Monday, May 17, 2004

It's Freaking Monday

This Monday had a different feel to it, almost like a Wednesday or Thursday. Not the shit the week has started feel that Monday normally dumps on everyone.

We were supposed to have a VIP visit today but the VIP was a no show. I think the "man" likes to have his monkeys(us) dress up for fun every once and awhile. Just to keep us on our toes.

I am thinking of applying for the next Survivor. Not that I think I will get picked but what the hell. As a wise man once said " You only live once". I have no idea who said that. My only reservation is leaving my wife and kid(s) for 12 weeks to do it. Well we will see.

I must say that I understand the President Bush is loyal to his people, but it is starting to look like Rummy should lose his job over at the DoD. Iraq has turned south on all of their plans and I am very concerned that it will be worse next spring when my brother and his guys in the 101st go back for a second tour. I think that if Bush keeps Rummy that he may lose the election just based on this issue. I hope his advisors see the light, because I would hate to turn the country over to John F'ing Kerry.

Nuff said on that topic for now. Well faithful readers, time to head off into the sunset. Later troops.......

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