Monday, July 18, 2005

Schumer and Clinton tell America "Do As We Say, Not As We Do"

The double standard, the art of hypocrisy, do as I say not as I do, these are the core value of any self-respecting member of the Democratic Party. Folks, sometimes I wonder aloud why the Democrats make it so easy and then I just thank God for their lack of any coherent intelligence. Just a short few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton, junior senator from New York and likely Democrat nominee for President in 2008, criticized President Bush over his plans and policies for immigration reform and border security. So one would expect Hillary to continue her conservative makeover and press the issue over border security so that she might dup as many people as possible before her expected run for the presidency in less then two years.

Nope, Hillary reverted to her liberal/leftist/socialist roots and joined other notable Democrat senators in voting down funding to increase the number of border patrol agents and detention beds along our southern border. The reason given by Ms. Clinton and her devotees in the Senate was that the funding for such increases was not clear and could have potentially taken money away from local law enforcement and other first responders. The first amendment to the Homeland Security spending bill was proposed by Senator John Ensign from Nevada and it called for the hiring of an additional 1,000 border patrol agents, you can read the test of the amendment here. Nowhere in the text of that amendment does it mention taking funding from local authorities, never the less it failed passage by a margin of 60-38 with Senators Schumer, Kerry and Biden joining the Mistress of Evil in her no vote.

The second amendment called for an increase of detention beds by 5,760 and was proposed by Senator John McCain from Arizona. You can read the test of the amendment here. Unfortunately, this amendment failed to pass as well and was defeated by a margin of 56-42. It is worth noting that only one Democrat had enough sense to vote for both bills, Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado. The Democrats really should work at getting a little better at talking out of both sides of their mouths, this is the most blatant example of their desire to appear hawkish on national security yet voting like the coward donkeys they are, see above picture.

These amendments would have helped end the “catch and release” policy that currently exists on the border for “other then Mexican” illegals caught by the border patrol. I guess Chuck Schumer is just trying to stay on the good side of New York voters since they just returned him to the Senator in 2004. Seems that in the “Battle of Pork” the state of New York loses out to states that are actually along the southern border. Well, in my humble opinion, funding for border patrol and the securing of our borders is never pork and the “good” senator from New York needs to stop playing politics with the security of this nation and the lives of its citizens.

As far as Hillary’s motivation in voting against the amendments, one can only guess since she or her office has yet to response to inquires from various press outlets and this humble blogger. Given Hillary’s, deep-seated hated of the internet and the free speech it represents I was not surprised to not receive an email or call from her spokesperson. The vote is surprising since just this past December she stated, “I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.” Hmmm, consider her choice of words in the previous statement. She is against illegal immigrants. Most people who are opposed to illegal immigration do not have anything against the actual illegals but from her quote, it certainly seems as though Hillary has a personal grudge against the illegal immigrants. Could it be because they are generally hard-working people simply looking to escape the feeble economic system that they languished under back in their countries? My goodness Hillary that is not a very politically correct statement not to mention one that seems to have serious racial undertones. I guess that is why her friends over at the New York Times felt it was necessary to clean up her quote before including it in a tribute to the “Evolution of Hillary Clinton”. The original quote by Hillary appears here and even after Newsmax pointed out the quick-change job, the New York Times has yet to print any correction that I am aware of or could find online.

It remains clear that Hillary Clinton and her allies in the senate and the MSM have no real interest in the security of this nation. In fact, I would dare say that unless something changes to threaten their power, they will not change. The people who vote for these yellow spined Democrats need to pull their collective heads out of the sand or their asses, whichever you prefer to use, before there is another horrific terrorist attack upon this nation. I had hope for the MSM after they were targeted with the anthrax attacks back in 2002 but I guess they have become complacent like many in this country. Folks, if we do not wake up and demand action from Washington on these national security issues we may wake up one morning to reports of widespread suicide bombings or worse a WMD attack. Everyone have a great day and remember you can access the podcast edition of this blog right here.

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