Friday, July 01, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 28

It is that time again folks and since we are heading in to a long holiday weekend, I will pledge to only point out what idiots the left is a few times today. Let me get serious here for a second. On Monday, we will celebrate our Independence Day with food, family, friends, and fireworks. As we enjoy a day off work may our thoughts turn to the Founding Fathers. This extraordinary group of men was incredibly wise beyond their collective years and even with the enormous challenges ahead of them, they prevailed and blessed us with the framework for the greatest country the world has ever known. We who call this country home are blessed beyond measure to have been lucky enough to be born here or legally immigrated and as we work to spread freedom throughout the world, let us remain true to our founding intention of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Now to quote my 10 month old daughter’s favorite band ( We think.), Black Eyed Peas, “Let’s Get It Started!” Have a great weekend and a safe holiday everyone.

Lawyers following the ACLU model of observation plan to monitor anti-illegal immigration groups in California. So the lawyers plan to trip the border patrol sensors and smoke pot all day? Because that is exactly what the Arizona ACLU did in April while "monitoring" the Minutemen on the Arizona-Mexico border.

Tweaker (Meth Head for those outside the southwest) goes nuts and drives on to the runway at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. See what the freaking heat will do to a person? It has been at least 110 for the last week and looks to continue to be at least 110 for the next 7 days. First link is the news article and the second is to the video itself (RealPlayer needed), enjoy.

Seems the French have a Muslim problem themselves. I wonder if we will answer the red phone when they call for help?

I guess that we can add the publishing world to the list of things are the "all's fair in ..." statement applies to. USA Today beats the Washington Post to market with a "Deep Throat" book, oh happy, happy, joy, joy, my life is now complete.

Happy Birthday to Thomas Sowell! He is 75 years old today.

For some people it is not enough to murder the defenseless, they have to have them for lunch also. This person needs to be introduced to Mr. .45 caliber slug at close range.

Asshat of the day goes to a guy that I once thought was ok, Brian Williams of NBC News. How the mighty do hang themselves if given enough rope.

Seems the new Iranian President spent his college years storming the United State's embassy and holding people hostage. Do you think that while he was threatening to kill Americans and burning our flag that he would ever be President of Iran? I am thinking a big fat no. That is not the sort of thing you tend to place on your resume, which is unless you are planning to try out for OBL's team.

Turns out that the book "Roots" by Alex Haley is a big fraud and a hoax. Hmmm, he must have been the Sith Lord that trained Jayson Blair and Diana Griego Erwin in their journalistic endeavors.

As if I really need to said this but here it goes: anyone who messes with kids in a sexual way should be shot in the head as soon as humanly possible. No waste of taxpayer’s money on a trial and eventual storage of the scumbag. Just a ten cent 9mm shell forcefully projected in to the "offenders" brain. As a parent, I can think of no better way to deal with such a person.

Congress moves quickly to deny federal funds to cities that take advantage of the Supreme Court's recent decision on property rights and eminent domain. Frankly, the proposed bill does not go far enough to protect property rights but that is my opinion.

Mystery planes appear over Lodi, California after terror cell was busted up by the FBI. Very strange indeed.

This just in, parents in Taiwan never tell their kids not to eat out of the toilet and now they have a restaurant that serves all food in shit pots. That is so freaking gross.

Cleric issue fatwa preventing folks from shooting their guns straight up in the air. Damn people, have you not heard of "what goes up must come down"? I guess it is just that lack of common sense that is floating around out there.

The Dutch had a lunch meeting scheduled with the Iranians but canceled at the last minute over lack of beer. Homer Simpson approves of the Dutch course of action, D'oh

Political Correctness claims another victim. The Battle of Trafalgar is rewritten and staged in a manner as to not upset the French or the Spanish.

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