Wednesday, June 15, 2005

When I am Rich, You Are All Fired!!!!!

Just so I give everyone a point of reference, have you seen the movie Officespace? My workplace is a living replica of that movie. I literally have 4 bosses that I have to report to on a semi-regular basis.

The worst part of the bosses is that on an almost daily basis I have to explain my job to the boss directly above me, the operations manager. The operations manger or OM as I will refer to her used to have my job, site lead, at another site and still I have to explain what I and my team do on a daily basis. I have never met this person nor do I even want to. The way my site is structured, I only have one of the bosses onsite and he frankly could care less how thing run as long as the numbers are met and we produce. The rest of the bosses are not even in the same state as our site.

The OM has bosses above her and yet this boss, known as the regional manager or RM, is also my boss because I need to report certain items to her. Ok, this is where it starts to get a little crazy. The RM is responsible for the account that I am assigned to and I am required to report certain things to her such as staff issues and other typically administrative things. Yet every time she requests something done or information we are expected to go through the OM. What's the point people? The company could save a sh*tload of money and cut their management staff in half, and pass just a little bit of that money on to the techs that actually do the work and make the customers happy.

My guys are great people and very, very good techs that work damn hard for sadly little money. Thankfully we don't work in cubes, rather a windowless 20'X30' room. Now I know that sounds terrible but I assure you it does not. We take advantage of the downtime we have to entertain ourselves and overall it works out. Aside from the multiple bosses, I would say that we do ok. Well, I just wanted to get that little frustration off my chest. Have a great day everyone.

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