.

New Yorkers tell NYPD, “Hands Off”
It seems that even in the wake of a second round of terrorist bombings in London some residents of New York do not think that random searches of bags and backpacks are a good idea. Even the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is talking about minimizing the inconvenience for mass transit riders. Hello? People wake the F**k up! These types of attacks are going to happen eventually and if a few minutes of being inconvenienced saves some lives in the end then it is just too damn bad. I am glad I do not live in New York, the unchecked political correctness and rampant liberalism/socialism would drive to drink or worse.

Why yes it is, hot in Phoenix, but it is a dry heat
Ok, it has been a little warm in Phoenix of late but most of this “story” is being created by the MSM. Here is the formula, new residents + bored local media = Damn its hot story. I have lived in Phoenix for almost 5 years and it does not seem any hotter then the past four summers I have spent here so everyone just chill out.

Hiroshima bomb meant to impress Soviets, killing Japanese was side effect according to scientists
According to a couple of nut job scientists, Truman really dropped the bomb on Japan to impress the Soviets and kick off the cold war. The fact that the bombs killed a few Japanese and helped convince them to surrender is completely disregarded.

Hatch calls Schumer on his “Dumbass Questions”, white old guy battle royal ensues
Chuckie Schumer was so hostile during Judge Roberts’s recent confirmation to the DC Circuit Court that Orrin Hatch told him to shut up with his “dumbass questions”. Way to go Orrin.

New York Times screws the pooch for Hillary
On Sunday the New York Times ran a piece about the new Edward Klein book and stated that the book was struggling and doing poorly. Seems the news arm of the New York Times does not talk to the literary arm since Klein’s book is still on the New York Times Bestseller list for a fourth week, and on top of that it’s still in the top 10. Hmmmmm.

Los Angeles Times cements place as America’s scummiest newspaper
The LA Times ran an article on the abortion views of Judge Roberts’s wife yesterday. So are Supreme Court nominees to be judged by the views of their family members? How low does the Left plan to go? In my humble opinion, there are a few lines in politics that should never be crossed and dragging a person’s wife or family is one of those lines.

The Mormons got this one right, stockpile food
Politicians are telling us that the United States food supply is at risk for terrorist attack. Seems to me that the terrorists may have thought of this already so it is no new news but what I want to know is what these same politicians are doing to prevent attacks and protect the food supply.

Government encouraging Illegal Aliens to get home mortgages
What can I really say about this? Are we that desperate to keep the housing boom going? Only in America, I guess.

Canada joins the illegal drug trade with its very own cross-border tunnel
Feds wait 8 months to bust the people building this tunnel and still cannot trace the money trail or confirm what the tunnel was going to be used for once it was completed. Couldn’t be terrorists coming in from Canada eh? Nah, crossing from Mexico is still too easy to force a move north.

Tremble before the electronic warfare might of Venezuela
Seems that Chavez does not like the fact that the House approved the United States broadcasting radio messages of freedom to his little dictatorship. Maybe he should have thought about that before he started dissing the United States and acting like a serious Jackass.

Jews flee France ahead of Muslim invasion and wave of anti-Semitic attacks
Whatever happen to the tolerant French? Oh that's right they are only tolerant of themselves and anyone who shares their hated of the United States.

Apple saves Music industry, Jobs waiting for thank you
You know if Jobs has half the ego that he is rumored to, he is actually sitting around waiting for a thank you from the recording industry. Well if he thinks that podcasters are going to kiss his feet because of iTunes 4.9, he has another thing coming.

Democrats look to push Rove issue, they never got the memo on innocent until proven guilty and their TPS reports suck
The vocal minority of the Democratic Party, namely the, Michael Moore crowd, is pressuring moderates to push the Rove issue regardless of any other pressing issues. Yes, that is a winning hand, that strategy and 5 bucks will get you a venti soymilk mocha latte.

The Indoctrination of the mentally unprepared courtesy of the Religion of Peace

Seems that at certain colleges, classes on the Middle East are nothing more then recruiting forums for Islamofascists radicals posing as professors as they hunt for the latest Johnny Jihad. This is not a new story but the link leads to a very interesting account of one such class on one such campus.

State sponsored curbing of Free Speech

Washington State University pays its students to shout down the free speech of students or groups that are on the University’s hit list. Boy, someone read “Mein Kampf” a few too many times. I thought Washington State’s mascot was the cougar and not the brownshirt?

Political Correctness strikes again, “deferred success” is the new failed

Now a teacher’s group is suggesting that telling a student that he or she has failed could have lifelong learning implications. Therefore, they are proposing that students be told that they have achieved “deferred success” rather then failure. It is the nature of the human race to learn from its mistakes so if we are never faced with failure and are greeted with “deferred success” then what will we learn? The truth is that some kids are going to fail and just think how bad it is going to mess them up in the head if they never realize their “deferred success”.

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