Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Charge Vicente Fox With Murder!

As the heat rises here in Arizona so does the death toll from illegal immigrants dieing as they attempt to cross the desert to make a better life. A better life that has been encouraged by their own government through the printing of a “How to” guide on how to break U.S. immigration law. What can we say about a country, supposedly an ally, which encourages its citizens to break the law and yet salivates at the prospect of even more money flowing back to government coffers?

We could say that this county is not worthy of our friendship and that our foreign aid to it represents a wasted investment. Yes, for those on the short bus, I am talking about Mexico. Vicente Fox and his corrupt government as much to blame as the “coyotes” who lead these people in to the desert and in many cases leave them to die.

To that end, I would call on the lefties to crawl out from under your rocks, contact Amnesty International and charge Vicente Fox with murder in the World Court. Surely, we can find some bleeding heart group to take of the case of these people? Wait, I have a better idea. How about all the folks that are headed north to the United States, turn around and head home to Mexico. When they get there, they should vote out the corrupt and work to fix their country so they do not have to come north for a better life. Seems to me that they would garner a whole heck of a lot more support from people around the world for taking a stand and fighting for a better Mexico then running off to the United States and leaving the problem behind for others to suffer through or attempt to fix. Just my opinion.

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