Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kerry's Form 180: The Blogburst Edition

Today celebrates 100 days since John Kerry promised Russert he'd release his military records.

Watch him promise Russert on national television that he'll release his records. here at Trey's

To celebrate 100 days of nada zero zilch on his promise, and further encourage him to do so, FAX HIM THE FORM!

Here's the link to the form

Here's a suggested cover letter:

Senator Kerry:

100 days ago, on National television, you told Russert you'd sign your form 180. Senator Kerry, it is vital that the American public have as much information as possible about their elected representatives in the United States Senate. In various ways, you have rightly called upon President Bush to be fully accountable and to provide full disclosure. In the same spirit I believe it is incumbent upon you to make your total military record open to the American people.

Specifically, I formally request that you authorize the Department of the Navy to independently release your military records (through your execution of Standard Form 180 attached), complete and unaltered, including your military medical records. Further, I call upon you to correct the misconceptions your campaign sought to create as to your conduct while in Vietnam. Permit the American public the opportunity to assess your military performance upon the record.

I, along with many others, call upon you to provide a full, accurate accounting of your conduct in Vietnam.


The Boston Office Fax: (617) 248-3870

The Washington Office Fax: (202) 224-8525

We've formed a blogburst group and here are the bloggers who are contributing so far. If you want to join the blogroll for Kerry's 180, click here to email me, include the url for your blog. The blogburst is every Tuesday, so don't forget to blog about it. All you have to do is encourage people to send him his 180, I'll send you the code for the blogroll.

The more people we have, the merrier!

"Why don't you jump on the team and come on in for the big win? "

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