Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Is This What We Want From A Potenial President?

The effectiveness of the Clinton machine is frankly amazing sometimes. Of course, it does help when you have all your leftist/socialist friends running the various MSM outlets. Hillary’s orders to suppress the new Klein book about her have gone out and the MSM is marching in lockstep to her directives. I have another take on this women’s power over the media.

Reverse the situation and think about if President Bush had such power over the media to crush a feeble little book about him. Why the Democrats and their free speech advocates would be screaming from on high about how unfair and wrong it is for a person to exhibit such control over the free press. Therefore, where is the outrage when Hillary calls in some favors and the MSM walks away from a potential story? Call me naiveté but is it not the job of the press to report news, especially when it concerns a sitting United States Senator?

Is this really the kind of person that we want as President of the United States? Someone who at the drop of a hat is willing to head off potentially bad news with a call to her funkies in the MSM? For spending her adult life in politics, Hillary sure has a thin skin for criticism. I have nearly read the entire Klein book and I cannot say it breaks any new ground nor can I figure out what has Hillary so upset. The book draws largely from public sources as well as the efforts by other authors to document the Clinton political machine. Certainly, everyone has a basic desire to be liked and thus does not want to endure people speaking or writing ill of one’s self but come on! Hillary, you need to grow up and learn to take the good with the bad like everyone else. If the stuff in Klein’s books was not correct or true then just sue him, after all that is slowly becoming the American way.

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