Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Random Thoughts On A Wednesday

Folk, I have to apologize for my lack of commitment in writing for the last few weeks. I have been a little distracted since I found out that my company is closing our office and moving it to Dallas. I have been debating between staying in Arizona and having to find a new job or taking their very generous relocation package and moving the family to Texas. Well the debate is coming to a head and I need to make a decision by Monday. I think that once I decide it will be easier to return to writing with some passion because right now it kind of feels like a chore. I just wanted to let my regular visitor know where my head was and that regardless of where I live, I am going to continue to write and call it how I see it. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks.

So here are some random thoughts for this Wednesday:

Started to watch the Incredibles last night, I fell asleep 60 minutes in, fantastic movie from what I saw and the plot of conformity and rewarding mediocrity really struck a chord with me. I can’t wait to see the rest of the movie tonight.

The fourth season of Seinfeld is coming out on DVD on May 18th. Frankly the best season in the whole bunch if you ask me. So many classic episodes in this one season but as I tell my wife, every episode is a classic.

Senator Harry Reid has been watching too many Dirty Harry movies and thinks that by shutting down the Senate and telling the Republicans to make his day he somehow is helping the country. Earth to Harry, your nothing more then an obstructionist who is fighting a losing battle. The filibuster of judicial nominees was something old Tommy Daschle cooked up and look what it did for him, he was thrown out on his ass. The standard for judicial nominees for years in the Senate was a straight up or down vote and that is the way it should be.

Tivo has signed a deal with Comcast to provide their DVR software to Comcast. This is really just a grab by Tivo for some ad revenue. I have 2 DVR boxes with Cox and can record about 60 hours on each. It costs me an extra 10 bucks a month and I have no advertising embedded in my DVR menu. Tivo costs at least 12 bucks a month and every time you open the DVR menu to find a show you had recorded you are bombarded by embedded advertising. I think this is a bad deal for Comcast who really just wanted the Tivo name to lend credibility to its own DVR offering. Glad I am not a Comcast customer.

I really miss Hockey. I am huge sports fan and my sports world revolved around football and hockey season with NASCAR to get me through the summer. I have not really been a basketball fan since the early 90’s and baseball has completely turned me off with its labor disputes, steroid use, and huge egos for guys who are playing a kid’s game. Unfortunately it seems that this is a need step for Hockey and I will return as a fan when they resume play. See for me it always seemed that Hockey was a purer sport. The players are good people who appreciated the fans and the money they were making. I have been lucky to be have grown up in Detroit and be a Red Wings fan all my life and met a few players. They really are good people that you could hang out with and that is the most frustrating part since they are all acting like a bunch of spoiled babies when it comes to getting a new labor agreement done. I hope they get a deal done before training camp is supposed to start or they may have to work a lot harder to get this fan to return.

Enough about Mikey Jackson already. I am so sick of him. His music has not been good for ten years and he simply is a freak. Just convict or acquit him and be done with it. If he’s guilty then he will become some guy name Bubba’s bitch and that will be the end of him and if he’s innocent then he will make another shitty record. The examination of every little detail is completely unwarranted. There are far more issue out there that could use some of Mikey’s airtime, like the missing little girl in Florida, the fact that yesterday the Iraqi National Assembly met for the first time, Social security reform, the Flat tax initiative, and many others. I don’t discount or lightly put aside the trauma that the boy who Jackson molested has experienced but the media is out of control. I have heard very little coverage about what can be done to prevent molestation and how we as parents can teach our children to be more aware. Those are the things the media should be focusing on and not what kind of freaking pajamas that Mikey was wearing to court.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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