Thursday, May 26, 2005

The ACLU Piles On The False Koran Abuse Story

As if the ACLU continued defense of American criminals and degenerates is not enough the ACLU has now taken their unholy cause to the very terrorists that have swore to kill or convert every man, women, and child in the United States. The ACLU has now “uncovered” more evidence of torture and mistreatment at the hands of United States Military interrogators. In a press release the ACLU blows their own trumpet on their “success” at uncovering “abuses”. Funny thing, the newest document that the ACLU is using as evidence is over 2 years old, has been investigated by the Military and already been dismissed as an outright lie or fabrication by the prisoner. Sit tight folks and let me point out yet another issue where the ACLU is blatantly wrong and in fact entirely anti-American.

The story of Koran abuse by Newsweek was proven to be false and ultimately retracted by both the magazine and the original accuser and rightly so Newsweek has endured the scorn and loss of respect by people around the world. Should the ACLU share that spot in the Hall of Shame with Newsweek? Absolutely! The ACLU has been alleging prisoner abuse including abuse of the Koran since 2002 and even after an internal Department of Defense investigation, an FBI investigation and the release of many documents from both the US Military and the CIA has shown that nothing could substantiated.

When abuse occurred at Abu Ghraib, the people responsible were punished and jailed. One of the main differences between the United States and the terrorists we are fighting that the ACLU fails to recognize; is the fact that we hold our own people to a high standard of accountability while the terrorists themselves engage in the lowest form of human behavior including beheading and torture of innocent civilians who's only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and ending up as hostages. In fact as the documents released by the ACLU today show, the enemy combatants are being treated as well or better as prisoners in American prisons and these terrorists are not even United States citizens. The ACLU has been successful up to this point in having the rights of an American citizen conveyed upon terrorists who have sworn to kill us.

The results of the recently completed report on the alleged Koran abuse actually found that the terrorists themselves defaced their own Korans many more times then any US personal. The ACLU claims that the released documents represent a pattern of systematic abuse that has been condoned at the highest levels. Frankly the ACLU is wrong and could be rightly accused of providing aid and comfort to our enemies. Here is the link to their latest collection of “found” documents, let me give you a couple of examples and then I will point out a few things regarding their believability.

DETAINEES 3849-3854 Summary of FBI interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay 05/21/02 Records detainee stating that "prior to an interview in Bagram, he was forced to strip naked in front of others."

DETAINEES 3873-3875 Summary of FBI interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay 07/30/02 Notes that "[t]he Camp Delta detainee uprising which occurred on or about 19-20 July 2002, was started when one detainee claimed that a guard dropped a Qur'an. In actuality the detainee dropped the Qur'an and then blamed the guard. Many other detainees reacted to this claim and this initiated the uprising."

DETAINEES 3878-3881 Summary of FBI interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay 08/01/02 Notes that "[p]rior to his capture, REDACTED had no information against the United States. Personally, he has nothing against the United States. The guards in the detention facility do not treat him well. Their behavior is bad. About five months ago, the guards beat the detainees. They flushed a Qur'an in the toilet. The guards dance around when the detainees are trying to pray. The guards still do these things."

DETAINEES 3926-3927 Summary of FBI interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay 10/22/02 Notes, "REDACTED began the interview by saying he was under stress because he had not heard from his family and did not know how they were doing. REDACTED said that a guard at Camp Delta, several weeks before, told him he had mail, but that it could not be given to him until after it was translated. REDACTED said that he was still waiting for the letter, and was bothered because it had not yet been delivered to him."

DETAINEES 3947-3948 Summary of FBI interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay 12/09/02 Notes that "REDACTED engaged in limited conversation, stating he would no answer any questions because he feels he has been mistreated. When asked how he has been mistreated, REDACTED replied he felt like an animal having to be moved in chains. . . . REDACTED did request legal counsel, at which point the interviewers explained that, under his current conditions, he was not entitled to legal counsel."

DETAINEES 3982-3984 Summary of FBI interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay 03/28/03 Notes that "Detainee REDACTED stated that the treatment of the Qur'an continued to be the reason for his unwillingness to cooperate. REDACTED was asked how the mistreatment of the Qur'an had taken place. REDACTED stated that the issue continued to be based on what the detainees perceived as the use of the Qur'an as a weapon. It was taken from them and returned at will, with little consideration for the value which they placed in the book. REDACTED was asked if he had ever seen the Qur'an mistreated or intentionally mishandled. He had not. REDACTED was asked if he had ever seen the Qur'an thrown around, tossed on the ground or mistreated in any way. He had not . . . . REDACTED was informed that his case for the proper treatment of the Qur'an had been taken to higher levels and presented as a serious issue. The effort had been hurt, however, because it had been found that detainees were hiding things within the pages of the Qur'an. As a result, the guards were required to look through the Qur'an for their own safety. REDACTED was asked if he could assure camp officials that none of the detainees would ever hide any objects of any kind in their Qur'ans. He stated he could not.

DETAINEES 3998 Summary of FBI interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay 04/10/03 Notes that REDACTED "accused Pakistani Police with giving him electric shocks and U.S. troops of beating him. . . . REDACTED lied to the interrogators in Kandahar because he felt that if he didn't say what the interrogators wanted, they would continue to beat him. REDACTED was then shown a photograph of himself taken in Kandahar and asked to point out where any bruises or signs of a beating were located. REDACTED then admitted to lying about the beatings."

I have a couple points to make about these statements. The first point is this; certainly the vast majority of terrorists are not familiar with the way prisoners are treated in the United States or what rights an enemy combatant might have. That being said, I know nothing about prisoner treatment oversees but I would bet a large sum of money that the treatment at Gitmo is a hell of a lot better then say an Afghan, Russian, Turkish or Pakistani prison. This reminds me of a fact that the ACLU seems to forget all too often, these people are prisoners; prison is a punishment not a damn vacation resort. These prisoners are not true prisoners of war nor are they subject to the same benefits and rights of US citizenship but that is exactly what the ACLU is arguing on behalf of these men who are pledged to the destruction of America and everything she stands for. And for those on the short bus, that does include the ACLU.

The second point I would like to make about the believability of these statements comes directly from Al Qaeda in the form of one of their training manuals which was found after a successful raid in Manchester, England of an Al Qaeda member’s home. Here is the link. The manual states rather clearly that if captured, one is required to lie at all times to his jailers and make claims of abuse and mistreatment even if none exist. As I pointed out in the examples from the ACLU’s precious documents, the prisoners are lying to interrogators on a daily basis and nothing from their months can be trusted unless confirmed by multiple sources. I would sooner trust a politician to tell the truth before any of the terrorists being held by this country. As is the case during the course of a war, both sides engage in mind games to further each others agenda’s. Here is an interesting article that points out how this is happening in the War on Terror.

The ACLU should be ashamed of themselves for so easily being duped by a clear plan by these terrorists to further enflame their fellow prisoners and the Arab world at large. If the ACLU continues to press this false issue then they should seriously be looked at as provided aid and comfort to the enemy and thus prosecuted for treason. I don’t think I am outside the mainstream when I say that if the ACLU wants to maintain any kind of credibility they need to concern themselves with the rights and protection of American citizens and not terrorists who would sooner kill an ACLU attorney then thank them for their legal help. Perhaps if the ACLU and Muslims are so concerned with the abuse of the Koran then they should look in the mirror, deal with their own people who deface and disrespect the Koran on a daily basis or at least turn to countries where Koran defacement is not a myth. How about they start here? The five accidental incidents of disrespect to the Koran are being dealt with by the Department of Defense and amazingly enough; none involved flushing a Koran down the toilet.

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