Sunday, May 16, 2004


The day of rest, yeah right. I would assume that I am like most people who work M-F and save all their errands till the weekend. That being said, I managed to hang a ceiling fan yesterday without doing bodily harm. I however did screwup the wiring and had to redo it.

I have noticed that people have no regard for their personal information on the internet. Now before you tell me what a shocker that is, lol, I give you an example. I have a friend who has been very active politically in the past and been a mad poster on the old "bb's". Just for shits, I did a google search on this person and found some very interesting quotes from this person. The truth is out there as they say.

Of course, 20 years from now my kids will be giving me the third degree about my ravings posted here. Aw, shit happens. Well I am off to watch who gets wacked this week and pisses Tony off. Later Troops......

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