Friday, July 08, 2005

No WTF Rant, Just Some Thoughts On 7/7

As things continue to sort themselves out in London, many American Bloggers and I will continue to show our support for the people of Great Britain. For me it was very similar to the feelings and thoughts that I had on 9/11 and 3/11, that sick feeling in your gut as you wait for the other shoe to drop and hunt for information. I had slept in (actually forgot to set the alarm) despite heading to bed early, 11:30pm PST. If I had stayed up to my usual 2 or 3am, I might have pulled an all-nighter watching cable news as the shit hit the fan.

Once I got up, I checked the news alerts on my phone and found out that the shit had indeed hit the fan. As I was already late for work, I tried to cram in as much information as I can find on the internet and cable news. For my money, local news in the morning is worth as much as a liberal's opinion on anything that matters.

As I headed to pick up my carpool buddy, I scanned the news talk stations here in Phoenix. On my regular button number one station, they were talking to some activist about illegal immigration and sticking to their regular Fox and CBS radio news updates. I flipped over to the local Air America station and could not believe what I heard. Since I do not listen, on a regular basis I could not even tell you who the host was or who the guest he was interviewing might have been but their conversation shocked me and frankly made me sick.

The host and his guest were discussing the London terrorist attacks when the guest made the comment that folks in London should just "suck it up" and move on since thanks to the IRA they should be used to this kind of thing. The host happily agreed and moved on without so much as asking for a further explanation of what the guest exactly meant. Folks I wish I could say that this attitude was the exception rather then the norm from those on the left. If you have the stomach, visit Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. The unadulterated vile and hate that is oozing from these mentally ill people is revolting.

Consider this. If we are to follow the thought process of the guest on Air America about the British people being used to bombings then should not the Iraqis also be used to the daily bombing they are subjected to by the murderous terrorists in Iraq. After all these "brave freedom fighters" has stooped to primarily targeting Iraqi civilians and other innocents. No country or group of people should ever have to "get used" to homicide bombers and their kind. The thought that anyone would points directly to mental illness on the part of individual that holds that belief.

If not for the signs of over-whelming support from the many blogging communities, I would simply be ashamed by the response of the American left. Not all on the other side of the aisle stooped to such a low level of humankind and I applaud them for showing some decency. To all my visitors from Great Britain and Europe at large, you still have many friends in the world and you may count America among them. God Bless and you are in our prayers. This attack will not stand and the terrorists shall not win. Our fortitude is never stronger and these sub-humans will know the roar of the British Lion and the fist of Lady Liberty. Today's is along these lines as well so if you would like to listen to here, follow this link. Have a great weekend everyone.

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