Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Marine Heroes

Gotta love technology! I was able to use my cable boxes built-in DVR to record a special about the Battle of Fallujah and some of the Marines that took part. The show was on Fox which is not surprising considering the majority of the program was positive and supportive of our military. Here is a link to the program description and this one goes to a preview of the program itself.

Fox had a reporter embedded with the Marines of India Company for the first 7 days of the Battle for Fallujah. The footage is raw and while edited it does give one a taste of urban warfare. The Marines of India, led by Captain Brian R. Chontosh were the first to enter the city and start the grim process of removing the terrorists house by house.

Captain Chontosh is among the many heroes that we never hear about from the MSM. Here is a link to his story and how he was awarded the Navy Cross (2nd highest award for combat bravery) during the initial march into Baghdad. His actions in Fallujah and his leadership serves his men and this country as an example of how good our men and women in uniform are.

The price of India Company’s success did not come lightly. They suffered casualties like many units. I personally want to thank the families of 2nd Lt. J.P. Blecksmith and Cpl. Shane Kielion for their sacrifice and service while praying for the family members left behind, like Shane Kielion’s son who was born within hours of his father’s death. Here are a couple of links with additional information on India Company’s actions during the Battle of Fallujah, here and here.

When Captain Chontosh was asked about the apparent success of his mission he could only speak of his duty to country and a desire to bring the fight to the terrorist so we would not have to fight them in the streets of America. When pushed for an answer on the political aspect of his mission, he responded as any Marine would and quietly stated,”I don’t get any satisfaction from this. I do it for my men. That is what I live for.” Well said Captain. Thank a soldier for their service today.

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