Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Morning Roundup

Quite a bit of news floating around in cyberspace over the last few days so I thought I would start the week off on a different note, with a roundup of news items with my smart ass comments or observations. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Rice withholds documents, Democrats "freak out"
I don't really see the issue here. The Dems have delayed a vote on this guy for over a month they should know what type of diplomat he is. I mean they already know they are going to vote against him so why the delay and pressure to release internal State Department documents? I think that they are just seeking another way to prevent the administration from getting anything done.

Arrest of #3 terror chief leads to more arrests of terrorists
All I can say is "No Shit Sherlock". These terrorists for all of their boasting and preaching are nothing more then cowards; they will throw their buddies under the bus with the quickness. Remember that line from Full Metal Jacket, "Inside every South Vietnamese is a little American just bursting to get out." Well inside every terrorist is a little Frenchman trying to get out, enough said on that.

Hillary's campaign finance director goes on trial Tuesday in Los Angeles
The real interest in this case is not whether David Rosen goes to jail, but whether Hillary escapes getting any dirt on her. If I was making odds on this I would say that she is a 7-2 favorite to get by no worse for wear. On a completely related note, this guy has a serious beef with the Clintons and is planning a "Fahrenheit 911" type movie about the Clinton's history of breaking campaign finance laws. I say good luck but the odds are against him since the Clinton's got away with the murders of both Vince Foster and Ron Brown, in my humble opinion since I obviously do not have any proof that I could take to the police.

Co-Founder of Minutemen barred from Secretary Chertoff's news conference in Arizona
Well Chertoff's reign as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is off to a flying start. First he blows off Arizona's Senators during his visit and skips visiting the area where most illegals cross and now he snubs a founder of The Minuteman Project. My hope for this guy is diminishing quickly and I afraid he could be as ineffective as Tom Ridge was.

Algeria calls on France to acknowledge "skeleton" and apologize for 1945 slaughter
Gosh, I can't believe I found this story on a MSM press service. The French killed anywhere from 15,000 to 45,000(depending on whose estimates you want to use) unarmed pro-independence demonstrators on May 8th, 1945, ironically VE day. I can see the French blaming this on the Vichy government but the French ruled Algeria until 1962 so for me that excuse does not hold water especially since France had already been liberated. No wonder the Algerian Muslims hate France and are now working to get enough people to immigrate so they can peacefully take off the country. Gotta love the French and all their kookiness.

The logical and rational people over at Democratic Underground have got a winner on their hands with this great idea
Folks I must confess, I literally fell out of my seat because I was laughing so hard at this one. I take the creed "Know thy Enemy" to heart but if they keep this up I and going to bust a gut from laughter. Do they really think that anyone would take them seriously on this or anything else the far, far, far, far left wackos post over at DU? God help the moderate Democrats, their party is firmly in the hands of the leftist fringe. Thanks for the laughs you wonderful moonbats.

MS-13 uses Arizona as gateway to the United States to commit crimes
This is not really a surprise given the pressure being brought down on the group from law enforcement in California and Texas. I am not sure if that means that Arizona law enforcement is behind the times on this one or they don't see this gang as a threat to the citizens of Arizona. The quote from the Phoenix Police about the Valley of the Sun not being a good place for MS-13 to set up shop because there are already strong Mexican gangs in place and a lack of Central American immigrates to recruit from does not make me feel any better about these guys moving through Arizona.

Democrat's "Simple Solution" to fix Social Security will not work says economic experts
For those who have not heard about the Democrats finally making a proposal to save Social Security go ahead and read the article but I can sum it up in one sentence. The Democrats plan "to rob Peter to pay Paul" to save Social Security. Once again they have checked their playbook and are going to run the "old class envy/warfare" down and out. They would like to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% of American taxpayers and in the most wise words of John Kerry, "If you just didn't do the tax cut for the top 1% of Americans, you could pay Social Security through the entire century.” Wow, I continue to be blown away by his grasp of economic and social issues. Hello Loser, the experts agree that that your plan will only extend Social Security to 2023, a mere 6 years longer then it’s current status. Nice first try, how about you think a little harder on the subject next time.

The MSM media ignores British Election issues pins loss of Parliament seats on Iraq War

The link goes to the hated UK Guardian and I apologize in advance for that but the BBC let me down on this one. In quite a few polls leading up to the election the first or second issue for British voters was illegal immigration. Gosh that sounds slightly familiar, at least here in Arizona. Illegal Immigration is not a uniquely American problem; it is a major issue for most Western European countries as well. According to this article, the Iraq War did not really become an issue until 10 days before the election and even then 21% of the voters polled gave lack of immigration control as their reason for voting against Mr. Blair’s party in the election.

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