Monday, March 21, 2005

The Terry Schiavo Case And Why We Should Care

Regardless of how you think you feel on an issue at first glance your true opinion is only formed once you dig a little deeper and pick through the bits of information to get to the core of an issue. I have not posted on the Terry Schiavo case prior to today because I did not feel like I had spent any real time looking at it from both sides. Over the last 72 hours I have been infatuated with this story as many around the world have. I spent the better part of Friday reading all material on the subject that I could get my hands on and I am hesitate to say what the truth is.

I don’t claim to be an “expert” on this issue nor am I a lawyer, but I do know right from wrong. In my opinion at the heart of this issue is the fact that Judge Greer has ignored existing Florida law time and time again with his “illegal” rulings. Florida law requires that if a person confronted with the horrible situation that Terri is in and does not wish to be kept alive then those wishes must be documented in writing and witnessed. Her “wonderful” husband has never produced any documents of that sort and only starting talking about Terri’s “wish to die” after he received a large malpractice settlement for Terri’s original misdiagnosis. I mention the settlement to establish a timeline only because I don’t believe that Michael’s motives are money.

Judge Greer has his own agenda in this sad affair one can only guess what it might be. He has constantly ruled in contrary to existing Florida law and allowed the testimony of Terri’s husband to stand as the only proof of Terri’s “wishes”. We would not be debating this case ten years later if the Judge had followed the letter of the law and not allowed his emotions and opinions to cloud his judgment. Judge Greer stands as yet another example of activist judges taking the law into their own hands and legislating from the bench. This judge in this pursuit of whatever his agenda is has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and untold amounts of emotional pain on both sides of the issue.

The fact is that now that the case will be heard before a federal judge, perhaps the case will be given its due attention and the letter of the law will be followed. The judge scheduled to hear the new appeal by Terri’s parents is a Clinton appointee so I am prepared for any result. Hopefully a middle ground will be found for all parties and they can move on regardless of the outcome. I pray for all involved including Michael, simply because I can not imagine going through the same circumstance. I have including some links below for those who wish to learn more on the case.

This case is important to all in my humble opinion since at its heart the case must decide when we stop being a human being and start being something other. At what point does that human spark leave us and all remains is a shell or husk? For the record given everything I have read and seen on Terri, I believe she does still exist as a human being and should not be summarily put to death by her husband who is looking to "move on". Enjoy the links and have a great day everyone.

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