Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hillary Clinton: The New Poster Girl For Tolerance And Free Speech

Politicians from the beginning of time, on both sides of the aisle, have worked to minimize bad press against them this is a fact known to most of the planet. Now we have learned what length that the Clintons, specifically Hillary, will go to suppress bad press about them. I have not read the new Edward Klein book about Hillary Clinton and frankly had not made it a priority to read either. That being said, it appears that Hillary does have something to hide since she is calling in favors from the leftist MSM to have Klein’s appearances canceled.

The old saying about where there is smoke there is fire comes to mind in this case. I was curious if Hillary and Bill had used their considerable influence to kill stories in the past; after all, they have had their fair share of embarrassing events, from Bill playing “hide the cigar” to one of their closest friends “killing himself”. Seems that back in 1996 a FBI agent who had knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton White House during its first months wrote a book detailing the total lack of security precautions at the direction of Bill and Hillary. At the Clinton’s direction and executed by George Stephanopoulos, the book was virtually ignored by the American press while becoming a New York Times Bestseller.

Later after the 9/11 attacks and Barbara Olsen’s death, her book on the Clintons, “The Final Days”, was released. The book while critical of the Clintons in their last days in office did not have any earth-shattering accusations or new “dirt” on Bill or Hillary. Yet the Clintons had one of their operatives approach Ted Olsen and suggest that the timing of the book’s release could have an adverse effect on his wife’s memory. The book was published despite the threat of the Clintons setting their smear machine loose on the memory of a woman who died in the attacks of 9/11.

Back in 1998 while the media was chasing stories of Rep. Dan Burton’s love child and Henry Hyde’s affair, they completely ignored reports that Bill Clinton had fathered a child out of wedlock after a brief affair with an African-American woman during his time as governor of Arkansas. The story was ready to finally break after being dismissed by the media because the Governor was not involved with a white woman, but Hillary made a phone call and the “problem” disappeared. Had this story broke and the sordid details of Bill paying this woman for sex over a period of time come to light then both Bill and Hillary’s careers would have been destroyed before they really started.

Interestingly back in the spring of 2001 Dan Rather gave us a rare glimpse in to the power that Bill and Hillary held over the media. In January of 2001, Bill Clinton had finally admitted to lying about affair with Paula Jones. Yet in the spring of that year, Dan Rather was telling the American people on the Bill O’Reilly show that, even after the former President had admitted that he lied under oath, Rather felt Clinton was an honest man. Was Dan giving us a preview of the attitude that would serve him during RatherGate and lead to his early retirement when he used to fraudulent documents to prove a point about his feelings towards President Bush’s Air National Guard service? Either way it certainly displayed a certain degree of unprofessional “hero worship” by Rather of Clinton.

Hillary has called in favors long before this incident with the Klein book. In the fall of 2001 just a mere month after the attacks of 9/11 and while the nation was still on edge from that horrible day, Hillary’s motorcade sped past a security checkpoint without offering a hint of identification and injured a Westchester County police officer. Yet I would bet a large sum of money that many of you on both sides of the aisle never heard about this incident. Around the same time, Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts had an altercation with a an airport security officer about a parking ticket and it was all over the MSM including the Los Angeles Times, the Arizona Republic, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. A Lexus-Nexus search of the Watts incident, which happen on October 7th, 2001, found no fewer the 21 news articles about the altercation. A similar Nexus-Lexus search on the Clinton story found only one mainstream media report in the Washington Times. In fact the same search on the Clinton incident just two weeks later revealed only two other links to the story, one was a web link to the original Washington Times online report and another to a brief mention in The Hill. The mention in The Hill was a short blurb about Clinton’s spokesperson explained how the incident was simply a misunderstanding of the new security measures put in place after 9/11. Funny how the media is either was scared to report on the Clinton incident or was told not to but Hillary’s people.

The latest push by Hillary, more so then Bill, to suppress what was widely being described as simply a books of lies and half-truths by both Democrats and Republicans less then a week ago makes one think that buried in that book, hidden among the obvious falsehoods might just be a small nugget of truth. After all Hillary and her people are working overtime to denounce the book and its award-wining author. The sudden cancellation of media appearances by Edward Klein has certainly raised some eyebrows. As I stated earlier, I had no plans to rush out and get the book and still do not but my interest level has risen slightly and a 30% off coupon at Borders might just change my mind.

The Clintons have a quite a few incidents that anyone would be embarrassed by and while I can understand their natural reaction to “pull strings” to kill certain stories but with the history these two have displayed during their public life and even when out of office, could we really trust a third Clinton Presidency? If the facts are allowed to come out, I think the majority of this country will decide not to put up with the “above the law” attitude that the Clintons have. After all, even the business analysts have sat up and taken notice of this blatant example of hypocrisy from Hillary Clinton. If we are to believe that Hillary Clinton is, the new poster girl for the Democratic Party then can expect the same sort of double-standard behavior from the rest of the left? Sadly the answer is that is has already begun and we can trace it’s roots as a party platform back far too many years for us to count my dear readers. Have a great day everyone.

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