Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Few Free Form Thoughts For a Wednesday

I have a lot of things kicking around my head these days so I figured I would do the polite thing and share them with you all. Beware; there are very links in this post since this is not a prepared posting and since everyone knows how to Google I am sure if I misspeak I will be promptly corrected.

Here in Arizona we are still looking for a possible challenger to our “wonderful” governor, Janet Napolitano, who continues to be a shining example of the new Democratic Party. Yes the Democratic Party that evolved in to the “do nothing, offer nothing” party. Our “outstanding” governor has recently set a record as to the number of bills that she has vetoed during her tenure. Being recently new to Arizona, moved down here 5 years ago, I have been filled in on the pathetic record of this state when it comes to electing decent governors and even if we dump Napolitano I have no confidence that her replacement will be any better. I guess I better clear out my closets and start raising money for my run.

The New York Times has recently reported that the United States Military has sent 15 F1117 stealth fighters to participate in exercises in South Korea and possibly put some additional pressure on North Korea to rejoin the Six-Nation talks about North Korea’s nuclear program. Maybe it’s just me but the timing seems a little strange given Iran’s recent show of a commitment to having their nuclear program. Of course we could just be positioning the fighters to strike the North Korean test site just before they light off their nuke. Nah, but that would drive the lefties crazy. I guess if the North Koreans and Iranians were not trying so hard we would not have to consider such measures.

Well, well, well. Hillary gets one good poll and is ready to cast aside her pledge to serve her full Senate term and run for President in 2008. Not really news since most people in the know have already said that she is absolutely going to run in 2008. Did you ever notice that most female politicians do not have quite the skeletons that their male counterparts have? That being the case I actually find it surprising that we have not already had a female President. Hillary is the exception to the rule since she has quite a few skeletons in her closet. In fact some of them have names, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Johnny Chung, Jim and Susan McDougal, and David Rosen. That is quite a bit of dirt to hide and should make any male politician proud.

The FEC is in the process of drafting rules for political speech online and these rules/laws will also apply to blogs. I am very much in favor of lesser government and even lesser government regulation unless it pertains to nation security. That being said let me say this once and for all. The Internet and all of its content, whether good or bad, is a world wide property and is not subject to regulation from the United States Federal Election Commission. Imagine how quickly political speech would disappear from the Internet and blogs if politicians had to report in monetary value the support they get from blogs. Not to mention how wrong it would be for the leftists and socialists abroad to have free rein to comment on the American political scene while American bloggers are unable to even publish their opinions. I wonder if the ACLU will take up this case on the free speech angle if the rules/laws are passed. Till tomorrow, have a great day everyone.

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