Monday, June 27, 2005

WTF Friday, oops Monday Rant Volume 1 Issue 27

Just a slight delay to the usual round up of the wacky and weird. Enjoy the links and as always, the comments on each link are the opinions of this humble author and not fact unless otherwise noted. Have a great day everyone.

Now that Iran has had an "election", does seem like we are just that much closer to a showdown over their nuclear program?

What a way to start off the week. Ronald Reagan is the greatest American and the leftists must be pissed. Bill Clinton could not even beat "W" and the finals came down to two Republican Presidents, Reagan and Abraham Lincoln.

Ward Churchill is back and since he could not be fired for his 9/11 comments I guess he has decided to push the envelope and piss some more people off. Churchill is now calling for the "fragging" of frontline military officers by "conscientious objectors" who are already being forced to fight. Perhaps Mr. Churchill would feel differently if a student of his, who objected to his teaching, rolled a grenade into his classroom and "fragged" him. Freedom of speech is not free and if not for those brave soldiers, Mr. Churchill would not have the right to spew his seditious speech.

Looking to buy a house soon? You might want to give that a second thought is the below report has some truth to it. If the housing boom bursts it is going to make the dot-com collapse look like a kid's backyard tea party. Just some food for thought.

Microsoft is finally jumping on the RSS bandwagon. They plan to not only make reading RSS feeds a key feature in the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 but plan to include what they call "deep support" for RSS in the next version of Windows code-named "Longhorn". Well it is about time. Those of us that use Firefox, about half my visitors according to StatCounter, have enjoyed this feature since Firefox was a beta product. Way to read the tea leaves Microsoft.

OBL is hiding in Iran and according to Ken Timmerman that is the very least of our worries when it comes to Iran and their nuclear ambitions. I plan to read this book shortly so look for a review in the future.

At least part of New York seems to think that Hillary Clinton is a terrible Senator. My opinions on the High Priestess of Evil are well known so no need to pile on. Just a bit of advice, she had better worry about getting re-elected to the Senate before she "officially" sets her sights on the White House.

Say does that moon look a little big to you? If you answer yes then it is all in your head.

Hmmm, surveillance cameras with ears that can call the police when it "hears" gunfire. Freaking Brilliant!!!! The only surprise is that the ACLU has not protested or sued over this. Hell, the system is even going to be tested in San Francisco, and we all know what anti-police those people are.

The United States is going to start making plutonium again. Well we have to get it from somewhere and I am not sure we really want to continue to buy it from the Russians.

And finally yet importantly, beware of the Robots. Especially if you plan to rob stores in Japan. You knew it was coming sooner then later.

One quick programming note, I will have a more thought-provoking post later today. I am working on something sure to piss off the left as I once again point out their policy of hypocrisy.

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