Friday, March 25, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 17

Couple of quick notes before picking our way through the madness of WTF Friday. A good friend of mine is heading into the hospital for surgery; you may know him as the Drunken Samurai. If you feel the call, head over and wish him well.

Second, please continue to pray for Terry and her family regardless of what the outcome may be. I have to confess that I came late to the fight simply because I did not want to invest myself emotionally. Quite a few of my fellow writers over at The Wide Awakes have been at the forefront and after reading the passion they have brought to the fight for Terri I started to research both sides of the issue. The more I read the more I became angry about the whole situation. I can't believe that I live in a country where a judge (Greer) would ignore existing law and order the murder of a disabled citizen. Folks, regardless of the outcome this must be changed. The United States can not stand for State-sponsored murder. I am sorry I came late to the fight and wish I could have done more before today.

Now on to this week's edition of the WTF Friday Rant. Have a blessed Easter everyone.

Pakistan headed for armed rebellion? I would check very hard to see if OBL is behind this.

Bush to renew call for guest worker program after meeting with Mexican President Fox. HUH? Does Fox have some dirt on the President? The guest worker program is a completely f*cked idea. Meanwhile, Congress decides that border security is a problem worth looking at.

Michael Moore has a new career, wants to be a 21st Century Robin Hood.

Howard Dean tells his flock to "Love Thy Neighbor" just days after stating that "He hates Republicans and everything we stand for." I would like to quote one of my fellow Wide Awakes, "Dean is the gift that keeps on giving". Thanks for that wisdom Superhawk. And that is why Howard Dean wins this week's edition of The Pot calling the Kettle Black. Congrats Howie. The last link is a further illustration of Dean's tolerance of free speech and other people's opinions.

The Dem's boy Howard can't buy a break now a days. He is being called out by the hard-core anti-war crowd. Well that's his bed let him lay in it.

AWOL Soldier denied asylum in Canada, plans to ask France for help. If he really does not want to go to Iraq I am sure the army can find a radar station near the North Pole that needs guarding. After all he wanted to go north. I have a feeling that he going to prison in Kansas.

Here's a well-thought out column on the reality of Social Security.

T-Rex soft tissue found, Jurassic Park to break ground next year.

Oil for Food Scandal blamed on Conservatives. Damn, I have been found out. Honey flush those oil vouchers down the toilet.

Iraqi workers march against terrorists. Right on, freedom is on the move and the Iraqi people are stepping up.

Ebola on the move in Africa again, terrorists to blame?

Report on UN Peacekeeper Sex Scandal admits fault and wrong doing but passes the responsibility for punishment to offender’s home countries. Apparently the buck does not stop with Kofi. I wish I could say that I didn't expect something like this but then I would be lying.

Conservative blogs kick ass and now there is proof. Read it and weep Leftists.

And now the most disturbing thing on the round up, Turkish folks love "Mein Kampf". Say what? I am at a loss for how truly f*cked up that is.

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