Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Full Monty Of News

We are so lucky to live in a time where information is readily available to the masses. There is no way I could read the 25 daily newspapers that I read each morning with the internet. In fact as recent as 15 years ago anyone it would have been impossible since quite a few of the online newspapers that I read are overseas. Got to love technology when it works eh? That said there is a ton of news kicking around the internet today so here is my short take on a few stories that caught my eye. Enjoy and have a great day everyone.

Bill Cosby preaches personal responsibility

If I were an African-American, I would thank God everyday for Bill Cosby having the courage to speak his mind and try to educate people to do the right thing. The sad part is that Mr. Cosby has been criticized in the past for speaking the truth about the issues, real and imagined, of African-Americans. Cosby recently told a group that if their Christian and living in the projects then they need to walk the walk and follow Jesus’ example of testifying to all, especially those living without hope. He also encouraged people to stop using their color as a disability and raise their children in a responsible manner. When the Cos is right, the Cos is right.

Mexican drug commandos expand ops in six U.S. states

As if the regular Mexican drug dealers and human traffickers were not bad enough, now comes word from the FBI that US trained commandos known as "Zetas" are expanding their drug and smuggling empire across six southern states. These “Zetas” were trained originally to combat the Mexican drug lords that operate along the US-Mexican border. The commandos flipped soon after their training, going to work for the northern Mexico drug cartels and then taking over the drug trade in a bloody coup. The FBI estimates that the group’s numbers have swelled to over 700 members across northern Mexico and the southern United States. Look for the United States to quietly deploy military units to the southern border in an effort to curb the violence that this group has begot.

Illegals raiding Valley crops

Farmers along the US-Mexican border in the Rio Grande Valley are now experiencing cross-border raids by Mexicans that are stealing produce to sell back in Mexico. Wow, that sounds like a sure act of a hostile government and not a country that pretends to be our ally. How much more of this kind of behavior are we going to accept from our government and the government of Mexico? It seems obvious to all that neither government cares to be bothered with this sort of border incursion. But where should the line be drawn, it’s ok to cross the border to steal food so is it ok to cross the border to steal cars or sell drugs? What will happen sooner then later is one of these farmers is going to shoot and kill a Mexican that has crossed illegally and is stealing the farmer’s merchandise. Do you think the death of a person trying to better their life is enough to garner the attention of the Mexican and US governments? Sadly, I do not think it will.

Anti-Syrian politician assassinated in Beirut

The Syrians have killed another pro-independence politician that stood in their way to forcing a return to Lebanon. How long before the Syrians, engineer a reason for a return of their army to Lebanon to “help” the poor Lebanese? The better question is what happens if the Syrians do go back into Lebanon, will the French live up to their partnership with the United States to ensure peace for the Lebanese? I will make the prediction that if needed the United States will place peacekeepers in Lebanon once more and once we stabilize the situation, the French will send in a meager force to assist. We will have to see how it plays out.

Kerry cautious on probing `Downing Street Memo', Kerry flip-flops once more.

When a junior staffer on John Kerry’s staff finally noticed the “Downing Street Memo” almost a month after it was released, John “effing” Kerry told us that he would scream from down on high that the Administration should provide a full accounting of the “information” in the memo. Now almost three weeks later John has once again done a flip-flop and failed to act upon one of his supposed convictions. And he wonders why he lost the election? It appears that the “information” contained in the memo is not quite the “smoking gun” that John Boy had thought it was and he is now in fact distancing himself from any mention of the memo or his pledge to get to the bottom of this issue.

Judges question use of Quran in taking oath

I am not sure how I feel about this one so I guess we will wait for a court ruling. I do not think anyone should be prevented from exercising his or her religion but if the legal precedent is to have witnesses sworn in on a Bible then that is the law and while it might make people feel uncomfortable or be offensive, it is the law. We are a nation of laws and while their might be a social responsibility to not offend people through speech or actions, there is no law protection against being offended by someone or something.

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