Friday, July 15, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 29

Oh my gosh is it really Friday already? Well I have quite a few links that deserve a few seconds of consideration and I present them for your review dear readers. I also have done a podcast version of the WTF Friday Rant that is available here. I am not sure how well it translates to an audio version but why not eh? Enjoy the links and as always, have a great weekend.

Hillary gets crazy about sex and decides to play games

Now I am quite sure the Senate and the House of Representatives have a few more pressing matters then whether or not a mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allows players to have video game sex. Let me suggest a few: terrorism, border security, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China, Social Security, Supreme Court, need I go on? I have a piece of advice for the junior Senator from New York buy yourself the game and get some you know that Bill is.

China will Nuke United States over Taiwan

So China thinks that the 32,260 Square Mile Island of Taiwan is worth starting a nuclear war with the United States. It may only be the opinion of one general but it just reinforces my thought that Taiwan is not worth a war with China.

Rove makes on to Democrat hit list but once again, John Kerry gets a pass

So Rove goes under oath to the grand jury and testifies that he actually got the undercover CIA Agent’s name from Robert Novak but the lefties are still calling for his head. Now John Kerry blows an acting undercover agent’s cover and everyone turns his or her head and looks away. In fact, he reverted to the grade school excuse that one of his colleagues had already used the agents name so he was not the one who started it.

New York City prepares for possible suicide bombers

New York police are starting to warn and prepare NYC residents that they could be the next target of terrorist suicide bombers. Folks, sadly it is only a matter of time and not if it will happen.

British Bombing Accomplices still at large

Reports out of Britain point to at least two accomplices to the London bombers still at large amid one of the largest manhunts in England’s history. I completely believe that the British will find these people and if it does prove that they have Pakistani ties then Pakistan have some explaining to do.

Support for OBL wanes among Muslim Nations

Seems the policy of blowing up fellow Muslims with suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices is wearing a little thin with the Muslim masses. Gee, could it be attributed to the good that the United States and other Western Nations are doing in the Middle East? I think it might.

Russian Nukes Hidden in the United States?

I know that this story have been floating around the internet for a couple of years but interest is really starting to pick up due to the blogsphere and a few MSM outlets. There are even plans to have congressional hearings. This story has just enough truth to it that it seems possible and should scare the Hell out of every American.

Kwanzaa equals Marxism?

Seems that the “Seven principals of Blackness” in the invented holiday of Kwanzaa directly mirror the Marxist precepts of parity and proletariat unity. Seems that after Hallmark rejected the holiday idea the founder stumbled into a Worker’s Party meeting and had a “moment of clarity”. Only in America, I guess.

Paul Begala performs Vulcan mind-meld with Michael Moore before speech to young liberals, speaks in leftist tongues.

Paul Begala made a speech to some young liberals and claimed that Republicans lowered taxes for the rich so that he and his children could be killed. Man where do these people get these ideas? Well I guess this is just further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Mexico plays the thug and looks to blackmail U.S. over immigration reform.

Recently a former Mexican government official that is running for President again Vicente Fox, testified before Congress and stated that Mexico is not willing to help secure the US/Mexico border unless we grant amnesty for the 6 million Mexicans already living here illegally. Hold on folks that is not all this person is also calling for the additional allowance of 5 million additional Mexicans over the next 10 years. I would suggest that we politely tell Mexico to kiss our ass and simply shut down our border, even if it means withdrawing from NAFTA and not passing CAFA. We can do without allies that only wish to further their own goals. True allies work together to benefit each other. Looks like Mexico is going the route of the French.

American Businesses break their backs to cater to illegal immigrants

Some of the things that illegal immigrants can do without legal United States identification will shock you, as well as the companies that are doing the business.

  • Wells Fargo & Co. has more than half a million matricula accounts - most of them, the company acknowledges, opened by undocumented aliens.
  • In all, more than 400 banks, thrifts and credit unions, including Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup, now accept a matricula as a valid ID.
  • Blue Cross of California sells health insurance to matricula holders from desks set up inside Mexican and Guatemalan consular offices in the U.S.
  • Sprint and Verizon both offer cell phone service to matricula holders.
  • Home mortgages taken out by illegal aliens could be worth up to $60 billion over the next five years, Business Week reports.
  • Kraft Foods Inc. provides workbooks at local English as a second language classes that include coupons for Kraft products, such as Capri Sun drinks.
  • The Los Angeles department store chain La Curacao offers credit cards to undocumented Latino immigrants with a matricula and has issued nearly 1 million so far.

Catch and Release only works in Hunting and Fishing

The Border Patrol policy about people entering this country is broken. If an illegal is Mexican, then he or she is taken back across the border as soon as possible. However if an illegal is from a country “other then Mexico” then the illegal is written a ticket and given a deportation hearing court date. According to the latest statistics, 87% of these folks never show for their hearings and if they do, it takes an average of 89 days to deport the individual. Now if any of these “other then Mexican” illegals are seeking to do this country harm, 89 days is a long time to do some evil. Everyone that crosses into this country illegally needs to be deported as soon as possible, even if it requires a jail stay for non-criminal individuals.

Killer avoided deportation due to lack of resources at ICE

I had recently talked and wrote about the recent triple homicide in Queen Creek, Arizona that has been attributed to an illegal immigrant. I had mentioned on my podcast and on this site that this illegal was a convicted felon yet never was deported. Now we know that it was due to the lack of resources on the part of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department. Again, when are we going to demand some accountability from our leaders in regards to illegal immigrants and immigration reform?

Scientists find a planet with a Hell of a sunset

According to a report on, scientists have found a planet with three suns. Interesting, I guess that lends credibility to the planet used for filming the first Riddick movie, Pitch Black.

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