Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

For those of us who “worship” at the altar of Lucas, today is a holiday. In fact I took today off and while I will be going to see Star Wars III this afternoon, I actually needed to have my knee looked at, possible fluid but I digress. I want to hit a few things that are getting under my skin and try to keep it lighter then normal. Now without further ado and in the style of the “McLaughlin Group” on with the show.

Issue One: The Newsweek Debacle and the hypocrisy of Muslims across the World.

Newsweek surely screwed the pooch on this one and in my humble opinion will never be able to climb out from underneath this. Folks put a fork in them, they are done. On a regular basis the Koran, Torah, and the Christian Bible are defaced, destroyed and disrespected across this planet, often by members of the religion that the holy book belongs to in the first place. So why did Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan get so upset with the false report from Newsweek about possible desecration of the Koran? Frankly because while we continue to pour money into both countries, our support there is largely based upon the minority that run said countries. Folks even after we have bent over backwards to help Pakistan and continued to rebuild Afghanistan it comes down to a “what have you done for me lately” mentality and an uneducated populace that is fed anti-American views 24-7 by “religious” leaders and Al-Jazeera. It’s a long road and if we want to keep the fight over there, we as a nation need to be prepared for this and do a better job of making our positions known. We are losing the PR war and the American media needs to remember that they are Americans first, “journalists” second.

Issue Two: The Texas prosecutor in the Tom Delay case is a Democrat fundraiser.

I will never fault someone for working for their chosen political party in whatever manner suits them but where is the common sense in this case? This is already a fiercely partisan issue and this guy goes out and speaks at a Democrat fundraiser after he has opened the investigation into Delay. Hello McFly? If I was a Texas Democrat that had sold his or her sold to the Devil for a Tom Delay conviction I would be furious because if this proceeds any further it certainly going to look partisan now if it was not already. Correction, Democrats have no souls so the Devil is getting screwed in that deal, sorry Big Red better luck next time.

Issue Three: When is a movie sometimes just a movie and not a political statement?

When the movie is question is made by anyone other then Quentin Tarentino, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone and their type. The Asshats over at have once again gone off their meds and are having their extremely misled members try to pass out flyers at theaters showing Star Wars III : Revenge of The Sith. They claim the storyline of the movie parallels what is happening in the United States Senate. Obviously I don’t care for the MoveOn crowd; in fact I think they should be sterilized so as not to reproduce, but sometimes a movie is just a movie, nothing more or less. The entire purpose of a movie to entertain and sometimes make you think about an issue, the latest installment of Star Wars is not an issue piece and by all accounts a damn entertaining film.

Issue Four: Is Howard Dean, as chairman of the DNC, the gift that keeps on giving?

Howard Dean was in Phoenix yesterday to meet with some business leaders and speak to the party faithful but our “wonderful” Democrat governor was no where to be seen. Usually that is a bad sign when the head of a state party will not meet with the head of the national party however in this case it just means that Janet Napolitano is a smart politician. She is enjoying strong numbers here in a Republican Arizona and smartly wants no part of the Dean/Moore/MoveOn wacko wing of the party. Look for some more great “Deanisms” this Sunday when Howie goes up against Tim Russert on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this Sunday morning. I for one will be setting my DVR in advance of the potential fireworks.

Issue Five: Will the war in Iraq spread to Syria or Iran due to their financing and training of foreign terrorists in Iraq?

I hope not but one of the greatest lessons learned from the Vietnam War was that you have to deny your enemy safe haven so it remains to be seen. Syria and Iran are not even trying to hide the fact that they are “allowing” foreign terrorists to cross into Iraq and further obstruct the Iraqi people’s path to a free and independent nation. The United States and its allies must bring all pressure to bear on both Syria and Iran, including military pressure, to stop the flow of reinforcements to Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Syria I hope got a glimpse of what it could face when the Marines took it to the terrorists last week along the Iraq/Syria border. It has already been shown that they can be pressured into doing what is right, hence their withdrawal from Lebanon. The Iranians are however another story and frankly are a little too sure of themselves for my liking but I am sure that will change the first time they tangle with the United States military. I pray that may never happen but Iran seems to want a military engagement with someone.

Well I am off to see a movie that is just a movie with my wife so everyone have a wonderful evening and May The Force Be With You.

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