Friday, March 18, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 16

It's that time again so as you recover from your St. Patty's hangover, enjoy the following links submitted for your review. Have a great weekend everyone.

House Republican issues subpoena for Terri to testify thus giving her federal protection against any threat to her life. Sorry Mikey, go home to your girlfriend and your illegitimate kids and try another day.

This week's entry in the "Pot calling the Kettle Black" category, El Presidente Vicenta Fox. Vicente Fox try’s to have a pair and issues warning to US to watch "extremists". Hey Vicente, FU it's our country so butt out. By the way how's the continued oppression of the Mexican people going?

LA Country Health system broke from providing health care for non-paying illegals. So let me say this for all of those on the short bus, come to America illegally and get free health care but if you are a United States citizen, screw you because you have to pay or go bankrupt. Yup, that seems very fair. Only in America.

Illegals won't get a free pass back to the border in Arizona any longer, Police can arrest them now. Unfortunately the law does not go far enough and like many illegal immigration laws has no teeth or funding.

Syria was behind former PM assassination says British newspaper, no shit Sherlock.

Russia and China team up to stage "fake" invasion of Taiwan. Wow their armies must really suck if they have to combine forces to conquer a small island; Russia says nyet in the second link.

Barbara Boxer loves a little KKK in her man.

Congress opens its dog and pony show on Baseball, closes the same day due to lack of interest and colossal waste of taxpayer money.

New 250 dollar shoe helps adjust your running style. So if I sit on the couch and watch TV will it tell me I am lazy and fat.

Lucas calls "Revenge of the Sith" a version of "Titanic" in space, a real tear-jerker. You know that's exactly what the fans wanted.

Paula runs from accident scene, doesn’t want to be anyone's girl any more I guess.

Professional fakes women's medical study data, just a ploy to get chicks.

Europe risks being overrun by immigrates if they don't start having babies. Wow, sex to save the continent. Europe's got nothing on Elaine and Jerry.

If you can't own a gun in South Africa then buy a crossbow, spear, sword, knife, or pepper spray. Home Defense, 11th Century style.

Sex doll sets off bomb scare in Berlin post office, enough said.

And last but certainly not least:
Women's group prepares a retirement plan for hookers.

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