Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Illegal Immigration And Threat Of Al-Qaeda

In the next few years we will have an enormous task to face in regards to securing the borders of this nation. Like most things in life the problem will get worse before it gets better. The fact that leaders in Washington D.C., Mexico City, and Ottawa continue to dance around the issue of illegal immigration frankly scares the hell out of me. The Canadians are almost as bad as Mexico but at least they don’t print a manual on how to illegally immigrate to the United States. Canada just lets anyone in their country thus paving the way for them to attempt to cross into the United States, anyone remember this?

I would ask when people in power will realize that illegal immigration and the threat of terrorist go hand-in-hand but I am afraid the answer would be not in my lifetime. Now it is a known fact that the majority of illegal immigration comes from Mexico across our very porous southern border. Mexico receives quite a bit of foreign aid from the United States in addition to the 15 billion that immigrations send back to Mexico, so when are we going to cut their foreign aid as a penalty to them having such poor security on their side of the border. This article is just another example of the underground economy that human trafficking represents in Mexico.

Quite a few people that live along the border are so fed up with the inaction from Washington and concerned about the threat of terrorism that they are taking matters in their own hands. One American who has seen enough and decided he would try to do something about it is Jim Gilchrist, a retired accountant from California. Jim and his group dubbed “The Minutemen” plan to patrol the Arizona / Mexico border for the entire month of April. Their mission is to disperse themselves across the border at known crossing points and protect the country by their very presence. If any illegals are bold enough to actually cross while under observation then the illegals location will be immediately radioed or phoned in to the border patrol. Reports range from 750 to 900 Americans committed to patrol the border for at least a part of the month of April. The Mexican government must be worried about the number of illegals that will be caught by the border patrol with the help of The Minutemen. A number of Mexican groups from Senators down to gang leaders are protesting the idea, each in their own way. The Mexican government as well as our government will be quite embarrassed if the numbers of illegals caught are large in number.

The fact remains that even with the efforts of average citizens stepping up to help defend this country we still remain at risk of terrorists slipping across our borders and committing attacks at will. Our enemies know of our weakness at the borders and work everyday to find a way to exploit it. Last summer there were many reports of Al-Qaeda trying to setup operations in Latin America. If we can’t count on the Mexican government to stop regular Mexicans from crossing the border then how can use trust their corrupt government with sensitive information regarding terrorist much less stop anyone from walked across the border with Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical weapons? I ran across this website during my research and it is a good source of how far terrorists have come in establishing a base of operations in Central America.

I realize that I post quite a bit about illegal immigration and many around the country never will see the effects of it that I see on a daily basis. Believe me when I say that illegal immigration and our inability to secure our borders is simply the great threat that this nation faces and I will continue to draw attention to it until the government takes the threat seriously. I would rather keep the fight at the border then in downtown Phoenix or Dallas, or Los Angeles or Albuquerque. Get the idea yet?

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