Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Evil Companies

Allow me to speak on the topic of "evil" companies.
Try this name on for size: Apple.
Now before you take me for a PC loving, Mac hater, let me explain.
I think Apple makes some of the coolest computer products on the planet.
That being said, Apple is much more of a "evil" corporation then say Microsoft.
I will lay it out for you, but first, I do not worship at the alter of Bill either.

1) Apple has refused to license it's Operating System, thus limiting it's ability to become a main stream product.
2) Apple controls the price and distribution of it's hardware and software much tighter then any technology company in recent memory. Check out the prices of laptop memory over at the apple.com store.
3) (This is my main complaint.) Apple has chosen to push the aac audio format(which is great, in my humble opinion.), but it forces you into a limited selection of MP3 players, namely the iPod.

Again, these are some random thoughts from a deranged mind. Take aim, I am a bullseye tonight. Later.......

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