Friday, May 14, 2004

Friday at Last

Well it's Friday at last. It's been a long freaking week. The support team I belong to is in chaos and our client hates us. Now it has been my experience that after a period of time any client will turn against you. Just the way of the tech world.

Been a very interesting day. I was pleasantly surprised by one of my co-workers in a very good way, you know who you are. Other then that it was a kinda boring week at work sans the chaos.

So I get to play handy man this weekend and play with my tools. Got a ceiling fan to hang. Should be interesting since the last time I hung a ceiling fan I cut the shiznit out of my arm.

Let me speak about the "man" for a second. The "man" in this case is the almighty Microsoft. As a tech is search of certs, MS has decided that for certain exams 112.50 is not enough. Since most of there exams cost at least 125.00, they now all should cost at least that much. I guess Bill and Steve don't have nearly enough money.

Well that's it for now. Later troops.......

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