Friday, May 13, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Isue 23

Well it's that time again folks and before I rush head long into the craziness that is the WTF Friday Rant I would like to share a little gem of a story from my son. My son is 4 years old and in the process of finally ditching the diaper/pull-up and joining the rest of us "civilized" people in using the toilet. Well since my wife works during the evenings occasionally I take care of the kids. Yesterday when I asked my son is he had to use the bathroom he said to me, "I am all out of pee-pee Daddy, Mommy has to get me some more at the store." I fell down laughing and wished I had his response on video tape. I tried to explain to him that his body makes "pee-pee" and it was not something that could be bought at the store like one of his toys. He was insistent that he was all out and could not use the bathroom until his Mother came home with his new "supply". To his credit he did not have any accidents and once my wife came home he used the bathroom without and trouble. I of course was criticized for not just telling him that I could get him some more from the pantry so he could have gone before my wife came home. Well my kid is no dummy, in fact he is very intelligent for his age and will without a doubt be much smarter then I once he grows up. Thus my reasoning for not encouraging his theory of urine production. If you have kids then you know how funny this episode was, if not well I just wasted 30 seconds of your time. Either way enjoy the links below and have a great weekend everyone.

The government has now shown its true position on illegal immigration, and told the Border Patrol not to do their job during The Minuteman Project. I am furious about this and unfortunately not surprised. Too many interests are served by illegal immigration as it stands today, businesses and politicians mostly, for anything to change overnight. This story needs to be investigated to find how far up the chain of command this lack of commitment to our national security goes. I urge everyone within view of my typed words to contact the Border Patrol directly and pressure them to come clean about who ordered them to stand-down during the month of April between Douglas and Naco on the Arizona/Mexico border. These men and women have a tough enough job to do without having their hand ties by an order from above like this. Below is the contact information for the area in question as well as the contact information for the main office in Washington DC. Hat tip to Raven of Wide Awakes for the link.

Tucson (Arizona)
Tucson Border Patrol Sector
1970 West Ajo
Tucson, AZ 85713-5698
Telephone: (520) 670-6871

Chief Patrol Agent: Michael C. Nicley (Acting)
Deputy Chief Patrol Agent: Carl L. McClafferty
Public Affairs Officer: Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Andy Adame, Rob Daniels, Greg Maier, and Charles (Rob) Griffin

CBP Headquarters
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20229

Field Operations
Jayson P. Ahern
(202) 344-1620

Office of Border Patrol
David V. Aguilar
(202) 344-2050

Office of Public Affairs
Kristi Clemens
(202) 344-1770

Why are we closing so many military bases with over 70,000 troops scheduled to return to this country from overseas permanently? It does not make a whole lot of sense to me.

Harry Reid drops the "dime" on another nominee and breaks every rule in the book by referencing the nominee's FBI file. What an idiot, wonder how he would feel if the side was on the other foot?

Kids dissect live dog during class. Just another reason I will not be sending my kids to public school.

Madonna puts her religion before Hollywood. Wow I am amazed and shocked but have to give her props.

US takes it to the terrorists along the Iraq-Syrian border. How long before the terrorists pull a page from the Vietcong playbook and start hiding in Syria?

ATTENTION MICHAEL SCHIVAO, would you like to see what actual therapy can accomplish? Read this story then and would about what Terri could have done if you had just allowed her to be treated.

No way to stop illegal immigration says Mexico's Interior Minister Santiago Creel. This guy is running for Mexican President next year and sadly he may win. There is no hope of reform from Mexico since illegal immigration is such a cash cow for their economy so we must force our government to do their job of securing the borders.

How long before we see armed border disputes with Mexico? Too late, it's already happening in Texas and other places on the border. Do you think this drug punks would take this bullsh*t if we had the military along the border? I don't think so.

Government considered shooting down errant plane. I say hell yeah. Follow my thinking on this. The no-fly zone has been in place around Washington DC for going on 5 years now and on a limited basis long before 9/11. Hence anyone that flys into it and does not response as this plane did initially runs the risk of being shot down.

Pope clears way for John Paul II to be made a saint. Good move in my humble opinion.

On a lighter note, which side of the Force do you lean to?

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