Friday, May 20, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 24

So much stuff to comment on and yet only so little time. Yes I have seen Episode III and yes it kicks serious tail but let's talk about a few other things today. On to the madness I found on the web in the last few days, have a great weekend everyone.

OBL following the Chinese playbook, in for the long haul. Really? Guess what OBL, we have read the Art of War also and we have many more toys then you so to quote from a favorite movie of mine, "Run and Hide Asshole, Run and Hide!" makes up for their lame Super Bowl ad and does the right thing by threatening to pull plug on Minuteman Project harassers. Yes Virginia there is limits to free speech.

I honestly don't know how Harry Reid sleeps at night after spending all day lying to the public about his use of the filibuster to block judicial appointees. Do these quotes sound familiar Harry? "Tom Harkin said 'The president, nominee, and all Americans deserve an up-or-down vote.' 'The filibuster rules are not constitutional,' said Tom Daschle." So I ask what has changed for these Democrats? They are not in power and have nothing to offer so to a man or woman they have flipped their positions and have embraced their role as the Party of No.

I wish I knew who appointed Howard Dean with this current nickname, "The Gift that keeps on Giving". Hey Howie the only scoreboard that matters between elections is fund-raising and by the latest tally you’re a "loser" to quote the ever wise Harry Reid. Let's go to the tape, "First quarter figures show the DNC received only $13 million from individuals, compared to $32 million raised by the Republican National Committee (RNC). Overall figures were $34.2 million by the RNC, $16.7 million by the DNC."

But wait there is more to the Howie Dean story. Last week he called for Tom Delay to be put in jail because of his alleged travel dealings. Hmmm, but what does Howie think about two of his own getting caught doing the same exact thing that Delay is being accused of? Not a Damn Thing! And why is that you ask? Because regardless of who you are or what your are, hypocrisy is a damn hard thing to defend on any level.

It truly sucks to be a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, just ask everyone who has either gone to jail to protect them or is facing jail. It's only a matter of time before Bill or Hillary slip up and crash and burn. Here's to hoping this is the time.

Once John Bolton is finally confirmed after the Democrats are done playing their games he is going to lay a serious smack down on the French and IMHO they absolutely deserve it.

Hispanics plan a boycott of Arizona as punishment for what they feel are anti-immigrant laws passed recently. Wonder how well the boycott will go when INS shows up at their rallies and arrests all of their protesters for being here illegally? My kids are 50% Hispanic and while I will teach them to embrace and respect their heritage they will also learn that they are Americans first, Hispanics second. On a more personal note I have a message for the racist Salvador Reza, kiss my Arizona loving, illegal immigrant of any color, any nationality hating bulbous white ass. Sorry I have no translation since English is what we speak here in America. If being opposed to people who break the law is racist then I and the majority of Arizona fit the bill.

Finally an Immigration Reform Bill that I can get behind. Check it out and let me know what you think of it. I hope that enough people in Washington have gotten the message that we are fed up with their inability to protect this nation and enforce its laws.

This is going to be a big one and yet once again the ACLU is on the wrong side of an issue. If a faith based group is getting results that benefit the rest of society or even the individuals then why does it matter whose paying the electric bill, or the phone bill, or the printer's bill? A little common sense would go a long way on this issue. Oh one more thing for those Asshats at the ACLU, indoctrination is when someone is forced in to a belief system by physical or mental threat or coercion. The people you have brought this suit against are doing good in their community and yet the program is voluntary, no guns being held to anyone's head or other methods of persuasion. Once again I am forced to state that the ACLU is the best example of a good intention gone horribly wrong.

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