Monday, June 13, 2005

An Actual Tech Posting

Some have accused me of not talking about any tech stuff so I will bow to the masses and speak my mind on a few tech issues kicking around the world. Enjoy and have a great day.

Topic #1 Apple dumps IBM for Intel chips.

I am not sure how to feel about this since Apple will never allow Apple clones and that is the only way that Apple will take market share from Microsoft. I personally think it would be cool to dual-boot XP with OS X but that is quite a ways off according to Apple. According to a buddy in the know, Apple has been running OS X on Intel chips for 5 years. In fact, OS X was written to run on Intel chips as Apple was thinking about moving to x86 chips 5 years ago. So believe Apple's claim that it will take a year to ramp up to Intel chips if you wish but the developer’s version of OS X for an x86 chip is already showing up on Bit Torrent.

Topic #2 Battlefield 2 goes gold and a demo is released.

EA's upcoming Battlefield 2 has gone gold and is scheduled to be released on June 21st to the masses. I downloaded the demo on Friday like the other ten million people and played it all weekend on a buddy’s server as well as the internet at large. Three words: IT FREAKING ROCKS!!!!! The game play is quite good and the maps can scale from 16 to 64 players. The 64 player maps are absolutely huge and there are many vehicles to use.

Topic #3 Rate of Data Theft.

Is it just me or does it seems like every week another company announces that someone has broken in to their computers and stole customer information? Wired News recently made the claim that if your personal data has not been stolen then you have not joined the 21st century. I beg to differ. While I am not blind to the increasing problem of data theft I don't think it's quite that bad. While many companies continue to learn the hard way the only way this will reverse and become the rare occasion is if consumers take their business elsewhere. I have a personal example. I typically have given my banking business to smaller banks and credit unions but switched to Bank of America about 4 years ago based on their policy of near instant replacement of any fraudulent charges on any of my accounts. While they have had their own share of data theft, their credit card division for one, I feel good about their efforts to protect my information. Just my two cents.

Topic #4 Will the Music Industry ever warm to P2P?

A recent study has shown that there is no clear link between illegal music sharing via P2P networks and the decline of music sales. I personally use iTunes and did so even before I had an iPod. The majority of music I have is legally mine and I use iTunes almost exclusively to buy music now. The music industry needs to recognize the fact that there will always be people who have no intention of legally purchasing music and yet P2P does have some promise as a legal distribution method.

Topic #5 Now that Porn has their own domain (.xxx) will they actually use it.

I sincerely doubt that most porn site operators will move their sites to the new domain. The only thing this will do is increase the amount of porn on the internet. My thoughts on porn have changed quite a bit since I have got married and had kids. My children are too young to surf the internet by themselves but I already worry about what they could be exposed to. I do applaud ICANN for donating a portion of registration fees to a group that will educate parents and children about safe surfing.

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