Saturday, June 11, 2005

Will They Ever Get A Clue?

Recently as I have surfed around the blogsphere, I have noticed a curious happening among the leftist blogs. Those centrist and moderate Democrats who are very patriotic and love this country, but are sadly misguided in their political views, are attempting to have an open and honest discussion about the direction of the nation as well as their own party. That is not the surprising part since I think if I was in the same position I would be trying like hell also to figure what happen to my party. The very interesting thing to me is that while all Democratic share the end goal, putting their party back in the White House and regaining control of Congress, the far left, which I will define in a moment, is simply shouting down anyone in their party who does not subscribe to their narrow view of the world. For the purposes of discussion, I will define the far left of the Democratic as consisting of members from the following groups, the Michael Moore wing,, ACLU, People for The American Way, NOW, and the Howard Dean wing. Ok, I know some would argue that the Moorons and the Deaniacs are the same group, maybe but it is not as if Moore is writing Deans speeches. On the other hand, maybe he is.

Now that the Democratic far left has been defined, I will show some examples of how the Democrats are eating their own and getting hope to those who wish for a legitimate third political party. Recently I came across a posting from an admitted liberal begging for those such as Howard Dean and the far left to stop using “the kind of rhetoric we despise so much from the opposite side. No one likes to be labeled or pigeonholed and if it does not look pretty coming from a Republican it looks worse on a Democrat.” Now I would agree that there is a time and place for rhetoric but Mister Dean is certainly going overboard. Recently he made the claim that the Republican Party was just a bunch of White Christians, completely disregarding the fact that our party is home to such members as Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Janice Rogers Brown, Alberto Gonzales, Kenneth Blackwell, and Michael Steele. Maybe he missed the memo on the rising number of African-Americans that are moving to the right after finally realizing that the Democrats have nothing to offer them but empty promises. Or how more and more Hispanics are joining the Republican Party to ensure that they have a place in the American Dream. To follow the logic of Dean’s statements, the actions of or the insanity of the Democratic Underground is invite your own trip to a padded room with a nice white jacket. Dean also recently said that he hates everyone in the Republic Party and everything they stand for, so by that statement and his recent discovery of the “evil white Christians” in the Republican Party could we conclude that Dean hates white Christians and if so, how long will the Democrats tolerant this level of self-loathing?

Ok, back to the central point of this post, the Left is eating their own. Our admitted lefty also writes, “Liberals can not claim to be liberals and be against the freedom of the people of Iraq, regardless of how much we dislike the war that got us there. Being against Bush, should not put us in the position of rooting for the United States failure in the Middle East. Liberals hatred for Bush has severely clouded their judgment.” In the below passage she sums it up quite nicely, “This negative attitude and name calling has to stop, and soon. While Liberals are busy pulling Republican’s pig tales, figuring out how to “get back at Bush and his friends”, the Republicans are working hard at cementing their status as the majority party in this country.” Frankly, this gal makes sense but unfortunately, I do not believe anyone in her party is even trying to listen to her reasonable line of thinking. The following are some of the comments she received about her post from fellow leftists.

” Gosh, I disagree with so much I don't know where to begin. I'm sure you will get a lot of encouragement from the neocons with a post like this and if that's what you're looking for more power to you. But, the Dems problem is they are hooked into the fundamentalist economic system and are trying to ride the fence to save their piece of the pie. I'm sorry but this is not just about hatred of George Bush. In fact, most of us don't have that kind of emotion to waste on him. We just see him for the unabashed liar, hypocrite, warmongering, dictator wannabe that he is and are trying to do all we can to save America and the world from his destructive policies. If you can find a place of unity with the neocons then you're not a liberal and that's the problem. If what I read here is the future of the Democratic Party no doubt we can look forward finally to a third party in the states. The real left will not stand for this and thank God for it.”

Really. Wow. Let's see: stating what I thought the left took as facts, i.e.: "We just see him for the unabashed liar, hypocrite, warmongering, dictator wannabe that he is and are trying to do all we can to save America and the world from his destructive policies", is now seen by the wanna be lefties like you as hatred? Sh*t, what next? Saying Bush is... err... a bad boy is now wrong per your standards, I guess. Unf*ckingbelievable! You are a disgrace to the Left of America. Well good day to you too, and good luck with you alliance with the neocons. Ciao.

Those are just a few of the comments from the compassionate and tolerant far left wing of the Democratic Party. Folks with the party leadership blaming the media for all the attention on Dean and the rank and file tearing themselves apart how can the Democrats ever expect to win another national election? The comments above not represent the level of common sense evident in Democrats and demonstrate how far left they have moved, from simple and curable liberalism to outright socialism. The fact that Howard Dean is out and about making his comments only serves to embolden the rest of the left’s wack jobs. Check these comments out. (Source)

  • In a recent talk show interview, Democratic Senator Tom Harkin charged that Christian broadcasters are "sort of our home-grown Taliban.” The Iowan added, "They have a direct line to God. And if you don’t tune into their line, you’re obviously on Satan’s line.” On the other hand, the Democratic Party has long maintained that if you don’t agree with it on quotas, you’re a racist. If you dissent from its relentless drive to expand the welfare state, you hate the poor. If you’re not in favor of abortion-on-demand and comparable worth legislation, you’re a misogynist, etc.
  • During the debate on ending the permanent filibuster of Bush judges, Sen. Ken Salazar (a Colorado Democrat) called Focus on the Family and its founder James Dobson "the Anti-Christ.” Does Sen. Salazar then believe that America’s most popular Christian broadcaster is "on Satan’s line"?
  • In a profile piece in The New Yorker, published last September, former Vice President Al Gore (who endorsed Dean for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination), observed that the faith of President George W. Bush was "the American version of the same fundamentalist impulse that we see in Saudi Arabia, in Kashmir, in religions around the world." In other words, because Bush talks about Jesus and wants to get religious groups involved in solving social problems, he is the moral equivalent of true-believers who persecute other faiths, and fanatics who behead hostages.
  • Getting down to the nitty-gritty, in an article in the December 1, 2003. issue of The American Prospect, Robert Reich (Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor) disclosed that the "evangelical right" despises religious liberty and tolerance and seeks nothing less than a "state-sponsored religion.” Which would be what – the evangelicalism of James Dobson, the Catholicism of Pope Benedict XVI, the Methodism of President Bush or, perhaps, the Judaism of Dr. Laura Schlessinger? To ask the question is to highlight the absurdity of Reich’s pronouncement.

Folks as the Democrats become more and more desperate to win elections they will stop at nothing to tear down those who oppose them. As long as they do that and do not offer any ideas, they will continue to be defeated in the arena of thought and Americans will vote accordingly. I suspect that their upcoming showing in the 2006 mid-term elections will tell us quite a bit about their future, as a political party and I would not be surprised to see a split of the Democratic Party either shortly before the 2006 elections or shortly after. Have a great weekend everyone.

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