Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday Round-Up

Well yesterday’s podcast did not turn out too bad since it was my first but being the perfectionist that I am, I can assure everyone that the production values will get better as I do more and more. That being said I might not have such lengthy posts for a little while as I try to balance my writing for multiple blogs and this new experiment in podcasting. For those that listen to my friend Kender over at XRadio, he has moved from his very late midnight to 2am slot to the noon to 2pm slot. Kender might even play some of my podcasts on his show occasionally so listen in. So that brings me to today’s post. Since I found quite a few things out and about in the world that I found interesting I thought I would do a mini-round of those news items and point out some great blogs that I have linked on either of my sidebars. You can find today’s podcast here so feel free to comment to your heart’s content. Now on to this little post called the Wednesday Roundup. Have a great day everyone.

Military Expands Homeland Efforts

The Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with the Department of Defense has come up with a plan to use frontline military units here in the United States in the event of multiple terrorist attacks. This plan is not certain to even be used unless local authorities are overwhelmed and ask for assistance beyond what the National Guard can provide. Quite a few people are upset about what they perceive as a potential violation of existing restrictions governing use of regular military units on American soil. Among the groups “concerned” the ACLU, the Cato Institute, and others. I have read the plan and there are such a small number of incidents that would trigger the deployment that I am of the firm belief that we have nothing to worry about from this plan.

Why is the University of California Press Publishing Bigotry?

I am generally not a fan of Alan Dershowitz but he exposes the outright racism of the University of California publishing arm. Seems that the U of Cal has gotten into bed with a known racist by the name of Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein is Jewish and in his book, he proves that the American left has no monopoly on self-loathing. Amazing how far the American university system has fallen.

The Bush Doctrine: We Win, They Lose

Michael Reagan is a wonderfully faithful student of his father’s beliefs and carries the torch for the followers of Reagan’s version of conservatism. Recently he compared his father’s plan for “fighting” the cold war to the vision that President Bush laid out in his recent speech on Iraq. It is quite simple plan, yet almost all of the MSM and their Leftist masters missed the point. Let me explain it as simply as Ronald Reagan did those many years ago, “We Win, They Lose” The left really has not learned anything in the years since Reagan made his bold prediction. Back then they were all doom and gloom about the battle against the Soviets and now 20 plus years later, they are like an old record stuck on the same note just repeating the gloom and doom message. Folks the reason why our military can do the amazing things it does and accomplish so much good around the world is the faith the American people have in it.

Men who shot Border Patrol agents wore black military-style garb

Often when the United States purses freedom around the world and tries to help nations address issues they might have we make decisions that at the time seem perfectly rational but come back to bite us in the ass later. During the early 1990’s when Mexico asked us for help in combating their problem of the illegal drug cartels, we gladly trained members of the Mexican Army at Fort Benning in Georgia in the latest commando tactics. Seems that once these Mexican soldiers got back to Mexico they were made an offer they could not refuse and switched sides to work for the drug lords. They are known as the Zetas and now they have their own drug cartel. It has long been rumored that they often made cross border raids to transport drug, illegal immigrants, and weapons. It seems that this latest event south of Tucson confirms a least some of their capabilities. Last Thursday when the border patrol agents were shot, they were checking on some tracks a mile and a half from the border. Consider that information for a second. A mile and half from the border. That would mean that if the agents were shot with high-powered sniper rifles in broad daylight, since the attack came around 12:30pm on June 30, the attackers were with a half mile of the agents. The news reports do not mention or speculate as to the type of weapons that were used in the attack so my comment is unfortunately unfounded. Of course that means that the attackers could have been closer and that does make sense if the agents saw what they were wearing. The point is that we now appear to have a paramilitary unit operating along our border with Mexico and sometimes even inside the country yet what are the leaders of both nations doing about it. Not a damn thing. That is a scary thought for many in this country and not just the ones that live along the border.

Hank Stram, 82; Won More Games Than Any Other Coach in the AFL

Yesterday the NFL lost a legend in the man known as Hank Stram. My football memories do not go far enough back to do the man justice so I will not waste anyone’s time in saying that I witnessed his great love of the game. He is simply was one of a handful of men who made the NFL what it is today and as a die-hard fan I give a simple thanks and acknowledge that he will be missed by those in the game called football.

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