Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just A Couple Of Things To Ponder

Recently in Arizona the voters took matters into their hands in regards to illegal immigration and passed Prop 200 which denied state funded public assistance and most importantly denied illegals the privilege of voting. Recently in illegal heavy Pima county election officials rejected 59% of new voter applications. But wait I thought that illegals did not vote or try to influence elections? Now that's not really news since it was already known that illegals voted and certain groups like the Democratic Party and La Raza used them to try and influence elections. I would like to see a RICO indictment against the Democratic Party of Arizona and the Arizona branch of La Raza for their misuse of illegal immigrate voters but that is wishful thinking on my part.

For those who are thinking that I am being a little hard on the Arizona Democrats check this quote out from the chairman of the Pima county Democratic Party, “It's just another obstacle for voters to deal with," Eckerstrom griped. "The whole idea behind this thing is to suppress voter turnout." Paul Eckerstrom also called the act of having to prove citizenship, "anti-American and anti-democracy." Apparently in Pima County the Democrats would prefer to leave things as they were and allow people to break the law. After all breaking election law is not really a big deal and it’s a victimless crime right? Wrong, breaking the law is breaking the law it is as simple as that. If we follow the logic of Paul Eckerstrom then in Pima County it must be ok to steal from anyone since they try year after year to steal elections or perhaps we could walk into a local bank and ask them to “borrow” a few thousand dollars. Freaking clueless moonbats!

Are ethnic rifts tearing Al-Qaeda apart? According to this report there is a growing problem between Central Asian members and Arab members. Seems the Central Asian members are very eager to give up their Arabs “brothers” since they feel mistreated by Al-Qaeda leadership. It fact this disagreement may have led to the capture recently of Abu Farraj al-Libbi, a Libyan. This is great news for all who oppose terrorism is it’s true. Just another example of how cowardly terrorists are, ready to “throw anyone under the bus” at a moment’s notice. This time period with the recent arrests and successes against terrorists may signal a turning of the tide in the long battle ahead. Have a great day everyone.

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