Wednesday, March 16, 2005

John Kerry Jumps on the Bandwagon to Mute Blogger's Free Speech

Just ran across this over at The Blog Herald. John Kerry is throwing his hat in with Apple, the FEC and others that wish to restrict the free speech of bloggers everywhere. Here is the text of his speech over at The Weekly Standard. Perhaps we should let John know how much we value his opinion on free speech by dropping him a line, here's the link.

It is amazing to me that Kerry and the FEC want to mute the voice of the Blogsphere so let us resolve to not let it happen. This is an issue that crosses party lines and we can not afford to ignore. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been on the forefront in defending the online right of all. Check out their site for more information. I urge everyone to contact your representation in Congress and urge them to not let our free speech online be limited in anyway shape or form. I am thinking of starting a blogburst that would include concerned bloggers from both side of the political aisle, let me know in the comments if you interested and please include your URL and email. Thanks and keep on keeping on.

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