Friday, June 03, 2005

A Really Messed Up Morning

Ok, here is the scoop on my strange morning.

About 3 miles to the east of me is a part of the Gila River Indian Reservation. On said reservation a women, again about 3 miles west of me, came home before sunrise this morning and found a large amount of blood in her house. She called the Tribal police and then they got in some short chase with a suspect, yet it was reported that no one was found in the home, go figure.

This all takes place just before sunrise, which was about 5:15am. The suspect dumps his stolen car about a quarter mile from my house and proceeds to disappear. Now I am up at this time because I am feeding the baby a bottle and reading email. About 6am when I am about to fall asleep I start hearing a helicopter buzzing the neighborhood. Well not too far away on top of one of the foothills is some person who has a helicopter so I figure it is him showing off his toy for some friends.

When the helicopter is still buzzing the 'hood after 30 minutes I am starting to get pissed. See the wife has to get up shortly for work and neither one of slept very well thanks to my daughter's teeth. So I get presentable, go downstairs, out my front door, and promptly flip off the helicopter that is making a lazy pass over my house. Only then, do I notice the SWAT guys standing on the skids and realize I just gave the bird to the Phoenix SWAT aerial unit. A squad car then drives by with lights on but no sirens so now I know something is going on.

I tell the wife to start checking the local morning news shows for anything going on, jump in my car, and drive about two blocks south of the house. The police are staging two blocks from my house and they have the dogs out as they start to canvass the neighborhood. So at this point rather then, be in the way of the police, I turn around and head home, to load some magazines and make sure my home is secure. The wife leaves for work about 8:30am and I stay up until 9am to hear if the police catch the suspect. Sadly, the morning news shows are more concerned with the status of the Michael Jackson trial then a manhunt in their own town. By this time I am about to fall out due to lack of sleep and knowing that the kids will not sleep much longer I am forced to go to sleep, but not before locking and loading my gun before I place it back in the gun safe next to my side of the bed.

As of 2pm this afternoon, I have not been able to find out whether the suspect was caught or if the police determined that, he had somehow left the area. The local news station websites are completely disappointing and I have not heard any updates on the main talk radio station. I live where I live because it is quiet and removed from the city while being close enough to be extremely convenient. That being said, the nearest police substation is on the other side of South Mountain, which is about 15 miles away. I for one am very glad that the state of Arizona is an open carry state in regards to firearms and the small fact that I own guns and most of my neighbors do as well. While I am sure that my family and I was never in any danger its nice knowing that we can defend ourselves if necessary. Well have a great weekend everyone.

Update: Here is a link to the story, finally. Hat-tip to Cao for the link.

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