Friday, June 03, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 25

Some of you will notice I have not written about Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith as of yet. Well that time has passed and now that I have seen it about a half dozen times I am prepared to offer an opinion on it and where it belongs in the Star Wars Universe. Here we go below is my list of the Star Wars movies from best to worst according to my own personal opinion.

Best Star Wars Movies (Worst to Best)

6) Without a doubt the absolute worst Star Wars movie ever, The Phantom Menace.
5) Return of The Jedi, the ewoks ruined it for me.
4) Attack of The Clones. Better then Episode One but it still had that damn Jar Jar in it.
3) A New Hope or as I like to call it, "The Original Star Wars".
2) The Empire Strikes Back, recently my favorite for its darkness and realism. Ok, realism in the sense that the rebels would get their ass kicked more often then not.
1) Revenge of the Sith. Granted it does not answer all questions and the dialogue sucks like any other Lucas film, but it encompasses the entire struggle of man against temptation and evil. I just wrote what...? It rocks and that is why I like it, but damned if Lucas did not find a way to include Jar Jar one more time. Please disregard the previous sentence as it was written by a want to be film critic.

There you have it and if that has not stirred up some controversy then check out the rest of the WTF Friday rant. Have a great weekend everyone.

I am not one to believe even half of what I read online or in print but as more and more of these stories start to surface it has to make you wonder if there is just a little bit of truth to it.

The ACLU is once again threatening the national security of the United States with another lawsuit. I do feel bad for this guy/girl but in my humble opinion when we are, dealing with national security the last thing we want is a potentially mentally unstable person doing evaluations of terrorist groups.

Coming from a country where there are no political parties beside the communists I guess a headline like this one could be expected.

Porn sites soon to be a lot easier to find, as if anyone had trouble now. Does anyone besides me think this is a sign of the decline of western civilization?,1759,1823178,

For those who feel that Syria is being unjustly accused of making a mess of Iraq with aid to the terrorists, I submit this article as further proof that they are a damn bunch of liars. Correct me if I am wrong but were they not supposed to interfere with Lebanon after their pullout a few months back? If they cannot even leave an anti-Syrian journalist alone after they have left Lebanon how can we trust them when they say they are not helping the terrorists in Iraq.

Apple gets cheap and offers a $50 rebate on a $99 battery. Boy am I glad my iPod is a 3rd generation model. Moreover, they wonder why people do not fall over themselves to buy Apple products.

Seems some in the Democratic Party are thinking that they got had by Howard Dean and are now wondering aloud if they will ever win another election. Two links, first to Howie's fundraising woes and the second is to the rest of the party saying WTF.

It's official, Ted Turner is completely insane.

Bill Clinton breaks his plead agreement. Boy this guy will do anything to stay in the news won't he. Next, he will try to get the 22nd Amendment repealed so he can run for President again.

Kofi Annan fires a staffer over the Oil-for-Food scandal. Too little, too late. I hope that Annan will be following this person to the unemployment line very shortly.

Porter Goss calls China's military build-up a threat to the United States. Uh ok, as if we did not already know that. So since, I have been saying that China is a threat for years does that mean I should be the director of the CIA. Didn’t think so.

Payback is a bitch. It appears that folks working in call centers over in India are having a hard time dealing with rude Americans and British. All I can say is that it takes one to know one and thus deal with one. Perhaps the big companies that choose to offshore their call centers will think about that next time they want to move a center overseas. I sincerely doubt it but one can hope for the best.,

Yet another Defense contractor is busted for employing illegals. This is a disappointing yet all too common occurrence now a days. I would hope that those companies that have government contracts would do a little better job of making sure their employees are who they say they are.

Incidents of violence against Border Patrol on the rise and have already surpassed last year. These brave men and women are doing an incredibly difficult job and are not getting the support and resources they need from our government. Let your representation in Washington know that they need to step up and secure our borders.

A pair of 80-year-old Aussies sticks to the man. God Bless independent old people expect those who still drive in the greater Phoenix area, they can stay off the roads.

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