Wednesday, March 23, 2005

France Rides The Fence On EU Consitution

It appears that one of the co-founders of the European Union is getting cold feet on the way to the alter. France is facing a growing tide against ratifying the EU Constitution during a scheduled vote on May 29th. It seems that French President Jacques Chirac has nothing to alleviate fears that the European Union would take precedent over French sovereignty.

Perhaps that fact that the French economy is nearly stagnant and unemployment has shot up to over 10% has French citizens more concerned with the future of their own country rather the future of the EU. If the constitution is not passed by all 25 member nations of the EU then it will not take effect and it have to be re-authored. The embarrassment will be two-fold for the French if the treaty does not pass since the principal author was former French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

Seems that the French government is a little out of step with the wishes of the French people on this topic. In fact they recently voted to abolish the insanity of the 35 hour work week after it failed to produce an increase in the creation of jobs. It has been speculated that the French people who love only working 35 hours a week, may just vote down approval of the EU constitution as revenge upon Chirac and his crew for repealing most of the original 35 hour work week. That is the beauty of a representative government; in theory the government is always accountable to the people.

I personally find much humor in the predicament that Chirac is in now. He has been consistently wrong on many issues since 2001 and facing a crisis that very well could kill his political party. So sad, too bad. I have no sympathy for the French government since I consider them a modern version of the Vichy French from World War II, but I do have at least a little concern for the average French citizen. At least the French that live outside of Paris. I have always said that if a terrorist set off a nuke in Paris the greatest loss would be the art and historical architecture not the hoards of Anti-American swine.

And as if to prove a point on cue, here’s another report of the tolerance of the French people. The number of racist incidents and outright hate crime rose tragically last year, in fact the numbers almost doubled. Boy I am glad that Kerry and his “French” coalition did not win and set us on a course to be more like Europe or at least like France. The most telling part of the article is this quote; “It seems that the extreme right targets the Jewish community less than the Arab-Muslim population”. And that is supposed to be better then burning down Synagogues and beating up old rabbis? Any form of racism is simply unacceptable in any country. And on that note, I exit stage left until tomorrow.

Quick note: Tomorrow is the first edition of the Stop the ACLU blogburst or as I like to call it the Death to the ACLU blogburst. This group of bloggers will endeavor to point out the insanity of the ACLU and how they are in fact an enemy of the United States having strayed from their original charter. If you wish to join the fight, stop by Stop the ACLU and let Jay know that you’re interested in joining the fight. By the way, the ACLU released this statement in support of the state-sanctioned murder of Terri Schiavo. Just another example of their extremist agenda. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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